This is my account of my second session with clayton2019

Blindfolded, spanked then fucked. Yes, please!

Leave door unlocked for arrival at 2.30pm. Wait on all fours, blindfold on. Make sure you can't see anything. Leave my tie next to you on the bed. No speaking.

Just reading these instructions was such a turn and here I am on all fours. The blindfold is a soft silky scarf, feels amazing and I can't see a thing... But I can feel. The sexiness of the lace on me. The soft sheets beneath me. I can feel my breathing pick up as I hear steps outside. It's him. My heart is racing now. I am so excited. I've always wanted to try on a blindfold.

I can hear a rustling as he gets himself sorted. No doubt the new wooden spoon he told me about. I feel him walk around the bed and just look... I feel strangely empowered about putting myself on display like this. After some play I find myself with my hands tied, in front of me. Blindfold still on and I'm still on all fours. He runs his hand over my thighs and my ass and I love the feel of it..

I wasn't prepared for that first smack. Unlike the first spanking, where my mind was in uproar, this time it just clears and I am focused on what comes next. An array of spankings with... Two different spoons? Ouch but then he soothes and kisses me afterwards and it's fucking delicious.

I'm revelling in his attention when I feel the belt. A fucking belt. ouch I did not enjoy that... I'm arched well up. He's paused, rubbing my ass gently. He's still not spoken, though I have cried out... A couple more belts and spanks has me dripping and the belt now secures my ankles together.

Why do I love this so much? I can't move my limbs except maybe to roll to the side. I can't see. And I've never been so aroused. And when his cock enters me like this, all I can feel is him thrusting into me. There are no thoughts flitting in my head. There's a sort of peace. This is exactly the type of fantasy I wanted someone to bring to life for me. More, please, Master.