Viking raid ( Avaldsnes ) Private (Females & Couples) - 59 attending

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Avaldsnes became the first Royal Seat of Norway king Harald Fairhair, a place where every year in June Vikings came from many countries to meet and celebrate their traditions. We offer you the chance to revisit the time of the Norse Sagas, when women were equal to men, and open sexual relationships were embraced as part of daily life So be it Viking, Sorcerer, Shield maiden, Norse god, Slave, Wench or whatever you wish, come join us for a night of wild debauchery, merriment, sex and pleasure.  

This is a private invite only event for couples and single ladies.  We provide security for everyone’s comfort and safety, a secure cloakroom for your coats and bags, lube, towels, wipes and condoms, non-alcoholic drinks, tea or coffee upon request, along with great food to nibble on. As always, it’s BYO alcohol. This is both a social and play night so no pressure to play, please ensure you know the boundaries of such an event, if not sure then ask, no, always means no. There will be a cost of $60.00 per couple $35.00 for single ladies.  An early bird payment is available for the first ten days at $50.00 a couple, $30.00 single ladies. Please note there will be a limit on numbers and even when accepted onto the party list your place is still not secured until payment is made. We respectfully remind you that we operate a no refund policy if you do not attend as we will have catered for you.