Marie and I were in the back seat of the car. Her husband, Bob, was driving and my wife, Jane, in the front passenger seat, was paying her usual diligence to the road ahead.

“Bob, Pat’s got my boobs out.”

They were quality boobs, too, belonging to a slim, willowy body, set off by shoulder length hair, naturally blonde, slightly greying. But their crowning glory was her nipples, each of which grew long and hard at the slightest provocation.

Jane swivelled her head, looked at the view, and laughed.

“He’s horny for you Marie,” she chuckled, “you’ve been holding out on him.”

This was true. I had briefly fucked Marie, once, at the end of a long night at the club, when she relented to her husband’s urgings, but I had drunk and fucked too much by then and my stamina ran out. Just the empty condom remained as evidence of our incomplete consummation, hanging half out of her labia like a becalmed wind balloon.

Still, I took great pleasure in knowing I was her first extramarital playmate.

And she had taken great delight in announcing to her husband that Pat was ‘inside’ her. But since then, she had been seriously evaluating her readiness to take things further, to the obvious disappointment of her husband.

[A dirty little secret of swinging is that we men really need our wives/partners to willingly get down and dirty with other men so we can broaden the selection of women available to us, but you didn’t hear that from me, ok?]

Meanwhile, in the car, Bob adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look.

“Good on ya, Pat. Great nipples, aren’t they!”

Well, my mouth was full, but I grunted my assent. Marie was stroking my hair, gently cuddling me to her chest.

All too soon, the restaurant was upon us, Marie tidied up, and we went inside to eat.

Midway through the meal, I rose and went to find the Men’s. Once inside, Bob appeared at my shoulder.

“I don’t know what’s got into her, but she’s determined to fuck you tonight, Pat. When we get back to your place, just take charge. She won’t resist.”

Sometimes in life, Christmas does come early!

Bob and I arrived back at the table, grinning. Marie looked at her husband, inquiringly, knowingly.

“Did you tell him?”

“I did.”

“Oh, goody.”

Jane possessed the teachers’ talent of an all-encompassing gaze.

“Tell him what?” She demanded of all three of us.

“I’m going to fuck your husband tonight,” Marie replied, looking directly at Jane before suddenly looking around guiltily, worried someone may have overheard. No-one did, by the looks of it.

Jane laughed.

“That was obvious from the moment you walked in the door.”

I jokingly complained to Jane that she could have told me, but she just called me stupid man, a fairly common occurrence in our household. All good fun, until the day arrived when she genuinely meant it. Never mind. Shit happens.

Marie and I were seated side by side. I whispered into her ear.

“Take your panties off before we go back to the car.”

With a sexy little giggle, she whispered back she wasn’t wearing any under her short skirt and I should have found that out on the way to dinner. Fair cop, but in my defence I was busy with her gorgeous tits and nipples.

The meat and drink consumed and the bill paid, we began to make our way to the exit. As we passed by the table next to ours, the lady who had been seated closest to Marie whispered loudly, “Have fun, you two.”

And that whole table erupted with raucous laughter while other customers looked on, bemused and curious.

Oh dear, our poor women. Talk about the walk of shame! Once out in the street, though, we all burst into laughter.

Back at the car, we resumed the same seating arrangement and began the short hop home. After a long kiss, I was about to resume my attention to Marie’s breasts when she surprised me by bending over and down, unzipping my fly and taking my rapidly hardening penis into her mouth.

This was a first. Marie had always resisted blowing another man’s cock, according to Bob. She had not allowed me oral sex in our one previous encounter in the club, but here she was throwing caution to the wind.

When Bob, keeping a close eye on his rear vision mirror, realised what was going on, he spontaneously voiced his approval, while Jane turned her head towards us and happily chortled at the view.

I relaxed and enjoyed the delicious feeling of my cock being treated like it was a lollipop, lovingly, insistently, alternately licked and sucked, with an occasional deep dive, so deep her lips pressed into my groin.

Part of me wanted the journey to last forever; another part wanted it to end so we could fuck.

The car finally pulled into our driveway and stopped. Marie looked up and said, softly, as though she had been reading my mind, “Shall we go in and fuck?”

It was most unlike her to use such language. I thought fleetingly she must really turned on, but I’m a guy, so I was mainly focused on the raging torrent of blood coursing through my head - my little head, that is. My big head was telling me to not talk too much so as to not fuck it up.

Marie and I headed straight to the main bedroom with its super king size bed, very roomy for threesomes and moresomes. She began stripping as soon as we were through the door, so I followed suit – so much for taking charge.

She immediately lay on the bed, crossways, and spread her legs. Jane had turned off the main lights by now and put on our bedside fucking lamps, dim but sufficient, as Jane sometimes said about yours truly. She also selected a sultry Wagner track from Spotify, our usual background music for lovemaking.

As for me, well, I had an unobstructed view of Marie’s promised land.

“Stick it in,” she pleaded. Or was it a command? Who knew? Who cares?

But I had other ideas. I wanted to nibble on her knob, rejoice in her sweet, sweet juices, already visibly flooding her labia.

I nuzzled into her lightly trimmed, luscious pubic hair and ran my tongue up and down the full length of her vaginal lips, literally drinking in her copious fluid output.

Once past teenage fumbling, sexual encounters early in a relationship are just the best, aren’t they? Hot, hot sex. No wonder some women get hooked on serial monogamy.

Now I inserted my index and middle fingers into her pussy, and began steadily stroking while sucking her aroused clitoris, gently squeezing it between my teeth, at other times exploring with the tip of my tongue that acutely sensitive territory secreted under her hood. She was beside herself.

“Oh fuck…fuck…for God’s sake, fuck me…”

Guys, don’t you love being implored to fill a pussy with your penis?

But I still wanted to extend this part of the fun.

On my knees, upright, I moved my cock close to her opening, and finished our foreplay with a rapid, vigorous finger fuck, up and down, in and out, hard and fast, the palm of my hand hitting her clitoris time after time.

On the bedspread, a huge wet patch suddenly developed where her lubrication poured out.

Marie was bucking in ecstasy, reaching for my hips and insistently dragging me closer. I leaned over her, bracing myself with my arms, ready.

For a moment, she held me still.

“Condom? We should, shouldn’t we?” She asked, unconvincingly.

“We’re all clean here,” I said dismissively, assertively.

She relented and I entered her, slowly. God, she was wet! She looked up at me, her eyes widening as I penetrated deep into her waiting vagina.

“Fuck, you’re fat! You weren’t this big at the club!”

“Not pissed this time.”

She giggled. It felt nice on my cock.

“Do that again,” I demanded.

I was rewarded with a chuckle, causing her pussy to clutch my cock tightly, then we went quiet while we concentrated on just fucking.

Soon, she started coming. She came and she came, little shudders of pleasure, one after another, whilst I felt my ejaculate moving to its launchpad.

Then her face contorted, as if in great pain, and she gave one last, climactic, writhing, whole of body spasm before her body relaxed into the bed.

Flushed and panting, she gripped her knees, pulled her legs further apart and drew them towards her breasts, inviting me to finish.

It didn’t take long.

It felt to me like my semen was bucketing out, as I felt half-a-dozen or so strong, hot squirts, so strong my penis vibrated with the pressure.

Marie felt it too, whimpers of pleasure escaping her lips. She looked up at me with a lovely, triumphant smile beaming out from her perspiring face.

I was hot, too.

A blob of sweat fell from my chin onto her left breast. She swiped it off with her finger and sucked it into her mouth, a sexy, sluttish expression now illuminating her beauty.

“Fuck me,” I heard her husband say. “That was so fucking hot.”

I don’t think neither Marie nor I had even been aware of their presence, but both spouses had obviously been quietly sitting at opposite ends of the bed, watching the whole performance.

As I moved from between Marie’s legs, Bob quickly took my place, exclaiming with surprise and happiness as he spied a large glob of semen dribbling out of Marie’s pussy on a journey towards her tidy little anus.

“You like, dear?” She enquired of him. “This is what you’ve been waiting for?”

“Fuck, yes.” He reached for his camera.

“Don’t,” Marie snapped, “just fuck me. Now.”

I couldn’t resist, quickly reaching out and scooping up the glob with my forefinger and carrying it to Marie’s lips. She accepted my offer with alacrity and sucked my finger dry, closely watching her husband’s reaction.

“Why haven’t you got it in me yet? What’s taking you so long?”

This formerly demure, submissive lady was undergoing a metamorphosis in front of our eyes, discovering new assertiveness born of an enhanced realisation of her own worth.

Bob duly delivered his load into Marie’s squelching pussy. When he withdrew, semen and fluid were spread far and wide, from her pubic triangle to her perineum to her arse. What a fucking mess.

I wondered how this evening would impact Bob and Marie’s future relationship. And if and when I’d get another turn with Marie.

Jane wondered aloud how long would take to rid the strong smell of semen from our bedroom.