Written by Anonymous




She was already topless when he entered the room. The room was dimly lit by candles and he could see her silhouette carved into the shadows cast on the walls. He walked over and turned her around and pressed himself against her back. Gently, he wrapped a blindfold around her eyes and led her to the bed where she lay down in anticipation.


She felt him grab her wrists and lift her arms above her head where they were ent with soft silk scarfs, each wrist secured to the bed post and her arms suspended in the air. She was in his control now and could nothing to escape it. She didn’t want to. His fingertips wrapped around the band of her knickers and within seconds, she was naked, blindfolded and tied to the bed.


A she lay waiting, she could hear him moving on the bed but couldn’t tell where he was, her sense lost by the blindfold and candle-lit room. Suddenly, something sharp scratched across her skin and she felt the coolness of the metal as it touched her midriff. It caught her by surprise and she gasped and writhed on the bed, not making a sound. He’d instructed her to remain quiet, and threatened that if she didn’t he would cover her mouth with his hand.


He ran the blade lengthways across her stomach, the sharp edge clipping her belly-button as it passed over. She could feel herself getting wet already. She couldn’t tell where he was or from which direction the sensation would come next. Suddenly, it was at her ankles, circling the bone, the very tip this time like a pen leaving its mark. This then began moving up her leg and she found herself opening up, guiding the blade towards her pussy. However, he was in control and removed the sharp tip from her skin.


There was a pause and she could figure out that he was removing his clothes and would also be naked and this gave her a thrill. To know that he was probably hard and throbbing from what he was doing to her. Without a sound, the blade tip was no on her breasts and a small prick of the tip into her flesh sent a small of rush of pain. He began moving the tip over her nipples, being so careful not to harm her and cut her. He knew the potential of any mistake.


As the blade drew circles around her nipples, they became hard and he flicked them the tip. With a quick motion, the blade was back on her midriff, moving quicker now over her skin. He moved swiftly down one leg, back up across her stomach and down the other. He repeated this, each time getting closer and closer towards her pussy, towards her clit.


His actions slowed again and this sent a shiver through her body, causing her to move and twist and pull on the silk ties around her wrists. He moved the knife slowly up her body, onto her chest, around each breast and to her neck. Like a straight-razor shaving a man, he guided the blade up and down her neck with precision. At time, he would stand the knife on its tip and allow gravity to apply some pressure before lowering it and moving on.


Her pussy was practically leaking with sex juices, the shiny liquid visible on her inner thighs. This was the first time he laid a hand on her and he stroked one finger from her arsehole, over her pussy hole, collected some juices, and up to her clit, giving it a small flick as he finished. She wanted him inside of her so badly. He leaned forward and ran the cool metal over lips, telling her not to flinch so she wouldn’t cut herself. At the same time he planted one leg in between hers and pushed his quad up against flowing pussy. Her juices rubbed onto his skin and he began to rub her clit with his leg, the tip of his penis this time resting on her stomach. He quickly followed the metal on her lips with his own but no sooner had they touched, he had backed away again and removed himself from between her loins.


There was a short pause and then a small pinch on her inner thigh, halfway between her knee and her pussy hole. He had ever so slightly pushed the tip of the sharp knife into her skin and it made her freeze. Within seconds her lips were touched by something warm and soft and she opened her mouth as he pushed his cock inside, his shaft filling her mouth as it went further inside. She was fortunate enough not to have any gag reflex and so she took all of his manhood down her throat. His hand grabbed a breast and squeezed and she was overwhelmed by sensations, not knowing which one to focus on the most. There was a pinch of the knife on her opposite leg followed by a soft scratch and he moved the blade up her skin whilst extracting his penis. She craned her neck trying to keep hold of it with her lips and pushed it straight back into her gaping mouth. He pulled his cock out just enough so that she had room to lift her head off the pillow and she began to suck on his bell end and shaft.


He placed the knife down on the side table and went to work on her clit with his fingers; collecting the juices from her wet pussy and stroking them up to her love lump. He lifted his leg over her head so that he was straddling her face, using his cock in her mouth as a pivot. They were now in the 69 position. He slowly began removing his cock from between her lips, allowing her to tighten around his bell end in a desperate attempt to keep him in her mouth; his cock flicking out and slapping his stomach as it was finally released. He lowered himself down towards her face, his weight beginning to press down on her body, and she began to lick his arse; slow, purposeful circles with her moist tongue around his anus. His cock hardened further and he leaned in and began to use his tongue on her pussy; he loved the taste of her wetness. He grabbed her by the arse cheeks, one in each hand, and pulled them apart so that he could move his tongue from her clit all the way to her anus; covering her whole pussy region in juices.


He sat upright on his knees, pressing his arse into face and leaned backwards to untie the silk scarves. Her hands were now free and they immediately grabbed his waist, pulling him down more into her tongue. He could feel it winding and twisting around his anus, occasionally pushing inside and his stomach dropped with excitement and pleasure. He moved back to his hands and continued to go to work on her clit and pussy hole, mimicking her tongue actions with his own. She reached up with her emancipated hands and grabbed his cock and began tugging it at; long strokes of his shaft. She groped his balls and flicked them gently, used her nails to scratch at them, all the while tonguing his arse. He would occasionally lift so that his cock was exposed to her and she would raise up and take it in her mouth. When he felt the warm ness of her lips around him, he would thrust and begin to fuck her mouth, his cock jabbing her throat.They carried on pleasuring each other for a few minutes, each having to stop momentarily as their ecstasy increased.


After a few minutes of joint pleasure, he dismounted and she swiftly found him kneeling between her legs. She was still blindfolded and mostly guided by his actions and she didn’t know what he would do next. Then his cock was at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing juices over his bell end and getting it wet, a natural lube. He teased her by gently pushing himself inside and then quickly pulling away and using his hands. He reached inside of her with two fingers, pushing up and forward and she arched her back in delight as he massaged her g-spot. His motions quickened and became firmer and she couldn’t stop him; she wanted to explode, the tension was too much. But as she was about to orgasm, he stopped and pushed his cock fully inside her, replacing the pleasure of his fingers on her g-spot with an all-round sensation of complete fulfilment.


Something overcame him, more than before; maybe it was the control, or the freedom he had been given by her to do as he pleased, but he wanted to hurt her. Not viciously or in anyway to maim her, but enough to hear her beg him to stop. He thrust hard and forcefully, his arse raising and dropping in quick motion. He felt as though he couldn’t get enough of himself inside of her and he pushed down on her body, burying his hips between her wide, open legs, making her take all of his manhood. His strong arms were towering beside her like columns, his face directly over hers, watching her reaction. His waist slowly removed itself from hers, his cock following, the gentle rubbing of his bell end along the inside wall of her pussy made them both shiver. With a second he had withdrawn his cock entirely and with precision, thrust it straight back into her with aggression. She moaned out loudly, caught between surprise and the force. He did it again, slowly removing himself from her but this time she knew what to expect. He reached the edge of her pussy, and shot his cock back in and deep into her pussy. He started to speed, the regularity of his thrusts increasing. At times he didn’t fully extract his cock before it was forcefully pushed back. Now he wanted to hurt her as he watched her face. He became more aggressive with every thrust, the sound of his balls slapping against her arse cheeks and the squelch of her wetness as his pelvis pushed against her clit, intensifying. He went quicker and quicker. Harder and harder. Deeper and deeper. Thrust. Out. Thrust. Out. Thrust. Out. She winced and let out a loud moan and he knew he was almost there. She grabbed onto his back, digging her nails in and scratching down towards his arse cheers. He hadn’t expected this and a rush of pain and pleasure ran through him, making him thrust even more. She felt as though he would burst though her and as his cocked entered her again she couldn’t take it any longer. She moaned in pain and pleasure and begged him to stop.


He smiled, leaned forward and kissed her lips. He pulled out of her, went onto his knees and moved his face down to her breasts where he licked one of her nipples. His tongue circled the pink, fleshy tissue and he could feel it hardening. He nibbled and sucked at it before running his tongue over her chest and finding her right nipple. This one hardened as well and he pinched at them with his fingers. He caressed her breasts for a few moments, every now and then running his finger around the areola of each nipples. He positioned his cock so that it rested between the lips of pussy and began using his shaft to rub her clit. He could feel how wet she was still and this hardened his cock even more. As his penis reached the edge of her pussy he waited and hovered, allowing just the smallest of his tip to touch her. He carried out massaging her breasts and nipples and running his fingertips down to her midriff, to her sides and back up towards her arms. She shivered as it tickled and as she moved, a little bit more of his cock pushed into her, yet he didn’t move. As she rested, just his tip was touching her. He did it again and she twisted with excitement and anticipation, this time trying to move so that more of him filled her but he was aware of what she was doing and ensured only the same amount of him remained touching her. This time he wanted her to beg for him to fuck her.


He loved teasing her. He could see in her face how desperate she was for him to fill her. Neither of them had orgasmed, yet both knew how explosive it was going to be. His cock was poised, ready to enter; the oxymoron of his soft, fleshy bell end leading the way for his hard, veiny shaft that was the driving force. He slowly lowered himself onto her and then stopped, the majority of his bell end inside. She couldn’t stand it any longer and grabbed his arse cheeks, pulling him down towards her. He resisted, pulled himself completely out of her and went onto his knees. He was going to make her wait a fraction longer. He forcefully pushed her legs open further, planted his cock on her pussy and asked her if she wanted him to fuck her. Finally, he got what he wanted. There was a pained look on her face, a look of complete desperation and want and she told him that she wanted his cock in her, to fuck her, fuck her hard until they both came. With that, the full force of his thrust was upon her and his cock penetrated her pussy, reaching deep inside. A complete sensation of pleasure overcame them both as the warm moistness of her pussy enveloped him and his solid, ribbed cock filled her. He got himself positioned so that he could fuck with the full range of his penis going in and out. Her pussy felt tight around him and it rubbed his shaft with every pump of his hips. She moaned and gasped and his grunts became stronger. They loved hearing how much pleasure the other was getting when they fucked. Almost instantly, her orgasm was there, and she told him to keep the rhythm, keep the pressure as it built and built within. He did as he was told, allowing her to take control of the situation as she climaxed. She wrapped her arms around his back and dug her nails in as she came, and he felt that his cock was sliding in and out with more ease as she released her cum over him. It spread over his shaft and down to his balls and she could feel the warm liquid on her legs. He continued to fuck her with the same intensity, and she knew he was getting close. He leaned into her, his body pressing on her clit and the pleasure sensation began to build again within her. She knew she would orgasm again, and she wanted to cum with him. She told him to speed up, holding his arse and pressing him down into her, his pelvic pushing on her clit, his cock inside her. He could feel the pressure start in his balls, a small ache working its way up his shaft, and he slowed to allow it to intensify. She knew what that meant. She spoke to him in his ear, telling him to fuck her and that she wanted to feel his cum inside of her. She ran her nails down his back and across his arse and his groans became heavier. She put her hands on his arse cheeks, pulled them apart and reached round with one hand to massage his arsehole. She collected some of her cum off his shaft as he thrust and used this as lube on her finger and rested it at his arsehole, allowing his own thrusts to push her finger ever so slightly into him. She told him to cum. She told him she was going to cum with him. Her finger at his arse, her words in his ear, her wet pussy around his cock was more than he could bear any longer and with a few final thrusts his cock exploded. The power of his ejaculation shot up into her and she could feel the warm cum fill her. He continued to thrust and very soon afterwards she came a second time. This one wasn’t as explosive, but it went on and on and she froze in place. He moved his position and a sudden feeling burst through her and a third orgasm raced through her. She told him not to move, the feeling was to extreme. He kissed her lips four times and rolled off of her and onto the bed beside her. She couldn’t move her legs; they were weak and shaking. He looked at the white cream on his cock and couldn’t tell what was his and what was hers. He loved knowing that they were united in such a way. They both lay panting and catching their breath and she managed to lie her legs flat on the bed. She could feel their sweat on her body, across her face and her breasts and she loved being this close to him. They looked at one another in the dim light of the bedroom and giggled and exhaled. They lay there, reliving the session in their heads, her the blindfold, the silk ties, the knife, the teasing; him the whispers, the nails, the finger, her body, and both wondered which one of them had actually held the power all along.