We were in the stage of building our house. Daily we would stop in to see the progress. Standing in our bedroom, the gibing had all been done, we stepped in to look at our walkin wardrobe, looking around my husbands eye caught mine, we were staring at each other, we can read each other's minds when we are horny, without no time wasted I pulled down my pants to reveal my awesomeness, he unzipped to show me his hard manhood, which I couldn't get enough of, I bent over so ready for whatever, no foreplay was needed as he was as hard as, and me I was wet n wild, He pushed his erect cock into me, it slid in with ease, I was moaning and excited as we hadn't even moved in and were baptizing this room, I was just horny as, like so my husband, still thrusting and moaning, he was getting faster and harder, I wanted more and more, he gets me so wet it's unbelievable, I just love his cock, I was about to come and so was he , he pushes at me one last jolt and holds it in me, I feel his cum inside me, what a wonderful feeling, he pushes one last time and slowly pulls out, I wish it was in me always, I want it all the time, we pull up our clothing and walk around the house with a big smile on our face, I'm still horny.