She leaned over me. She turned her head sideways to check that no one was looking and cheekily pulled down her one-piece swimsuit to reveal her fabulous, full breasts. “All yours this week, baby. Mostly”.

I smiled. I liked how she called me “baby”. She said it slow and lilting.

I eased back in the sun lounger, one leg hanging lazily over the side and scrunched my toes in the hot sand. I closed my eyes and wondered how did it ever get to this?

It was never supposed to get this far.

A few weeks ago, I’d met with Sandra and Steven in a buzzing Cuba Street restaurant for dinner. Such dark horses. To anyone else, they were a sensible middle class Wellington couple, yet behind closed doors they were deep into this dark game.

And I was beginning to feel like their pawn.

Against the clatter and jumbled conversations Sandra motioned the waiter for a refill. Her finger playfully circled the stem of the glass. As the waiter left, she leaned in, conspirataily, and lowered her voice.

“So, what did you think of Pasiphae”?

“Pasiphae” is a code word that refers to Sandra and Stevens elaborate cuckold kink. It’s a set of specific directions about how their fantasy will play out and outlines my role. Pasiphae also happens to be the name of the Greek daughter of a Sun God who was cursed with lust for her transgressions. It’s obscure enough that most people probably wouldn’t know what it meant if they were to overhear it.

“Are you sure about this?” I said, looking at Steven.

He nodded.

I whispered. “You want me to go away. With Sandra. For a week. And you are not coming?”

He nodded again.

“And you’re going to pay for it?”

“Look”, I continued “It will be great, but I’ll pay for myself if that’s okay. So long as you’re sure you’re fine with everything else?”.

I drew the line at him paying. I was beginning to feel owned and it was gnawing at me.

“So...yes?” Sandra prodded.

“Of course. Yes”. Men couldn’t say no to Sandra.

And so it happened.

I hadn’t been to Aitutaki before. I’d been to the main island of Rarotonga a few times but not as far as the tranquil island to the north. It’s such a secluded, pristine place. Sand. Breeze. Sparkling Pacific water lapping up.

I felt it was nearing 2.00 o’clock. 1.00 clock back in New Zealand. I looked at my watch. It was 1.55pm.

“Now?” I said.

“Now” confirmed Sandra.

We gathered up our things and walked back across the sand and the overly manicured grass to our hotel room. It had a fantastic view of the ocean, and I was beginning to wonder if it had been such a bright idea to pay half. Nothing Sandra and Steven ever did was cheap.

Sandra texted a quick message back to New Zealand.

The message was one word long.


As far as cuckolds go, Steven was right out there on the perimeter. Few men ever took this game as far as he did. Typically, cuckolds enjoy watching their wives being fucked in the same room. Steven, who had so thoroughly enjoyed himself listening at the door last time now wanted to everything to happen at even greater distance. With no contact at all. Except for txts. Which he wasn’t allowed to answer.

His wife was going to be fucked thousands of miles away while he worked in Wellington to pay for it. Well, most of it. He had explained to me he loved showing off what was “his”. Others may get a taste, but he gets her for life. He also loved that a holiday was predestined. Once this game was in play there was nothing he could do to stop it, which he found utterly arousing.

No one stops Sandra, anyway.

Lying prostrate on the hotel bed was Alex. Alex was a diving instructor that had fallen under Sandra’s spell the night before and he was back for more. Built. All tanned Aussie skin and flexing muscles.

He was naked and obediently working up one of those muscles right now.

Sandra stripped off her black one piece. She was in full command circling the room like a panther. She had that ache. She wanted it all. She didn’t even wait to close the slider door.

She boldly pumped that huge cock in her hand, hungrily sucked on his over-sized balls and tongued up and down his thick shaft. Animalistic. She wanted to watch his face. Alex just lay there. Astonished.

I let my own swimsuit drop to the floor and masturbated while I watched them. My eyes and Sandra’s often locked. I felt the ache, too.

Sandra forced his head between her legs. He greedily feasted, taking her higher. Up, up and beyond. She broke free then mounted her young stud. She took him all the way in. He roughly grabbed her waist forcing himself deeper still. Sandra pinned him down and smacked him hard across the face. Possessed. “Oh, God yes!”. He got rougher. Her epic tits bouncing and slapping as she lost herself to the oblivion of ecstasy.

I was in danger of losing myself to the oblivion of ecstasy just watching. Steven must be utterly beside himself.

I jumped up on the bed and presented my throbbing cock for her to suck. Purr. God she was amazing. Taking my length, and taking charge whilst Alex drilled excitedly from below. Alex, who had been left warming up perhaps a little too long couldn’t take any more. He blasted early into her pussy. I’m sure he hadn’t met anyone quite like Sandra before. Neither had I.

Sandra motioned him in front of her and proceeded to suck him dry. I kneeled behind her and slid between her legs. I took regular, rhythmic strokes and she gasped and growled, only to be drowned out by the enthusiastic Alex who was in very real danger of losing it all over again.

Sandra was in full command. “Fuck me, fuck me!”

I gained pace. I rammed harder and harder. Heaving. I thrashed her pert bum again and again. There was no end to it. Beads of sweat dripped from my forehead whilst the ceiling fan spun above us. The whole room rocked.

Alex soon got his mojo back so we switched positions and he took her hard up the arse whilst I lay on my back. “Yes, oh my God”. She gyrated and came. Hard. Shuddering Wailing. That deep, deep ache. I think this was her first DP, and her enjoyment was off the fucking charts.

As was mine.

I lost it as well.

I surged into her whilst the athletic Alex continued pounding her madly from behind eventually succumbing yet again with an almighty bang, hiss and a roar.

We were left panting like dogs in the crazy heat, collapsed in a tangled, sweaty mess. Over the dull whir of the ceiling fan, I heard giggles from outside. I lifted my head. The door had been open all this time, and some of the passing staff had been greeted with a view they were unlikely to forget.


We found out later than Steven had deviated from script, too. He’d gingerly made his way past receptionists trying to hide his stubborn erection. He disappeared into the bathrooms, walked down to cubicle at the far end and locked the door behind him.

For the rest of the week, I had the wonderful Sandra all to myself. I watched her as she sat on the beach and carefully painted her toenails. Her fine features, her cute ageing freckles and her deliberate and sensuous ways. She had great stories of their endless travels. There was something stirring in me that wasn’t in any script. Something that threatened to push this fantasy over the cliff.

I was developing feelings for the goddess.

Something had to be done.

*Names and location have been changed to protect privacy.

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