The Cuckold Dinner roleplay

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I am a single male, 34 years old male, based in Auckland. Active in this lifestyle since 2014. Seeking fun loving and open minded couples in Auckland. Love role plays and kinky stuff.

Here's a scenario: I'll send you an email with instructions and a list of things to be done before I come over in the evening to spend time with your wife. I expect them to be followed to the letter. If so, you'll get a reward.

Once your wife is home from work you're to draw her a bath. You have the bathroom lights dimmed with candles and soft music playing. You're not allowed to touch her in any way other than bathing her. I want her pussy shaved and I want you to do it.
I've given you a description of lingerie I would want her to be dressed in. You go to Victoria's Secret and buy what is needed. After the bath you help dress her in her lingerie and cover it with a nice dress with a short skirt.

I want you to cook a nice dinner and have it ready when I arrive. I've given you my arrival time. I ring the doorbell and you answer it, letting me in. I walk past you straight to your wife, where I give her a hug and a deep kiss. My hands roaming all over her back and down to her shapely ass.
You apologize that dinner isn't quite ready and ask us to sit on the couch where you will bring us drinks until dinner is ready. She and I sit on the couch making out like teenagers. We just can't keep our hands off of each other. You hate to disturb us but dinner is ready and you let us know.
I walk her into the dining room and pull her chair out for her. I then take a seat across the table from her. You sit at one of the sides, between us. I compliment you on the dinner. As we are finishing up I tell you I would like your wife's panties. She goes to get up and I ask her to sit back down. I tell you to go under the table and retrieve them for me. You get down onto the floor and move between your wife's legs. You reach up her skirt and pull her panties off. You come out from under the table and hand the panties to me. I put them in my pocket.

I tell you that you did a pretty good job today in following my directions. But, dinner wasn't quite ready on time. You deserve a reward for a job well done, but also some punishment for the late dinner. I tell you that your wife and I are going into the bedroom now. We are not to be disturbed. Your reward is that you get to sit outside of the bedroom door and listen to me pleasuring her in ways you never could. If you had followed all of the instructions exactly then your reward would have been you would have been allowed to watch us. But since dinner is late you only get to listen and imagine what I'm doing to her to get her to make moans and sighs you've never heard before.