It’s the silly season, so finding times when we’re both free isn’t easy. Last time, it was two quick fucks in a half hour slot between online meetings when I was working from home. This time, I was on holiday already but his schedule was manic.

After circling the block twice he finally found a park and came in. I was in bed, showered but with no intention of getting up. Instead, I had spent the last half hour watching porn, getting increasingly wet and agitated as I waited to see whether he could get away from work.

By the time I heard the door open, I was desperate to have him. He made me wait a short few minutes but it was worth it; he strolled into my bedroom stark naked and erect.

A grin in greeting and then my mouth slipped over his cock. Damn, that felt good. I told him to check out how wet I was, and got a growl of approval as he fingered me. Slick and wet... He let me have free rein on his cock for a bit then moved me - sideways on the bed, on my back. Perfect.

He knelt astride me, cock back in my mouth and lowered his head between my legs. By crikey, he’s good with his tongue and fingers. I knew I was going to cum, but his load slipping down my throat while I was arching my back and making unladylike noises from my vag was a surprise. I swallowed, of course. And there’s a water bottle beside the bed...

Now, his recovery rate has impressed me before, but I was a tad impressed when he told me to get on all fours when I’d barely finished having some water to wash the cum taste down. I grinned, he slipped on a condom. Several minutes of hearty banging against each other doggy style and we both hit that high again. Nice. There’s something deeply satisfying about having your arse up, your elbows down, and your hands gripping the bedclothes as if you’re hanging on for dear life as you push backwards into the thrusts. Love it.

Once we had muscles back under control, he put the rubber in the bin and I put the waterproof mat under me. One of the treats with this chap is his generosity. He knows I’m multi-orgasmic, and he is very good with his fingers. So while I’m on my back cuddled up to him, and we’re chatting about the parking and how little time he has, I’ve got my legs splayed wide open and he’s caressing my labia, rubbing my clit, and inserting fingers to rub my G-spot... hard. Then his fingers are back out, rubbing my labia fast as I clutch his shoulder and almost bite him. As I get close he whispers “come on, baby” and whoosh! There’s the squirting heaven he’s been taking me too. He keeps me going until I give a huge shudder of surrender and I laugh as he gives me shit about dehydration dangers. Yep, a water bottle beside the bed, folks. Essential supplies... As is the waterproof mat... ha ha.

We have just enough time for a few minutes chatting before he gets dressed and gives me a kiss and heads back to work.

I go have another shower. And smile a lot for the rest of the day.