I woke up super wet the morning after. Lying on my front, I look over my shoulder to see something under the bed. John was eating me out from behind as I was asleep and woke me. Getting his attention I asked him what he was doing. He didn’t say anything and continued to proceed. I spun around on my back and let him continue, holding his head as he ate me out. I was super wet, he was doing a really good job. 

He then popped up, wanting to put it in. I said No, not until he buys me a coffee. Wanting to be a tease, he laid up next to me in the bed and rang room service. Laying on his chest, his cock was in front of me under the sheet, still hard. I started asking him questions about what his thoughts were on the awards night, stuff about work etc. while gently playing with his cock and balls. Teasing him, he said asked if last night was something she was okay with. I just said that I had fun and didn’t mind. I said that I wouldn’t be in his bed right now if I didn’t. He liked that, as I could feel his body tense up and see his toes curl under the sheets.

I then asked him if he could run down to my room and grab my bag to change. My reason to him was that I didn’t want anyone to see me from work walking out of his room. He got up, put a gown on and went down.

Once he came back, I was up in the bathroom fixing myself up to look presentable. Wearing his shirt and my lace thong he gave it a cheeky grab from behind. I then said he should shower as we had to meet our work colleagues downstairs soon. He jumped in, as I waited for the breakfast to be delivered. Answering the door in a shirt and thong, the man bought it into our room and left swiftly trying not to look at my exposed stomach and underwear.

Drinking my espresso shot, I then jumped in the shower to clean off for the day. John started cleaning me again, but I was trying really hard to tease him. He got concerned that I wasn’t enjoying any of it but I was ‘playing hard to get’, just secretly being a tease. Letting him rub me down in soap and help wash me, I then hopped out of the shower, He stayed in there cleaning himself off as I went into the room to get some clothes. Digging through my bag, I put my red Calvin Klein thong on and a white crop top. Walking back into the bathroom, I started doing my make up as John stood behind me in the shower. Looking in the mirror, I could see through the steam on the shower door he was playing with himself watching me. He eventually got out and stared drying himself down.

I walked back in and put on my gym shark tights, pulling them up tight over my ass cheeks as John watched. With a crop top, no bra and tights John questioned my suitability to meet with our colleagues from work downstairs. I told him, well technically it's my day off. He laughed and agreed. Both ready to go, we left his room and headed for the elevator. We were on the 18th floor so I knew we had a bit of time. Hopping in, it was just us two, I stood next to him rubbing the front of his pants. Feeling my ass, he started getting frustrated. My nipples got stiff, and was viewable through my shirt. With his other hand, he took the opportunity to lift my shirt. While I was watching the number of the floors, it suddenly stopped at the 10th floor. A big group walked in and we both stepped back. Noticing my nipples were stiff through my shirt, I could see the male who walked in stared before turning around.

Now at the back of the elevator, John reached his hand down the back of my tights feeling my ass. I just stood there not doing anything as he was playing with my ass cheeks focusing his eyes at the people in front of us. The doors open and we composed ourselves before meeting our work colleagues in the hotel restaurant. Having a drink and some food, I just grabbed a water as I didn’t feel like eating. Sitting next to John at the round table, he got himself breakfast and as he was eating, I started talking to a colleague across the table with my hand under the table cloth, stroking his crotch. With an in-depth chat going on between me and this colleague referring to a job we had to do Monday, he was rock hard and not eating. It was very funny. I stopped but way through as I didn’t want to be caught on to by others at the table.

Heading back to the room early, I went to Johns to pack up my gear. In the bathroom with the door closed I went toilet and was cleaning up my make up on the sink. John walked into the room and was on the phone talking to his wife. Standing at the window, he was looking out towards the harbour bridge distracted by his phone call. I don’t think he realised that I was in his room as I was quiet putting my stuff away. Taking the opportunity, I took my tights off and walked over to him from behind in my thong and crop top. Giving him a fright, I spun him around and started unzipping my pants. Saying “No” to me on the phone, I continued to open his pants as I knew he wanted it.

On my knees, I didn’t bother teasing or caressing him, I just fully engulfed his cock and aggressively gave him head with the view of the harbour bridge. Trying to concentrate talking to his wife, he was struggling to stand. I then pushed him to the couch, and took my top off. I then stuck his cock between my tits, enclosing them between with my hands. Jerking him with my boobs, he was really really struggling. Pinching my nipples as I was doing this while he was still on the phone, he told his wife he just had to go on hold. Quickly putting the phone down, he picked me up and lent me against the window with the harbour view and full site of him and I 18 floors up. Pulling my underwear to the side, he held one leg up and started drilling me from behind with my boobs pressed against the window. Thrusting and aggressively pumping me away with in seconds, he pulled out and asked me to go on my knees. About to blow, I aimed his cock at my chest and milked him all over my boobs. Dripping every last drop while he returned to his wife on the phone, he was super pleased and relaxed now. Wiping myself down with a towel, I put my clothes back on as he was finishing his phone call. Still with his pants at his ankle, I ran over gave him a kiss on the lips and a kiss on the tip. Saying I had to go, as I left the room quickly, he yelled at me for being a tease.

In a rush to leave, I had to catch my Uber. Once in the Uber, I could feel and see wet marks on my top as his cum was still on there. Ready to get home, I was done for the weekend ready to start work the following day. This is not the last encounter I had with my boss.

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