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First time love

Falling in love and sex


3 minute read

Many years ago I was lucky enough to be in charge of a block of University students. Part of that role involved ensuring that they were all safe and cared for. Around about 2 weeks into this role, my friends decided to have a party in the flat in which I had been given as part of this job. It was a hot Waikato evening and we were sitting around playing the guitar and drinking games. People were coming in and out of the flat, both old and new residents. At that point I had to go and cover "dinner duty", so I left the party people to it and went and did this job. Upon my return I noticed that the crowed in my flat had thinned, but sitting on my bed were two lovely ladies. I introduced myself and they both said that they were friends of another student, who was in the middle of the game of "mexican" (dice drinking game). I noticed the one with the blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes. She was captivating. In fact so much so I gathered a beer and sat next to her on a chair, reached for my guitar and started to play. She grabbed another guitar and said, "can you teach me how to play?" So I sat next to her on the bed placing her fingers on the various frets, and showing her how to strum. Time seemed to be lost and soon unknown to us, everyone else had bid us good night. Her friend came back and said, "Wendie, I am going now." We both replied, "ok". It was at this moment we were so close, she leaned into me and said, "if you don't kiss me now, I am going to belt you with the guitar." I reached for her and immediately lock my lips to hers. Our tongues swirled a dance, with our eyes closed. We tore each other's clothes off until we had nothing on. Her breasts were perfect and so using my mouth and tongue I teased each nipple until they were perfect stone pillars. My hands stroked her arms and sides of her body as she wiggled in excitement. "May I feast upon you I asked?" Her answer was to push my head to her pussy. My tongue danced all over her clit, whilst my fingers rubbed joyfully around. I would look up and see this blonde goddess, a picture of sheer pleasure. Then I would plunge my tongue into her pussy. After half a dozen plunges of my tongue, her body stiffened and she tried to push my entire face inside, whilst her legs squeezed my face in orgasm. I moved back up and she kissed my lips, tasting her own juices. Her hands reached my penis and stroked slowly at first. We turned side by side, so that my fingers could play with her pussy, so I did. Then I put a finger up her ass. She put a finger up mine. We then tandomly fingered each other to a fantastic orgasm. My cream was spread across her midriff, and there was a wet patch on the bed. We were had it, so she slowly rose and got dressed. As she made her way to her resident block I wondered was this lust or love?

Tags: anal, attraction, college

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