About a year ago on one of my trips back to Nz I was chatting to this lady (Julie) in one of the dating sites chat rooms.

We must have chatted for a couple of hours on various subjects ranging from favourite food to people who we both have met from the site.

We exchanged numbers and continued our conversations on the phone for the rest of the week and as I was due back in Auckland for some meetings a couple of days before flying back to Oz, we agreed to meet up and have dinner.

I arrived back in Auckland late afternoon and settled into my hotel room, sent Julie a message to see if she was still good to go for dinner and tell her where I was staying… Julie suggested that we eat in the restaurant at the hotel, as parking would be easier for her at the hotel.

I met Julie in the foyer of the hotel and I couldn’t believe my luck, as Julie is a real stunner, 5’ 8 shoulder length blond hair with a beautiful smile & very pretty with a great body as she was wearing a pair of tight jeans that showed off a very nice bootie…I gave Julie a kiss on the cheek and a hug and we went in for dinner.

We continued our conversations we were having earlier in the day and after a great meal and a couple of glasses of wine the topic started to get to what we both fantasised about and the things we would like to experience.

I was a bit surprised when Julie said that she would love to go to a swingers club but was too afraid to go and would never go by herself, I ask her if she had ever been in the threesome before or ever been with another women sexually which Julie replied no she hadn’t but often fantasised about it…Julie ask if I had any experiences like that, which I replied that I had never been to a swingers club before but I had, had a couple of threesomes and enjoyed them.

We left the restaurant as both of us had early starts in the morning so I walked her to her car and gave her a kiss and we agreed to continue our conversation over dinner again the next day.

We met in the city for dinner again and the conversation started up about our fantasies and some of the dates we had been on form the site then Julie asks me to tell her about the threesomes I had, which I did.

I could tell that Julie was start to get a little bit excited from our conversations as she was getting very flirty and rubbing her leg up and down mine.. Julie then told me that there was a swingers club not far away form us and ask if I was interested in going.. I said sure as I was interested to find out what a swingers club was all about and I think that both of us were a bit to drunk to really care. ..So we got to the club paid our entry fee and the host gave us the tour of the premises.

We sat down at the bar and order some drinks and I could see that Julie was starting to get a bit of attention form the other men and couples, as she is very pretty.

We soon got talking to this one couple (Paul & Sandy) who were regular’s at the club and we seem to be hitting it off with them, then Sandy asks if we would like to go into one of the other room where it was a little more private.

Julie said sure as the two girls seemed to be getting on very well with a lot of touching and rubbing going on between them, Julie was shaking as she grabbed me by the arm and said "come on Im not going anywhere with out you"… I think it was from excitement as what was about to happen.

Sandy is a 5’5 voluptuous brunette and like Julie very pretty, Paul is 5’10 brown hair and like myself medium build, we got into the room and Paul said that we should all get a bit more comfortable and we should dress down to our underwear which we all did, as I had only seen Julie with cloth’s on and now she is standing in front of me in her underwear, all of a sudden I could feel and erection coming on as Julie has a fantastic body and I could now appreciate her great ass that had been coved by her jeans.

Paul also noticing that Julie had a great body and the small bulge in my undies and say's to Sandy “Oh it’s going to be a fun night”, Paul then undid Sandy’s bra releasing her beautiful E side breasts and then starts sucking on Sandy’s nipples.

Julie shaking like a leaf and not knowing where to look whispered in my ear “what are we doing here”.. I said that if she wanted to leave that we could and then gave her a passionate kiss that seem to relax her a bit… we continued kissing and rubbing each others body.

By now Sandy had gotten Paul’s undies off and is sucking on this massive cock .. it must have been 10”plus and I'm feeling like peewee Herman next to his big donk but Sandy was having a party with it.. Paul then push’s Sandy on to her back and begins to eat Sandy out .. As Julie and I are still making out Sandy starts to rub Julie’s back and then grabs Julie by the hand and pulls her towards her and starts kissing Julie as Paul is licking Sandy's pussy…. Julie reaches out and grabs my hand, I can feel that she is shaking like a leaf so I put my other hand on here leg and start rubbing it up and down to try and relax her…I must say it is a very nice sight to see two beautiful women kissing and a guy eating pussy at the same time.. I just sat back and enjoy the show while rubbing Julie’s leg.

Julie then grabs my hand and moves it up her leg to her pussy so I start rubbing her pussy through her undies and I can feel that she is getting very wet, I pull her undies to one side and start rubbing her clit and then put a finger in and start finger fucking her and now she seems to be very relaxed and getting very turned on as much as I am...by now Julie has moved down to Sandy’s breasts and is sucking on Sandy’s nipples as Paul has now got his super massive dick buried deep in Sandy’s wet pussy and is fucking her like there is no tomorrow.

All of a sudden I notice that there is another couple in the room who are now also on the bed going at it doggie style and the other women starts kissing Sandy, while all of this is going on another guy walks into the room and try's to join in on the fun and starts to rub Julie’s ass, I can see that Julie is getting uncomfortable with the attention form this other guy so I ask him to stop, Paul then say’s to the guy that he should have ask permission first and ask the guy to leave which he does but not without a few choose words to Julie which was uncalled for and now has upset Julie and put a bit of a damper on the night...both Paul & Sandy can see that Julie is upset with what has just happen & suggest that we get dressed and go for a drink somewhere else which we did, Paul is apologising for what had happen and said that it was not the norm with the club.

We find a bar down the road and have a few drinks with our new friends, Julie is now feeling more comfortable in her environment & happy talk about her new experiences and that she had finally kissed another women and enjoyed it... you could tell that Sandy was taken with Julie as she couldn't keep her hands off her and I could tell that Julie was still feeling turned on with the attention that Sandy was giving her so I said why don't we head back to my hotel room and continue the party..

To be continued