My first time at an Adult Cinema was one of the horniest and filthiest experiences of my sex life.. so far :-)

In the cold evening air, we walked there from our hotel (one block away). With huge excitement and anticipation

in the air and betweens us, we were there in no time!

The sex shop was fairly busy, quite a few horny people were there,looking at toys, but we weren't there to shop. We made our way straight to the counter to pay for the cinema. The dude behind the counter explained the rules and informed us that the theatre was pretty full... all guys.

I squeezed my partners hand tightly.... i couldn't wait to go in and see what was going on. Once in, it was pretty dark and took my eyes a few minutes to adjust. First thing I saw was a big screen screening some rather tame porn. Then I looked around and on every couch was a guy with his hard cock out, playing. ...Fuck yeah!

There was an empty couch in the middle so we grabbed that and sat down. I sat there holding my partners hand... then i moved my hand to his crotch and grabbed him through his jeans. I had my eyes closed ...I was just absorbing the vibe and listening to aroused strangers touch themselves....It was so fucken hot, i was getting very aroused.

I released my partners hard cock from his jeans and put him straight in my mouth... I sucked him even harder. It was such a turn on for me to suck him in front of other people....I really like to be watched.

After a while i sat back and he touched my pussy through my leggings. I was so horny, and he knew this, so he pulled my leggings down bit for easier access. He went straight to work on my clit , then started fingering my wet, hungry pussy.....fuck! It was soon good!!. I grabbed my tits out as far as my top would let me so i could tweak and pull on my nipples.

I look up and we had a crowd gathering.....that turned me on even more! I pulled my leggings right down, so I could spread my legs really wide and everyone could have a better view.

In no time my partner had me squirting and gushing. It was so intense... but i still wanted more.....sooo horny.

Everyone was watching us and that feeling is beyond my words to describe.... I just kept squirting and squirting, cumming and cumming.

When we had made a rather large puddle on the floor and soaked the couch, I sat up and sucked his hard cock back in my mouth , then down my throat. I mouth fucked his long hard cock until he came in my mouth. I swallowed him greedily....I just love his cum.

We didn't hang around, we dressed and left, without a backwards glance but with huge grins on our faces. We practically floated back to the motel in cum soaked clothes!!

That was just the start of our dirty weekend in Auckland. The next night was going to be the sex club......