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Hertwochairs 3 weeks ago

And then after that.....

Don't mention the (lockdown), but this might come after....

So my turn now.... I want to enjoy the full benefits if having two playmates. I resist the easy option of switching from one to another. Both at once I think. I ask her to move up the bed, she puts her knees together as she repositions herself. I kneel on...

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3 weeks ago

The Hosts

A couple takes hosting to the next level

“Micah, where’s the bathroom?” Ever the gracious host, I showed her to the bathroom, and apologised for there being no lock on the door. She ignored my ramblings. “Can you wait outside for me? I can’t “go” if I think I’m going to get walked in on.” I nodd...

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I had completely forgotten I wasn’t wearing knickers. We stopped and sat at a park bench Andy was so turned on he started kissing me saying how naughty I was and did I enjoy it I did very much. He run his hand up my thing gently rubbing my smooth pussy li...

This happened a couple of years ago. We had booked for a much needed weekend away from the kids up in The Bay of Islands. We got to the hotel Friday night ordered room service watched a erotic movie, made incredible love then fell asleep just as we planne...

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hertwochairs 3 weeks ago

Maybe we can......??

Don't mention the (lockdown), but this might come after....

Let's not talk about frustration anymore. Don't mention the "L" word. But when we get to really play I can see fun in our future. You will be a busy man. She and I are both very skin hungry, so the first thing will be to get everybody naked and clean... W...

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Decided to stay in for the night and have a few drinks, the music going, the couple i have flatting with me come and join me. We are getting into party mode, us two girls get up and start to dance with each other, he is watching us dance very closely, to...

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4 weeks ago

Rough bark

Tapping into a recurring dream where BDSM meets Pagan tree

Here I am again. Surge of anticipation rushes with the mind is sparking by creative impulses...abruptly logic makes a re-entry, I know what to do. The rough bark will either ease or intensify my urge. Reaching out and up, on tip toes, arm...

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Mandy 4 weeks ago

Letting Loose

She finally let's go and gets what she needs

She gets out of the Uber and nervously checks her messages. "Let yourself in the front door, down the stairs and into the bedroom. Get naked, lay on the bed and put on the blindfold I left out for you". Was she really going to do this with a man she'd nev...

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4 weeks ago

Reflecting back at me are these gorgeous dark eyes. Eyes that have this unsettling, yet equally exciting way of looking straight into my soul. Sir can read my deepest and darkest thoughts before I even speak. I note the slight upward curve to his lips. He...

I just get home jump in shower, im getting very horny while in shower, so i get out and head to my bedroom, and start playing with my pussy, forgetting that i have left the back door ajar, so while i am getting so wet and hot while playing. I see someone...

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1 month ago

The Chair

A simple everyday item becomes the focal point of an erotic evening

We sat quietly in the hotel room at dusk. The curtains were wide open allowing the red early evening light to enter the room. Leaving the curtains open brought a sense of adventure too, knowing that if somebody really wanted to, they might just be able to...

Free_radical 1 month ago


She needed to be on top

She’d been traumatised in the past. I’d known that pretty quickly because we often drank wine and talked. Most of the time I didn’t see that side, she was feminine and confident. Definitely decided who she liked and went after them. And we had passionate...

Free_radical 1 month ago


In the space between desire and reality.

Being an adult wasn’t something that came as a surprise. A lot of time has passed, a lot of things have happened and, in my twenties I’d developed a thing for experienced women anyway. So when I reached 40 I was glad. There is nothing better than an exper...