D4 10 Garlands Road, Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand

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D4 venue hosts swinger parties, co-hosting with Together in Christchurch. We also run "DarkLight", an inclusive, clubby sex night for people across a full range of sexual interests to enjoy life and each other. Next DarkLight is Sat Aug 31, see post below.

Both these events are advertised as private events on FB, on Fetlife, and on specialist forums such as this website. We trust you to share the invites with other open minded souls across the swinger, polyamorous, kink and LBGQTIA communities and beyond. Everyone with a good vibe, a respectful attitude and an open mind is welcome.

D4 is also available for mid-week photo or video shoots, or overnight bookings. We are happy to provide theming elements.

Our husband/wife team owns and runs the venue, which hosts a full range of arts, music, community and private events. It is a highly attractive venue set in an edgy industrial location. Feel free to also check out our more mainstream events on facebook, under "D4venue".