So to recap from part 1..Julie revealed to me how she would like to go and cheek out a swingers club and that there was one close by so off we went where we met our new friends Paul & Sandy.

So we get back to my hotel room and I grab Paul, Sandy & Julie a drink from the mini bar and sit down on the bed next to Julie.

Sandy who is sitting on Paul’s knee and Paul has his hand on Sandy’s leg and is running it up the inside of her thigh, with each pass of Paul’s hand, Sandy is slightly opening her legs so Paul has access to her pussy.

Julie who is watching all of this from the other bed is starting to get excited and turns to me and gives me a kiss and hug & whispers in my ear that she is getting really turned on watching what Paul & Sandy are doing, then puts her hand down on my already growing cock and starts to give me a little rub, then I grab Julie by her gorgeous ass and lift her up into my lap and start kissing her on the neck which she lets out a very soft moan.

Julie opens her blouse so I can make my way down to her beautifully formed C cupped breasts and I can hear her breath getting heavier as I work my way down to her erect nipples, Julie is still watching what is going on next to us as Sandy is now sucking on Paul’s pet python.

Julie then pushes me down onto the bed to take my paints off and releases my hard cock as both of the girls are now giving their guys blowjobs, I looked over and see Sandy’s head bobbing up and down on Paul’s cock then I hear Paul grunting as he cum’s in Sandy’s mouth, all of this is starting to get way to much for me to handle and let go of my own load.

Sandy says to Julie “now that the two guys had been taken care of it’s their turn to have some fun”, Sandy with a very wicked smile on her face tells us to “sit down and enjoy the show guys”.

Sandy walks over to Julie and kisses her on the lips and starts working her way down Julie’s amazing body, stopping at Julie’s nicely shaved pussy, by now Julie is moaning loudly and very much enjoying the attention that Sandy is giving her.

This was starting to become to much for us two guys as we both have become hard again and both of us enjoying the show begin to stroke our hard cocks, then Paul gets up & walks behind Sandy (who is still licking Julie) and put’s his pet python into Sandy doggie style (I must say that it’s a wonderful sight watching this guy fucking his wife while she is licking another women’s pussy).

Sandy moves to the side of Julie & by now is starting to moan very loudly as Paul is banging away in his wife’s wet pussy.. then to my surprise Julie then works her way between Sandy’s legs to Sandy’s pussy while Paul is working away, I think all of this was way to much for Paul to handle as he quickly starts to cum & then Sandy lets out a very loud moan as she is having her own orgasm.

All three of them have collapsed on the bed so I poured another drink for them all and we sat around talking about the experience we have all just had,

Sandy can see that I’m still very excited about what I had just seen and say to Julie how Paul & her would love to watch her fuck me.

I get up and move Julie to the side of the bed and start rubbing the head of my cock up and down the entrance of Julie’s very wet pussy and the feeling and excitement of the head of my cock sliding up and down was almost too much to bear.

I start to push my way in but Julie is very tight so I take it very slowly with just the tip of the head in and out, this is starting to send Julie crazy as she is loudly moan and saying fuck me hard and good, with every push in & out Julie is getting louder and louder, it takes me a few minutes to work all the way in and the feeling is just amazing having her tight pussy wrapped around my fat cock and the sound of my balls slapping against Julie ass with every stroke is just amazing.

Paul & Sandy have now joined us on the bed with Paul licking Julie’s nipples, Sandy start to returns the favour that Julie had given her..Sandy’s hand starts to work on Julie’s clit while my cock is thrusting back and forth and I can feel Sandy’s touch on my shaft that is covered in Julie’s juices, Julie has now got Paul’s pet python in her mouth and her moans are being muffled as she is nelly gagging on it.

Sandy grabs the shaft of my cock and pulls it out and starts to lick it clean before entering it back into Julie’s separated pussy, this happens a few times and I’m getting close to the point of no return with Sandy licking my cum coved cock then all of a sudden I pump out a load of hot cum all over Sandy’s face, Sandy with my cock in her mouth sucks the rest of my load out of me and then gives Julie a big kiss on the lips.

We all clean ourselves up, give each other a kiss & hug and Paul & Sandy make their way home after a great fun night. A night we will never forget.

Julie stayed the night in my room and we fall a sleep in each other’s arms, in the morning Julie gave me a lift to the airport.

Julie & I stayed in contact and met up for dinner every time I’m in Nz .

Paul, Sandy & Julie have caught up a few times since and I sure they have had a great time.