I was on holiday at a resort in Indonesia. My sister had paid for the trip so I went along with her for eight days of rest and relaxation. As with most of these places a beauty spa and massage room was part of the deal, so on the second day after an afternoon by the pool sipping cocktails, I decided I'd go for a massage.

It was a very discreet little place and the deal was that you undressed in the changing room and take a small towel with you into the massage room. There was a lovely local woman, probably about 30 years old, she smiled and directed me to lie face down on the massage table. She placed the towel over my butt and started applying hot oil onto my back and legs. Her hands felt amazing as she rubbed the oil into me. I just lay there enjoying it and with the alcohol doing its thing, I was in heaven.

After about ten minutes she motioned me to turn over onto my back. She placed a small folded towel over my crotch and rubbed more hot oil onto my legs and tummy. I wondered if she was going to massage my breasts too as her hands moved closer and closer to them. Sure enough her soft petite hands moved slowly over both my breasts then back down over my tummy, then back over my breasts again. I didn't react at all and hoped she'd continue. I just lay perfectly still and thought to myself that I was going to let myself go and just enjoy the moment. Her hands went back over my breasts again and I knew my nipples were erect and hard. She dared to slip the towel down a wee bit now and again, I just lay still with my eyes closed. More oil was applied and more intense massaging and the towel went down a bit more. My breathing became a bit laboured and I guess she picked up on that as she removed the towel. She started concentrating on my inner thighs. I still didn't give her any indication or encouragement, but I didn't stop her either, as both her thumbs ran up the inside of my legs, she slid her hands slowly up my tummy to my breasts again and I gasped as she gently squeezed them this time, I was in absolute heaven,she went back to my inner thighs and I instinctively opened my knees slightly,,this seemed to give her the green light to go further and as both her hands slid up my inner thighs again my knees opened a little bit more and she ran her hand gently over my pussy,,I gasped quietly and my breathing became husky and laboured,,she dared to do it again and this time she slipped a finger into me,,my head went back and I drew in a long breath,,this was glorious,,I wanted this,,she used both her little hands to caress and massage the outer lips of my pussy and then started finger fucking me very slowly.She could tell be my reaction,,my breathing and writhing on the table that I was loving what she was doing,,,the only words I said to her as she brought me closer and closer to an orgasm were ,"yes",,"yes",,and within a few minutes I felt a lovely electrifying rush run through me,,,,,,,,,,,,,