Written by [Anonymous]


My husband, Peter and I have been married for over 20 years and thinks had gone a little stale. We decided to go the caribbean on holiday to get some fun back into our marriage. Quite honestly I had lost interest in sex with Pete over the last few years.
The holiday went really well, got a nice tan, had fun and our sex life had a little boost.
On the last night of the holiday we decided to go to the locals bar, Pete was concerned about safety but I laughed and said we will be fine.Pete had always joked that he wanted to see me with other guys, but it was not my thing.
We arrived at the bar which was heaving, loud reggae music beating out sweaty bodies everywhere. We had a couple of drinks and then hit the dance floor, before long Pete was dragged off to the bar, and I was dancing between two very fit black guys, it was very exciting.Pete glanced back but the guy said don't worry they only want to dance with her.
After what seemed like a couple of dances Pete came to get me, I had been dancing for two hours!
Time to go he said, and off we went, I blow a kiss to the two guys as we left.Don't think Pete was too happy.
We got up early to go the airport, and duly arrived at check-in. We both noticed that the guys at Customs were the same two from the bar, thet saw us and smiled.
As we checked our bags in, they came over and asked us to step into the office.
As we did, Pete was ushered straight thru the office with his case and I was left in the first office.
The two guys asked me to sit down at the small table, my case was lifted onto the table and they opened it up.Not a word was exchanged as they started to go thru my clothes, they seemed to be paying far too much attention to my undies.
OK they said that seems fine, stand up please.Shouldn't this be done by a female officer I said as he began to move his hands towards my body.OK he said if you want a female officer that will mean a long wait and you will miss your flight - well he said what's it to be?
Ok I said reluctantly.
Now I need you to drink this juice he said in case we need to run you thru the xray machine,very odd I thought but I just wanted out of there. My head felt funny as this drink went into my system, like out of control. Things were a little blurred but I was fully aware.The first guy moved forward and began running his hands up my body, up the sides at first, then front and back, he paused at my breasts before sqeezing them, I moaned out of instinct,Pete always says my breasts are too sensitive.
I was now aware that the second guy was right behind me and I felt his large hands cup my bum and sqeeze my cheeks.
the first guy started to unbutton my dress, I knwe it was wrong but a mixture of the drink and my pleasure let him continue.my dress was removed and put on the table, the guy with the big hands unclipped my bra and it fell to the floor, my oh my the first said at the sight of my big nipples.
I now am stood in just my white thong,time for action they said.
I was bent over to the table and my thong vanished, the guy with the big hands started to eat my bum, before pushing what seemed like an enoumous cock into my by now soaking pussy, he began thrusting hard.The first guy stripped off and got onto the table, he pushed his cut cock into my face,I resisted but he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock inot my mouth. I thought I would choke, but the rythem between was perfect. I had never been had by two men before, let alone two big black guys.
Before long I felt the familiar twitching before they both shot their load into men mmmmm it went on forever.
As they pulled out I collapsed onto the table, exhausted.
However, it was not over for them! They changed placed and started again! I couldn't believe it they were both still rock hard. I was well and truly shagged by them!!
When they finally came for the second time, they told me to get dressed and hoped I had had a nice holiday.
I met Pete outside but couldn't speak for the entire flight home.He still doesn't know what happed at the airport.
However I can still dream of my holiday!!