My dear friend Cathy had lived with my husband john and I for some months.

Most nights after dinner we would have a couple of drinks and then into the spa, and although we had always been close the three of us, there had never been any intimacy, but clearly we all enjoyed getting naked together and I found it a bit of a turn on being naked with Cathy plus my husband.

This particular night Cathy had had a couple of brandy's before we got naked and into the pool, her and I on one side with John opposite perving on our boobs floating on the water, which he liked to do.

Us girls were just relaxing and chatting although Cathy seemed to be having trouble sitting still and was making sexy little murmurings. (I learnt later that john had reached out with his foot and was massaging Cathy's pussy with the sole of his foot), hence the sexy murmuring's she was having trouble concealing. plus her lovely nipples were more pronounced than normal, but still I did not click as to what was really happening.

Until john moved across the pool and put his arms round both off us, again something he quite often did, only this time he was between Cathy's legs, I had noticed as he crossed the pool he was very erect and hard. and in no time at all he had slipped his cock into my friends pussy.

To this day I don't know who was most surprised by this, but Cathy was obviously happy to have him fucking her and I was very turned on by it, and could not believe my friend was getting a good fucking from my husband right in front of me

and I was enjoying it as much as she was.

As it became clear Cathy was approaching orgasm john told me to kiss her, which I was happy to do and while we kissed very passionately she had a huge body shaking orgasm which I felt part off. I was so turned on by my John fucking her while embracing both of us I wanted cock myself.

And very soon john pulled out of her and slipped his cock into me, we were still kissing and loving it, plus Cathy had her hand on my pussy stimulating my clit.

In my very aroused state it was not long before I too had a huge pulsating orgasm while john pumped his load deep inside me.

What a night as I said my/our first fmf but it certainly was not our last.

And believe it or not neither of us girls had any prior warning or knowledge off Johns plans for that night.

Cathy and I continued to enjoy our new found intimacy to this day with or with out John there.