It had been a long week for me, everything that could go wrong went wrong, my mind like a grenade just waiting to have the pin pulled.

Sitting staring at the TV but taking in 0% what do I want in life? what do I want to be? where do I want to be let's say, 5 Years Time? who the hell knows! Time for me to go and clear my head find a beautiful secluded spot down at the beach front, so I can kick back, crank up the sounds while I have a quiet one and watch and listen as the surf comes in. Now being 10:47 p.m. the atmosphere was well.... a world of its own stars, lights, moon and just the sound of the crashing waves need I say anymore...

I don't know how Long it had been, but I was startled from within my own little fantastic World by the voice of a guy down near the beach yelling out "lady", " lady" not that I ever classed myself as a lady but I presumed now knowing that the time was just 1.20 am I was the only thing you could class as a lady anywhere near this guy's voice on the beach.

Hearing this I started to worry scrambling down the beach I looked up to see this figure of a handsome young man, I looked him from head to toe admiring his very appealing toned body, the silvery tones in his hair that the moon's light reflected through, the artwork that covered various parts of his body... but he had the most cheeky/mischievous but most friendly sexy smile I'd had Greet me in a very long time. " Are you alright ?" I said as I got my breath back and got a glimpse of his face. Over my shoulder I caught view of a dog bounding my way, "there you are lady, where have you been?" I looked up to see "Lady" was the name of his beautiful blue heeler. I explained to him how when he called out lady I didn't see the dog and thought he may have been in trouble we both had a giggle about it and then introduced ourselves. His name was Glen and he was a painter from Rotorua and was staying at a beachfront house while he was doing some work over here in papamoa. "If you are busy working over here what are you doing walking the beach at this time of morning instead of having your head on your pillow sleeping?", I asked Glenn.

"Well if truth be known, my head is full of so much crap at the moment I just couldn't sleep so I thought id grab lady my smokes and a couple of cans for a quiet one while I walked the beach...." "fair enough" I said, and from what you have had to say we are both here under similar circumstances and would get on quite well. Glenn and I continued to walk a little way down the beach where we found a big rock on the sand and made ourselves comfy using the rock as back support ,shelter and privacy. Lady just chased the waves and run up and down the beach with so much energy.... "so enjoying a couple of quiet ones are we?" Glenn said, would you like another one? for sure if you're offering as I put my last can away in the bag on me ...as time went by I found myself unexplainably intrigued by this guy, we laughed, bitched, cried over all sorts of things it was amazing I felt a real connection with him.

I knew it was time to start heading back it was just about sunrise he had work to do and I had decisions to make and I think Glenn just became another decision for me to think about....what do i mean by this ....read on!

When we got back to my car we continue to talk for a while then Glen said come on I've only got a couple of cans left you best help me finish them if you're keen that is? he said so I unlocked the car and we jumped in, lady just continued to run the beach like a free spirit.

One thing led to the other and we got onto the topic of body artwork Glen had quite a bit of artwork on his body he was also interested in what artwork he had seen on me .Glenn was looking at the art on one of my tits when I caught him looking at me in a different kind of way ,quite sexually it made my hormones race, just looking and talking to Glenn had already began to make my clit throb, I said to Glenn "how about us sculling these last beers with me you spunk ....Cos I've just wanted to kiss you, touch you and taste your cock all night , basically holding off raping you Glen, and I haven't even seen it yet" lol

Glen took no time in moving his hands to my tits and began caressing,touching them, then started with his tongue gently flicking my nipples forcing them to hard pink peeks with excitement.....even my pussy had started throbbing with his touch. I just grabbed his head and began molesting his soft lips with mine and our tongue began dancing together erotically, WOOOOW......it felt so good, comfortable and so right like we'd known each other and had wanted this for years but never acted on it.

I knew me saying to Glen how I was holding off raping his gorgeous toned body had made his cock begin having the odd throbb and no doubt start his juices flowing....

I couldn't resist his sexy olive skinned...well toned sexy painter's body any longer.....I began to run my hands down his body inch by inch over every bulge and muscle that I could feel down his arms down his sides.....his skin so smooth and toned.... this made my whole body tingle at the touch of him, my hands slowly moving all over his hot body ....slowly up his inner thighs it felt so good. as I moved closer towards his cock I couldn't resist it ....I had only been able to imagine until now and it was already dribbling with excitement as my hands began to caress and wank his well..... huge, monster of a cock through his pants, it was just throbbing at every little touch. I said "well well well well , what do we have here big boy ...huh? Glen didn't know what to say but he certainly grabbed my ass with horny excitement "I may not have known you long, but I already think we would make fucking good mates" Glen said, we both cracked up for a minute then we just began groping each other uncontrollably. by this time we had coerced each other into the backseat.. I got down between Glenn's legs and gazed as I began to unzip his pants to reveal this big fat tasty throbbing cock! I just had to taste it, his juices were dripping so I licked the tip of his cock ...sooooo tasty then I ran my tongue from the base of his shaft to the head wrapping my tongue around it and sucking the juices from it....Glenn was loving it and hearing him groaning just turned my p**** into a waterfall do you like p**** juice Glen?" oh you bet I do" he said. I crouched over his face so my juices could meet his lips & began rubbing my p**** all over his face as he wanked his wicked cock as fast as he wanted to pump my p**** with it , as I watched I rubbed my clit and licked my nipples ...Glen started to thrust at the hips and his cock getting bigger and harder by the second. I began moving my body over his, he started thrusting his pelvis ....i then mounted my wet throbbing p**** on his hard cock and slowly slid down his huge shaft until it completely filled me and man he stretched me as well! I began to bounce up and down slowly on him all I can feel is your big cock so deep in my p**** feels so good ...Glenn's face was of complete disbelief. I turned around so I could see his facials and see him holla with pure explosive excitement. as I rode his cock Glen began to suck on my nipples taking them in his mouth and caressing them with his tongue slowly he began to thrust his hips more and more and harder "you gonna make me come Delta baby...I haven't been f***** like this in the hell of a long time", then he flipped me over placing himself behind me, his big cock slowly sliding into my hungry p****, " put it all the way in... I want to feel ALL of you in me, I want you to bang me, fuck me Glen ,f*** my p**** again.. f*** it hard!"

That just sent him over the top...letting rip uncontrollably pumping me hard n fast with his raging cock....milking it....ready to explode.

We literally blew the roof off the car as I broke into intense orgasm...drowning his cock with my juices...then he pulled out but not before I felt a hard n fast load of hot spunk squirted deep in my wet pussy! He then continued to wank n jerk, blowing a load all over the back of me and all over my arse running down between my crack... god it felt so good! Such a relief for both of us it seemed in many ways. I looked at him and said "hey , we both got Heads full of crap and stuff going on BUT we've had a great night well I now know I have, getting to know each other talking, laughing, crying and yeah, and the rest haha I think if it works for us both, we should keep up the beach meets, so we can take our frustrations out on each and have fun at the same time?" still with that look of utter disbelief on his face Glen replied "I got the time if you got the place. that was the best frustration relief I've had in long long time!" he said. so we continue beach meets everytime when hes working in town.

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