So a wee while ago I had organised meeting a couple. He wanted to watch me fuck his Mrs. I like the idea of being watched and it was more of a turn on in practice. It was going to be a long drive to see them but I managed to convince someone else from here to come with me. We had only met once before this but she liked the idea of getting tag teamed and meant I could make good on a promise to go down on her haha.

It was sunday morning I was bored and horny and Pete and Tracy had sent me some pics of tracy in the spa, I had also been messaging Amanda and since she'd also been keen to fuck I didnt want to mess her around and glad the group thing worked out, so this is how it went...

I organised picking Amanda up from somewhere neutral. She was waiting at the carpark for me, we put her things in my car and started south again. I was already hard and pretty nervous, she's cute with big tits milf for sure and from how we had been talking I couldnt wait to fuck. The drive was nice because it gave us some time to get to know each other, she made things really difficult for me to concentrate running her hand over the buldge in my jeans when ever we came to a straight stretch.

when we pulled up there was a little dog barking loudly I thought we had got the wrong house so turned around and had to loop back, that was pretty embarrising,.

Things were a little awkward to start, I wasnt sure how quickly they wanted to move into things.

We all hungout in the spa Amanda was close to me rubbing my hard cock Pete was watching us talking to Tracy about it. Amanda got on top of me pressing her tits in my face, I was running the tip of my cock over her pussy again and again while she bounced in the water.

We slow down and Amanda gets off my lap. Tracy and I move closer kissing a few times before I sit on the side of the spa so she can suck my cock. She looks me in the eye as she gets the whole shaft in her mouth she takes a breath and looks to Pete while running her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. Amanda goes from stroking Pete's cock to sucking it and its not long before we all head down to their bedroom.

We took turns going down on Tracy and Amanda, I had convinced Tracy to let me watch her use her vibrator. I took pics and videos on her phone before running my tongue around the edge of her pussy taking the vibrator out of her hand but keeping it inside her. She started playing with her tits I moved her legs over my shoulders and edged the vibrator out so I could lick her clit while easing the tip of the vibrator in and out of her dripping pussy.

Pete took over going down on Tracy and I bent Amanda over fucking her from behind while watching Pete and Amanda play.

We went back to chatting in the lounge and returned to the spa. Tracy made us snacks while Amanda took turns sucking me and Pete off in the spa. Pete was more interested in watching than playing with Amanda but it was hot being watched.

When we went inside to eat I had Tracy bent over the kitchen counter by the time I had slid my cock into her wet pussy she was reaching out to stroke her partners cock from inside his robe, Amanda got down to run her tongue along the shaft of his cock and started fucking Tracy harder grabbing a handful of her hair hard as I filled her.

And tragedy that was the last of our condoms...

Hope to see them again soon.