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We decided to meet the following morning. An hour’s drive for each of us, and meeting in the middle. We had googled the spot for its semi remoteness, however even during the summer on a weekday we doubted complete seclusion.

We had chatted continuously and exchanging photos for a few weeks prior to this first meeting – I was still nervous. Online he was witty and confident, but in person, he was just as nervous as I was.

We met at the agreed time and place – a rugged west coast beach, which sat below high cliffs. The wind was gentle but the sea was rough. There was a steep walkway down to the beach. I carried a blanket in one hand and my shoes in other, we chatted as we walked along the beach in search of the perfect spot to play.

There it was, about 20 metres from the water’s edge, at the base of the cliff, tucked in behind a pile of very large drift wood logs. We cleared some of the smaller branches and sticks. I lay the blanket down on the damp dark sand. We sat next to each other on one of the large logs, little fingers linked like shy teenagers.

He boldly made the first move, ever so gently he kissed me on the lips, then slowly he placed tender little kisses on my neck and shoulders. Then made his way back up to my lips where this time the kisses had purpose and intensity. We breathed each other in.

I could feel myself losing control just a little and quietly smiled to myself – this was the experience I was hoping for. We moved to the blanket, kneeling in front of each other. He carefully unbuttoned my shirt, his hands shaking a little as he opened his prize. He pulled away from my lips to admire my breasts. He smiled “so much better in real life”. I don’t take compliments well, and lowered my eyes and blushed.

I removed his shirt and he removed my bra – he cupped them and gently massaged the nipples, the breeze added to the sensation – I closed my eyes to take it all in. I was already in sensory overload.

More kisses, god he was a good kisser. This time more passionate. He took my wrists, bought them around to my back and pinned them there. Somehow our shorts and underwear came off – that was more like a dream than reality – we didn’t seem to stop kissing, tasting and touching. Each breath was matched perfectly. He took control again and gently lowered me to the ground. As the breeze continued to tease my nipples, his tongue and fingers worked their magic on my clit, I was already so wet that I came in quick succession.

He suddenly stopped, and then apologised – I looked at him with my eyebrow raised. “I really want to feel inside your pussy with my cock”, I smiled a wry smile. I looked down, oh my god it was so big and it was pulsating in anticipation ……..

*End part one*

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