Written by open4sex


It was the morning of her birthday, the alarm clock woke her from her slumber, as she awoke she remembered she was in the big double bed on her own as usual. A thought flashed through her mind and she quickly dismissed it. She was on her own now and that was how it was going to be for the foreseeable future.......she had her friends who supplied most of her needs, it was just that one special person missing from her life that she was longing to meet.

She got up and went into the bathroom to shower. She studied her body in the full-length mirror. It wasn't a bad body for her age, but she would never be super model material. Her breasts although large were still in fairly good shape, her nipples a pinkish brown colour, were pert and very sensitive to touch she noticed as she gently brushed her hand over them. She traced the outline of her breasts with her finger and slowly drew it down her stomach towards her pubic bone. She snapped out of her thoughts, showered and then dressed. Went downstairs for breakfast, read her mail and got ready for another normal day at work.

Whilst at work the phone rang, it was one of her male friends inviting her out to dinner, he'd remembered it was her birthday and said he'd like to make it a day to remember. She agreed and said she would meet him at his place at 7.00 pm. Her day then ran as normal, nothing out of the ordinary happened, except the thoughts of what her friend had in mind. Dinner isn't anything special. Where could he be taking her, there weren't any really special restaurants near to where he lived, perhaps he was taking her further a field......Then a thought struck her.....what if it was a really posh place .....what would she wear.....She phoned him and asked him what sort of attire she should don for the evening. All he said was wear whatever makes you feel good and sexy, but classy......an outfit immediately sprang to mind.

Finally 4.00 arrived, her day had finished. She rushed home stripped off and leapt into the shower, washed her hair and showered in her favourite shower cr's¨me. She made sure she was hair free in all the important places, just in case. After all you could never know what was going to happen. After her refreshing shower her spirits were lifting, she was getting excited about the forthcoming evening. She dried her hair into the smooth sleek bob she always felt at her best with. Carefully applied her make-up, making sure not to over do it. Should she wear lipstick this evening ....no she doesn't normally wear it and she always feels like a china doll when she does wear it. She decided against it. When she was happy with her make up she started to dress.

She put on the new white lacy bra and thong she had purchased at the weekend. Along with the matching white suspender belt. She unwrapped the expensive sheer lace topped stockings with gloved hands; she didn't want any catches on these before she left the house for the evening. The feel of this new underwear was already stirring a feeling of sensuousness she hadn't felt in a long while. She then sprayed her favourite perfume all over her body. Then went to the wardrobe and pulled out one of her black skirts, which was neither to short or too long, in fact when she wore this skirt she always felt classy. She had decided on the little black 'V' necked button through cardigan with the silver thread running through it. She slid it on and did up the buttons, six in all, the top button stopping just where her cleavage started. She looked at herself in the mirror and felt pleased with what she saw. She put on a little sliver necklace, then her black high-heeled shoes. She gathered up her handbag and put her black leather jacket on. She took one last look in the mirror and was pleased with the overall effect. She felt and looked really good; she was just hoping that the restaurant they were going to was worthy of her.

She left the house at 6.30 and made her way to her male friends home. She travelled on the train in a carriage of only men and noticed she had many admiring glances; she looked away shyly but felt inwardly confident of her sex appeal. She arrived just before 7.00. He greeted her at the door with a kiss on the cheek and invited her in. He took her jacket and commented on how nice she looked. She went to slip her shoes off while she waited for him to finish getting ready. But he told her no. She queried why, he responded by saying that he preferred her to be taller than him. She gave him a quizzical look and he advanced towards her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him and kissed her fully on the mouth. She responded by putting her arms over his shoulders, ran her fingers through his hair and parted her lips so his tongue could investigate her mouth.

After what seemed like ages he pulled away and said 'Happy Birthday'. 'So where are we going this evening' she asked. 'Nowhere' he replied 'I thought we'd stay in for the evening'. She could feel annoyance starting to rise inside her. 'So I've wasted my time getting dressed up then!' she said accusingly. 'Oh no, no!' he countered 'You look wonderful, perfect in fact for what I had in mind'. She looked straight at him, her eyes wide and bright 'So what do you have in mind?' she asked. 'You'll find out soon enough' he responded and went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of bubbly. He popped the cork and poured a glass, held it in his hand and offered it to her mouth. She took a sip and licked her lips, murmuring that it was nice and cold. He poured himself a glass and led her to the hall door. He stood aside at the foot of the stairs and told her to go up them. She quizzed him 'why?' He replied 'Your present is waiting up there'. Her heart missed a beat, had he arranged for her fantasy to be fulfilled, herself in bed with two men.....no ......he wouldn't do such a thing surely.

She started up the stairs, her heart pounding in excitement, wondering what was going to greet her. She reached the top of the stairs and was turning towards his bedroom, when she felt him place his hand on her backside and ran his fingers all over it. She thought he was looking for her knicker line but he wouldn't find one today. She had the new thong on and it was pulled up tight between her buttocks, if it were any tighter she would have been cut in half she thought. He stopped her just before the bedroom door and pushed her up against the bathroom wall. He ran one hand over her skirt, up her thighs, up to her waist and on up towards her armpits. He then gently moved his hand in towards her right breast and gently cupped it in his large strong hands. Her body tingled from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. He kissed her again full on the lips and his fingers gently ran over her breast, searching out her nipple which was slowly becoming aroused. When he found it, using his thumb and forefinger he gently manipulated it through the material of her clothing, making it harder and harder, and she sighed and felt herself melting into him. He moved his hand to her left breast and immediately found her hard erect nipple and treated that to the same caress as her right nipple had received and her breathing slowed, to long deep breaths. He pulled away from her and led her to the bedroom. As she entered, she noticed the tripod at the foot of the bed and the bed had been positioned in the middle of the room. She made no comment but turned to look at him and took a sip of her drink. He in turn took a sip of his drink and holding it in his mouth kissed her and transferred his drink to her mouth and she swallowed. Then kissed her passionately. He gently guided her backwards toward the bed and gently pushed her onto it. He took their glasses and placed them on the bedside cabinet and returned to his position of laying over her and kissed her again. She could feel the firmness of his manhood against her thigh, and he moved his mouth from hers and kissed her neck and murmured 'I'm going to take you tonight and I'm going to give you a birthday you will never forget'. He grasped one of her hands and held it above her head and then did the same with the other and kissed her hard on the mouth, she moaned in pleasure and with one swift movement he had her hands trapped, tied up in rope to the bed posts. She struggled half-heartedly and he smiled at her. He moved down to her legs and took her feet and also tied them up in rope, she was now lying spread-eagled on the bed. He stood up and looked down at her. He moved around the room and came back with a camera and took a photo of her lying on the bed, fully dressed, and as he said looking extremely seductive.

He put the camera down and came back to the bed, and slowly ran his hands up her legs, his fingers tracing the outline of her calf muscle, slowly moving upwards to the edge of her skirt. His fingers disappeared under the hem of her skirt, she wriggled in mock escape and he smiled at her. His fingers carried on searching and came across the suspenders holding the stockings up, he traced his finger along the edge of the lace top of the stocking from the outside of her thigh towards her inner thigh, then moved off the stocking top and felt her soft warm skin and she started to squirm. He gently brushed his hand over the material of her thong and she could feel her wetness making the material damp. He moved up her thong to her belly and hoisted her skirt up so he could see her suspenders and thong. His breathing quickened at the sight. A small damp patch was appearing between her legs, he moved his hand back down to her mound and gently ran his fingers over her and slid them between her legs, running his finger tip up and down the length of her pussy lips, making her juices run even more. He moved his fingers away and looked down at her and the small damp patch was now a big damp patch. He moved off the bed and got the camera and took another picture, this time a lot closer so that the damp patch on the thong would be visible. He then mounted the camera on the tripod and returned to the bed once again.

He laid the full length of himself over her body and kissed her gently on the cheeks, and slowly moved his mouth round to her neck and gently nuzzled her and licked her and she purred like a kitten. He teasingly moved down her neck towards her cleavage and licked between her breasts, long.. slow... licks! She arched her back in response and begged him to suck on her nipples but he said no and moved on down her body kissing her through her clothing, until he reached her thong. Pulled tightly over her mound and he kissed it all over and down to the damp patch where his tongue lingered and licked it, making it wetter. His tongue slid to the side of her thong and forced its way under, seeking out her loveliness. He licked her pussy lips a few times and then retreated to get the camera once more. He held her thong away from her pussy and took a picture. He commented on how pink and full her lips were and asked her if she was aroused. She replied 'what do you think?' 'I want you to tell me' he said 'Tell me what you are thinking and feeling'. She responded 'I am thinking this teasing is tormenting but I am loving it, I can feel my pussy throbbing and tingling at every touch and want you to fuck me now'. 'Oh I can't do that yet' he replied 'I've only just started, I've lots more things to do to you' and smiled at her. He returned the camera to the tripod and got back on the bed. He pulled her thong away again and placed his head down between her legs. His tongue licked her lips again up and down and slowly prised them open the reveal her glistening cunt and he plunged his tongue deep into it, lapping up all the juices that were flowing from her. She could feel his hard muscle probing around inside her and was beginning to feel the stirrings of her orgasm when he withdrew and his tongue searched out her clitoris. He pressed his tongue hard against her clit and she let out a load moan, he licked her clit and sucked it between his lips, manipulating it in his mouth and she started to writhe around on the bed. He released her clit and pushed his tongue back into her cunt and there was a flash in the room, another photo had been taken, he had set the camera on a timer. He had all this very well planned. He probed her, licked her and sucked until he could feel her just starting to cum, then pulled out of her again and concentrated on her clit once more, this time while his tongue was busy she felt him plunge not one but two fingers inside her, seeking out her G spot and finding it. As he was stroking her G spot and licking and sucking her clit her orgasm exploded throughout out, her body went tense and shook with the force of the orgasm surging through every part of her body. Her nipples tingled liked they had never tingled before and were rock hard, she could feel her cum ejaculating from her body as she cried out in ecstasy. He partially pulled his fingers from her cunt and positioned his head so the camera could get a better view of his tongue on her clit, his fingers just inside her and her juice gushing out of her and there was another flash, he'd got that one for posterity as well. Her body went limp and he withdrew from her. His face glistening with her juice he lay alongside her and held her in his arms and kissed her face gently as she recovered.

When he thought she was suitably recovered, he put his next plan in to action. He removed her thong, sniffing and licking them and placed them on the floor. He then got his drink and poured it over her hot pussy and she flinched with the coldness of it and he lapped it up with her juices. He reached into the bedside cabinet and pulled something out which she couldn't quite see. She asked him what he was going to do and he told her she would soon find out.

He got back between her legs again and she could hear rustling, she tried to crane her head to see what he was doing but couldn't. Then she felt something hard and very cold enter her, what was it? She couldn't see what he was doing, but it felt very good all the same. He moved it in and out of her slowly, and then plunged it as far in as he could get it and her juices started to flow once more. He told her to close her eyes, which she obediently did, then he removed it, and placed it on her lips telling her to open them, which she did. He placed it into her mouth and told her to suck it. She murmured and huskily said it tasted of chocolate. 'Correct; he said 'it's a Fudge Bar complete with your juices, what do you think'. She responded with 'I've never done anything like this before' and he reminded her by saying 'I told you I would give you a birthday you would never forget' and smiled at her. He removed the bar from her mouth and placed it back into her cunt and pushed it in and out five or six times, removed it and sucked it himself so she could see him doing it. She lay there watching him slowly suck it into his mouth and she licked her lips. He plunged it back into her again and then went down on her with his mouth, sucking her clit and licking up all her juices mixed with the chocolate, she sighed and he moaned. His sexual tension was becoming unbearable, but he wouldn't do anything until she came again, this time with the bar of chocolate. He kept plunging it into her and offering it firstly to her, to suck and then himself to suck until the bar had disappeared. He then went back down on her and sucked her completely out, plunging his hard pointed tongue deep into her, lapping up every trace of her juice and chocolate. Then she came again, this time she pushed her cunt into his face as she screamed out, her orgasm overtaking her whole body. He removed his face from her and held her cunt open with his fingers, so he could see right up inside her love hole and took another picture.

He held her in his arms again and let her quietly come down from her high. When she relaxed he gently stroked her face and kissed her and ran his fingers up the inside of her thighs again. The tingles running all over her body once more. He stood up and undid his trousers, releasing his hard throbbing cock. She begged him to fuck her but still he said 'no not yet'. He wrapped his fingers around his cock and slowly drew them up and down the length of it and she groaned. She could see his cum leaking from the tip and desperately wanted to lick it off. He walked around the bed so he was nearer her face and placed his cock just out of reach of her mouth, and carried on rubbing up and down on it. He then brushed his cock across her lips and she tried to catch it but couldn't, he pulled away just in time. But she could taste the creamy taste of his cum on her lips and licked them clean. He walked back round the bed and knelt between her legs, and gently brushed his cock up and down her pussy lips. She raised her hips to try and force herself on him but he withdrew again. He told her to lie still; she would get it when he was ready. He rubbed it back up and down her lips and parted them with it and just rubbed the entrance to her cunt with the tip, driving her wild, begging him to put it in her. There was another flash and another picture was taken.

He leant over her and kissed her full on the mouth once more, his tongue probing her mouth. She moaned, her breathing laboured and when she wasn't prepared, he plunged his hot, hard, throbbing, thick cock deep inside her cunt and pumped in and out of her, he released her legs from their bindings and pulled them up over his shoulders so he could get better and deeper penetration. Again another flash and he had a picture of his cock buried deep inside her. She could feel another orgasm threatening to wrack her body again, she told him and he ejaculated at exactly the same moment. Loads of hot creamy spunk filled her cunt to the brim and they collapsed in exhaustion. He slid his cock out of her and went down between her legs again and studied her cunt with his cream oozing out of her. He put his fingers in her and felt his cream mixing with her juices, he removed his fingers and offered them up to her mouth, her tongue darted out and licked one and then he pushed all of them into her mouth and she sucked every last bit of cum and juice off them. He went back down on her with his tongue again and licked his cum and her juices up as well. She was totally spent and could do nothing but just lie there with a smile on her face. He kissed her and untied her.

She straightened up her clothing and he pulled his trousers back to together and they went back downstairs. He poured her another glass of bubbly and started to prepare a quick pasta meal. They chatted amiable until the meal was ready and sat down at the dining table together. They consumed the bottle of wine and he made her, her favourite drink, Pina Colada, she knocked the first one back straight away she was so thirsty. He made her another and they sat talking for a while. After an hour she took him by the hand and led him back upstairs. She pushed him onto the bed and climbed on top him, legs either side of his body, took his hands in hers and held them above his head and kissed him passionately on the mouth, her tongue probing every inch of his mouth. She kissed his cheeks and her mouth slid round to his ear lobes and kissed and licked them and he started to shift about and moaned. 'Don't do that' he said 'you know it gets me all worked up, makes me want to fuck you straight away'

'I know' she said 'that's why I do it and you can't fuck me now, because I'm in charge'. She slipped his hands into the ropes when he was least expecting it and smiled. She undid his shirt buttons and planted little kisses all over his chest paying particular attention to his erect nipples. Her tongue darting over them, licking them and then sucking them. She moved down and undid his trousers and slowly removed them from him, revealing his already hard thick cock. She then put his feet in the ropes and had him spread-eagled on the bed now. She studied his body, she liked what she saw. Then sat at the foot of the bed facing him. Slowly, very slowly she started to undo the buttons to her top, she looked at him all the time, her eyes never leaving his. She removed her top and discarded it on the floor along with her thong, which was dropped there earlier. She undid the button and zip of her skirt, knelt up and slipped it down her womanly hips, revealing her suspenders and her unclothed pussy. She sat back down and removed her skirt completely. She was now sitting there just in her white lacy bra and stockings and suspenders. She got on her hands and knees and leant towards him, she licked his outer thigh and she felt him tense. She sat back down again and started to remove her bra, all the while they never took their eyes of each other. She released those large breasts for him to see and stroked them with her fingertips, her nipples were raised and she placed her thumb and forefinger of both hands on each nipple and squeezed and pulled on them and she sighed and moaned. She cupped her left breast in one hand and tipped her head slightly forward, darted her tongue out and licked her nipple all over, then took the nipple into her mouth, she raised her eyes to look at him and he was watching her intently. She released her nipple and then cradled her other breast in her hand and did the same thing, as she looked at him she could see his cock was throbbing with excitement.

She released that breast and leant forward over his legs, her breasts dangling over his cock. She lowered herself and let her breasts and nipples just brush his cock and balls. She sat back up. Opened her legs wide and he craned his neck to see her in all her glory. She ran her finger up her lips once or twice, and then prised them open and using both hands she held herself open for him, to look at. His breathing was becoming more and more and laboured and he said 'sit on my cock and ride me'. She replied 'no I'm not ready for that yet'. She removed one hand and inserted her index finger inside her cunt, then she pushed in another finger and then another and probed around inside herself, moaning with pleasure. He watched her continuously, never taking his eyes off her. She pulled her fingers out and sought out her clit and rubbed it in little circles firmly and could feel herself Cumming. She plunged her fingers back inside herself and finger fucked her cunt and could feel her juices pouring down her hands, she kept fucking herself until she came and her juices poured out of her. She removed her fingers and placed two of them in her mouth one at a time and offered the third finger to him, which he greedily took into his mouth and sucked on.

She sat astride his chest and leant forward so her breasts were hanging over his face. She lowered her left breast towards his mouth and he opened it hungrily, his tongue darting out to catch that hard erect nipple, she let his tongue just brush it and pulled away again. She kissed him on the forehead and let her body slide on up his body, until her cunt was in line with his mouth. She told him to stick his tongue out, which he did and she slowly lowered herself onto it and he started to probe her and lick her out, she ground her cunt into his face and could feel her juices making his face wetter and wetter. She could feel that orgasm starting to rise up again and pulled away from him. She slid down his body leaving a shiny trail where her cunt had been and positioned herself over his erect cock. Smiled at him and impaled herself onto him and gasped. She bounced up and down on his cock, riding him as if she was riding a pure bred stallion. She moved her finger down to her clit and fingered herself as she rode up and down his cock. This time the orgasm came upon her so quickly she had no time to stop and took the full force of it sitting astride him; it ripped through her body and left her quivering for a while afterwards.

She removed herself from his cock and went down on him with her mouth. She licked every inch of his cock and balls, before taking his balls into her mouth and sucking on them. She then worked her way up his cock with her tongue, and reached the tip, where she licked off the pre-cum that was seeping from him. She licked her lips and placed them over the tip of his hard cock and sucked him in hard and deep, right to the back of her throat, all the while her tongue running all over his cock and sucking him, just to the point of his orgasm then she released him.

She worked her way back up his body to his face and sat on it again, her juices pouring from her all over his face. He stabbed his tongue into her hot wet pussy and she released his hands from the ropes. He place his hands on her thighs at first then moved them onto her breasts and fondled them and squeezed them and pinched the nipples, and she writhed around on his face, she told him she was going to cum again and he moved his hands to her thighs, he knew he had to hold her in place otherwise she would stop and not receive her greatest orgasm of the night. He was right, as her orgasm started to gather momentum so she tried to pull away from his tongue, he held her down, pinned to his chest and kept plunging is tongue in as deep as it would go. She held the bedstead with one hand and fingered her clit with the other. Her orgasm came with such a force she thought she had been ripped apart and screamed out. Her cum gushing all over his face. It went on for what seemed like an eternity, she wondered if it would ever stop. Her legs quivered, her whole body shook with the force of this orgasm and then she went limp. He removed his tongue and gently helped her off to lie on the bed beside him. She lay there with her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. She was completely spent now. She couldn't move she was totally drained of all energy.

He removed the ropes holding his legs and sat between her legs and said 'I'm going to fuck you hard and fast!'. He speared her cunt with his cock and plunged into her as deep as he could go until he could feel his balls slapping against her arse. He pumped in and out of her groaning and she egged him on saying 'go on fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can, release your spunk deep into my cunt, go on'. He kept pumping and then suddenly withdrew. He held the base of his cock as he positioned himself over her stomach and lined his cock up with her breasts and then released his cum all over her, spraying it over every inch of her breasts and nipples. She ran her fingers through the hot creamy cum and licked her fingers. She then cradled one breast in her hand and licked the spunk off her tits and he moaned. She repeated it with the other breast until there was no trace of his cum on her. He lay down beside her and held her in his arms and they fell asleep together.