we decided to go shore fishing in Thames just before the New Year rush .We wanted to go to a spot where other people were around.

We got to Thames around 9 30 ish knowing bit early for tide we for a look in paknsave then Wharehouse .Mrs t was in her shore fishing attire a short miniskirt and singlet it was so hot at that time we were both caked with sun screen.

We drove short distance to spot chosen by previous visits .

Once parked up and rods bait and supplies walked to spot and set things up.Had to wait for the last of tide to give enough water to cast into so we decided to eat and put more sunscreen on. No matter what mrs t did there her skirt was short enough to show flashes when walked and sitting and bending which you do alot when fishing.

Once we casted out waiting for some fish action ,the sun screen on mrs t cleaverage was making her singlet stick ti her tits and allowed for the nipples shields she was wearing to become very visible to who ever came past. Which in a busy walking area of Thames got alot of slow walking past attention.

It was so hot by 11 that we just didnt worry so much on watching the lines we sat down to save energy which put mrs t split in full view of who ever walked or rode past.

There were some great smiles and looks a couple of men a different times stopped to chat to us while not taking eyes of the view in background both sweety tits and shaved split from up skirt.

After a couple bites and couple fish we decided to go up the coast for a swim where water was a bit easier to swim

Once arrived at swimming spot mrs t had to get bikini on open door to shield any kids from seeing her and took clothes off and got bikini on which we didnt think was in view of anyone except a couple our age got full view as they were in there car further down.

after that we noticed they got out there car layed on beach to perv at mrst in bikini swimming . The water was greatwe swam for about an hour.in this time the couple had settle in to sunbathing and with about 5 other women laying on there fronts with there bikini top undone.

When we went up to car to get back into clothes we noticed that the other couple lady was getting changed in car with her drying her self off and allowed her tits to give us a flash .Mrs t got dressed and the other couple must have got a view as they honked there horn as they left .We went back to parents house to returnto do same thing next day.

Only to find it was hotter and fishing was hard with so much heat that mrs t didnt care about fishing so much and sat on barrier of walk way most of time which allowed for a continuous view of shaved split.

Between both days as so hot not as many people were out there walking as other days so only maybe 8 men got to smile as they walked past .

Once back home in Hamilton being away for 2 days away and coming home to a teenage mess left at home with none there for the night we just decided to not worry about mess that night.

We decided to chill and mrs t went and watched her laptop . while i checked out ks.

I went on chat and We both decided for us to get mrst a fuck for the last few hours of new-years eve.

Went in chat room and found a guy not far way to chat to got chatting and arranged for him to visit as we had home alone for weeks.

He turned up with mrs t trying to cool down with her bottom half with nothing on. as he was allowed in house .he was so in awe of sight that made the mood for night.

He and mrs t got to it he making mr t cum with tounge while mrs t sucking his cock at same time .

Once mrs t cum happened shuddering the bed with her savoring the feeling of her orgasm .

He then got on top and fucked her till he emptied load in her.

They got dressed and we chatted abit he left a happy man and we went to bed with mrst t full of cum and that was it for us sleep like little babies.

Hope to have another weekend soon like this but not so hot temp of day .