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23 May 2021

CCK - March (a)

Is this the real life? (Yep).


4 minute read

Saturday, March, CCK. The glory hole curtain had been replaced with a two sided glory hole that accommodates two women on their backs on a massage table, with nothing but their waist down visible and legs suspended by soft ankle cuffs. I had Jx (asian, white Chinese traditional dress) in there for quite some time, eating her pussy while others admired the view. After another drink, we visited the swing down the back. Once again, eating her pussy in plain view while others onlooked. A tall white guy ~45 rocked up alone with a long, rock hard cock and stood to Jx's side as she sucked my cock and I played with her pussy. I guided her hand to her left while her mouth was full of my cock and she squealed with surprise and delight to what she had found. I motioned her face towards him and she had his cock down her throat quickly while he and I gently played with her pussy. She went back and forth a while but I kept her attention on him, which was great for my viewing pleasure. I doned a condom and stood between her legs, sliding my cock into her pussy. She did her best to pull herself towards me which only helped a little, and I was happy to tease her like that for quite some time, while she squirmed with her mouthful, his and my hands gently explored her soft skin. While he initially complained about recently blowing a load, and the swing being too tall, he eventually replaced my cock with his in her pussy, and I with his down her throat. He got off to a rough and energetic start, to which I reminded him for the third time to be gentle. She was visibly into it and moaning on my cock. Not long after, he unceremoniously pulled out and declared he had cum, which was a bit of a let down, as I'm sure Jx and I were both hoping for some fireworks to be shot in her general direction. But this is real life and these things happen. Off he went, and so in I went, as I couldn't leave her halfway done. Then again, Jx was never one to be completely done. We had a shower immediately after so we could rejoin the party fresh. Perhaps it was the Saturday night, or the Americas Cup, or the first Saturday outside of a lockdown in a while. But later I realised it was a coordinated event by members of Kiwi Swingers when someone asked me what my KS handle was - they were surprised to learn I don't really have one (I hardly log in - if you're reading this, well I guess things have changed recently). Rx seemed to be an attentive, carefree white guy, perhaps ~40. His partner Mx could not have been any older than 25 and was a stunning, petite Filipino with thick flowing hair, a red mini dress that left almost nothing to the imagination, and an unbridled confidence. Jx and I had already sat by them earlier that night, discussing life and lifestyle, so we sat with them again on the long bench against the brick wall. I coaxed Jx into playing one of our favourite games at the club - rock, paper, scissors. The loser had a button undone. The overall winner got to decide what they wanted to do to the loser. While I lost my shirt and was down to my last pants button, I was crowned the overall winner and immediately dropped to my knees, lifted Jx's dress, spread her legs and dove in head first in front of the bar patrons. I gently lapped away and ate her pussy while she had a view of everyone behind me while I focused on her. To my right I glanced up at Rx and Mx as they watched with great interest. I navigated her through a couple of shuddering orgasms until a man sat uncomfortably close to Jx's right and complimented us both on the show. Which was both appreciated and a show stopper. But this is real life and these things happen. Jx and I gathered ourselves and, at my direction, we followed Rx and Mx up the stairs ... Flip the tape to side (b).

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