She giggled nervously, betraying the almost-overwhelming sense of anxiety.

“More wine?” asked her friend, well aware of how she was feeling. He was a bit nervous too, never having been up close and personal with her before, but when she asked if he’d help her realise a fantasy he had to say yes. And besides, he’d had a thing for her for such a long time that he wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get next her 5’10” of deliciousness. He knew that more wine would probably make them both feel better.

Their ‘date’ for the night was a soon-to-be-friend they had met online. They’d chatted together, they’d flirted, they’d shown off in a private chat room. They were into each other, that was for sure, but all three had decided that a friendly drink or two at the bar would be the sensible approach. Fast forward an hour, and a few glasses later, she was feeling quite proud of her choice of a booth at the back of the room. Now she was happily ensconced, a man either side, flirting and chatting away. They got on famously, laughing, touching, hands on thighs, lips on necks. She decided it was time to go when she realised that in the middle of a crowded bar she was gripping onto two bulges, trying to escape tight pants…

“Let’s get out here,” she said, “we have places to go and people to do…”

In the back of the taxi they did their best to keep things civil. Again she found herself in the middle, fingernails digging into their thighs, her Friend kissing her neck, the Stranger squeezing a nipple. Her breathing became faster and… just in time they arrived home. Stumbling up the pathway, she attempted to get herself in order, adjusting bra straps and straightening knickers which had become wedged into awkward places. The boys followed behind, making their own adjustments, their pants incredibly uncomfortable thanks to her inspiration.

Inside now, walking to the lounge room, she says “what next?”

“Get naked?” says the Friend. They all agree and strip off as they make their way to the couch. She sits down, lies back and slowly spreads her legs. Working their way up one thigh each, they kiss and caress her. She realises that this plan might soon go in a direction she didn’t intend so she taps the Stranger on the shoulder and motions him to come and kiss her. The Friend, happy to be so close to his crush, slides his tongue deep inside her, enjoying the tilt of her hips in response to his attention. Rhythmically he works away between her legs, taking her lips into his mouth, circling her clit with his tongue, enjoying every delicious moment.

Meanwhile, she kisses the Stranger passionately, their tongues exploring each others’ mouths. With one hand she squeezes his nipple, as the other holds his cock. She enjoys the rush of blood in her hand with each squeeze of the nipple. He groans, she strokes him, he groans again, maybe a little too much, so she releases him.

Lying back now, she guides the Friend up off the ground and motions the Stranger to take his turn between her legs. Kissing her Friend, she enjoys the taste her juices on his lips, through his beard. She revels in the decadence of the moment. She perceives a chemistry between them - is it the rawness of their messy kiss, or is it something else? She shakes the thought out of her head and focuses on the Stranger’s mouth on her clit. He sucks it into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it. His movements are more animalistic than the Friend, and she decides the best way to shake off any questions of a more serious nature is to up the ante and go full animal. “Give me your cock,” she tells the Friend, dragging him up by his member and pulling him towards her expectant mouth. She sucks him hard and fast, working the shaft with her hand, losing herself in the moment.

As her thoughts go to mental images of pornhub videos studied to prepare her for this very moment, she barely notices that the Stranger has changed his position and is now kneeling between her thighs. He tilts her hips up, resting her ass on his thighs, and slides deep inside her. He pushes in and out, slowly, as if warming up. There’s certainly no doubt her being warmed, as her juices coat his cock as it slides in and out.

“Suck on my nipples,” she tells the Friend. She’s not used to being this bossy, but it seemed the right thing to say in the moment. The Friend’s teeth sent shockwaves of electricity coursing through her body, seemingly from her nipples to her clitoris and down her thighs. She bucked in ecstasy as his thrusts became more urgent... to be continued...

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