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From Palmy to Palm City part 2



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The motel unit was simple, but comfortable. Slightly dark with the front curtains closed where I entered. I put my right foot behind the heel of my left and removed my shoes one by one without bending down. Unbuttoned my long sleeve shirt from the top going down. It was Hawkes Bay, so it wasn't cold, despite being autumn. I could hear 90s music playing softly from another room behind the lounge. As I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down I could see the open door of the bathroom and a spa bath still with some water in it. I peeled the jeans from my feet. She had talked about being a size 16 or 18. The knickers fitted me perfectly, felt so good to my hands as I felt the satiny material around my arse. The lace, with my pale white skin peaking from behind it, looked sexy on the front too. I always believed that lingerie should be ample, not skimpy, Magic for the fingers and candy for the eyes. With G-strings you may as well be naked. Better to be the Christmas present style wrapping with the hints of excitment but a mystery of what is contained beneath... I put the bra cups behind my back and clipped it under my chest so I could see what I was doing., Once clasped, I slid it 180 degrees around with the cups to the front and hoisted the shoulder straps over. Internally I laughed at myself as I stuffed the bra cups with my socks. With a psychological big breath I hastened myself for the next step of the role play. It is one thing to play dressup on your own but a totally different dynamic when someone else is involved too. I walked further towards the back of the unit where the bedroom was and stood in the doorway. There she lay. Blindfolded, as agreed. In her black bra and knickers, as agreed Moisturiser cream beside the bed, as agreed. Without a sound, I prepared myself to get to work to please this women the best I could.

Tags: crossdressing

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