I had always enjoyed reading of other people s experiences with Gloryholes. As a new year had begun I decided i was going to experience one myself at a local store that provided a backroom with them. I paid the fee and ventured into the backroom via a back door and into the semi darkness. It was very warm and could hear female moans of delight from the videos being played in the individual cubicles. I went into one closed the door and begain undressing feeling the excitement as I undressed.Fully naked i stood watching a guy pleasure a cock and pussy on the screen i started to become very excited and my cock now becoming hard and aching.

I made my self comfortable in the chair and immediately saw the opening in the wall to the next door cubicle which was at the moment empty.

I sat back and made myself comfortable by the time precum was starting to drip from my swollen cockhead, i smeared it over my cock head and then placed my finger in my mouth to take in my juice mmm it was delicious.It felt so good being totally naked a few more minutes passed when I heard movement next door and the door close, my heart started racing soon was going to be the time , I waited a few more minutes and stood up my cock was aching, as i moved towards the hole and watched my cock disappear through it fully.I was greeted with a ohh very nice from behind and then the feeling of tongue working along its length and flicking off the end of my cock head, god it felt soo good. The tongue quickly began work on the very heard swollen rim of my cock head and penetrated my slit on its way down , yummy precum came the comment before engulfing the entire cockhead in his mouth, and begining a pleasureable action of sucking and licking for the next 5 minutes.In the meantime i was hard against the wall trying to get more to him and pinching my nipple to increase the pleasure I was feeling .I was wanting to cum soo badly , suddenly i wanted to cum and I exploded with his mouth tighty closed over my cockhead feeling my seed shooting into his mouth.

He continued sucking taking every drop and moan how delightful it was that I tasted soo good

To be continued