A couple that plays together stays together

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I meet you (the lady) at a bar and try to pick you up but you're not really that interested or impressed. I persist though to the point where you start to become a bit irritated so decide to play me along. You take me back to your room to see if I would make good on my promise to do anything you wanted. Upon arrival your partner is there which I wasn't expecting but you convince me that it's all good and that it looks like a threesome would be an even better idea. I reluctantly acquiesce to your suggestion because you are so hot. You get me to lay down on the bed with my head at the corner and then sit on my face to get me to prepare you orally. Whilst I undertake that task you begin kissing your partner and passionately your excitement grows. You then take him into your mouth and suck him to erect readiness. Meanwhile I am faithfully pleasuring you orally and am somewhat taken aback as you shift forward placing your anus on my mouth. You tell me to continue as before but on your arse as your man slides his rock hard cock into your pussy. Over come with passion you begin fucking with an animal like frenzy seemingly unaware or uncaring of my predicament beneath you. As he slaps deeply into you your combined juices flow down the crack of your arse and into my mouth as I continue to try an impress you with my oral technique. Eventually the inevitable happens and your man shoots streams of cum deep into your pussy as you effectively lapdance upon my wet face...... you decide how it finishes