I met Rachel at work. We didn't see each other every day but when we did, we seemed to get on really well. I started to think she fancied me. I definitely had the hots for her. I've been pretty lonely recently and she is really nice. I'd go as far as saying I'm falling for her. She's really fit, and lean and has a stunning smile. She has flaming red hair and the whole package is really head turning. She lives with a guy who I've met once. He's a bit of a nerd and I later learnt from another work mate that they are sleeping in different rooms and Rachel is looking to move out.

Last month she wore the tightest black jeans, boots and a slinky top to the work Christmas function. She looked like a puma. I couldn't take my eyes off her. After the dinner she came over and started chatting. Then we did a karaoke number together. That's something I wouldn't usually do but it went really well and people were coming up to me afterwards and saying stuff like 'dude I didn't know you could sing'. Ten minutes later I'm at the bar and someone comes up behind me and starts grinding them self against me from behind. I turn around and it's Rachel. The feeling of her breasts rubbing against my back will stay with me for the rest of my life. She had a really naughty smile on her face and I was thinking I was the luckiest guy on earth. We danced a bit and she didn't mind that my hands were all over her.

Then there was a bit of a punch up involving some guys who'd had too much to drink and when I turned back around she had gone.

The next week I called her to say what a great night I'd had. She didn't want to talk. I was gutted. We haven't spoken since.

Last night I was driving past work and I saw her walking down the street. She got into a car. I could see the driver. It was a guy called Leon who works in my office. About a year ago I'd heard a rumour about Rachel and Leon but I didn't believe it. Leon is married. He's a bit of a meat head. He's fuckin huge and he's hard core into martial arts. He was one of the guys who'd been scrapping at the Christmas party.

I did something I shouldn't have done. I drove to Leon's place. The car was in the drive way. I parked around the corner and walked back. It was dark . I sneaked through some tress around to the side of the house. I could see them in the bed room. The bedroom lights were off but the light from the hall way was enough for me to see.

Obviously Leon's wife wasn't there.

Leon and Rachel were facing each other, Leon was watching Rachel get undressed. I watched her too. Holy shit she was gorgeous! I love women with small breasts and hers were just perfect. She has the flattest tummy and a perfect little strip of hair.

Now I have feelings for Rachel, but at that moment all could think about was how much I wanted to watch her have sex with Leon. Then Leon got naked. I have to say, he actually looked scary. He's a big boy! Not ripped, but not fat either, just big. Hairy too. On the whole he looked like the last guy I'd want to catch me peeping through his window, but I kept looking.

I could see Leon's cock. It wasn't porn star massive but it was pretty big.

They stood there for a while. I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then Rachel slowly walked over to him and knelt down. I watched her take his cock in her hand and lower her mouth over it. She slowly moved her head back and forth taking him in and out of her mouth. Every time she pulled her head back it seemed to have gotten bigger and harder. Soon it was standing up almost vertical. I had to admit, his cock looked hot.

She stood up and took his hand. They moved to the bed. She lay on her back. They were side on to me. God she looked beautiful!

Leon was hovering over her, their bodies weren't touching. He was kissing her and she was pulling on his prick. I had the perfect view.

He lay down and pulled her up against him so his cock was pushed against her ass. She was looking straight at the window. I had a great view of her delicious body as they started rocking back and forth, her butt against his penis. He reached around and started stroking her clitoris. Making little circles on her button. She spread her thighs and it was obvious that he was doing something right because she started really bucking and thrusting her hips against him.

I watched her pinching and tugging on her nipples as that tool Leon ground his cock against her ass and gave her an orgasm with his fingers. I'm guessing from the look on her face and the way her body was writhing around that she had a great climax.

It's probably timely to mention that I was stroking myself as I watched.

They changed positions. Rachel lay back and Leon got on top of her. Oh god it was so sexy, her arms and legs spread absolutely surrendering herself to him. The woman I was in love with, the most beautiful woman I know, giving herself to this ugly fuckin giant who just happened to have a very hard cock.

For a big boofhead, Leon actually turned out to be a kind and gentle lover (at first) I couldn't see exactly was was going on but it was obvious when he entered her. Her back arched and they started moving together as he rocked back and forth on top of her. It was mesmerising to watch this gorilla of a man mounting someone as lithe and catlike as Rachel.

I'm not into guys but it was horny watching his muscles move as he fucked her. They started to go faster, her legs wrapped around his waist, her back arched, her head flung back and breasts jutting into the air. Now he was brutal, ramming himself against her pelvis. The muscles in his arms coiled like snakes. The look on her face was amazing as he rutted on her like a wild animal . I'd give anything to be able to put that look of total pleasure on a woman's face.

I couldn't believe how much I was in love with Rachel at that moment and I was over the moon to watch him squirt his seed into her. She collapsed onto the bed, with him kneeling between her legs, his cock glistening wet from being inside her and completely in my view. She reached out and ran her hands over the muscles on his stomach then laughed as she licked his sweat off her fingers.

I suddenly felt guilty for what I was doing, so I slipped away and came home. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It's probably the hottest thing I've ever seen, I guess I like the idea of watching the woman I love get fucked by another man.