Who would not be excited? After all the anticipation Steve was finally coming to stay a few nights over the summer break. Rachael had wanted a sleep over with her fuck buddy for ages and now it was happening. She was excited and nervous at the same time. They had played lots of times before but the prospect of being extra naughty was turning her on a lot. She had been given a pass to do one naughty thing each day Steve was staying as well as many threesomes as she could handle.

Rachael had devised a few fantasy’s she wanted to complete with Steve . The thought of slipping off alone to be fucked hard and fast had her tingling with excitement was well as very wet.

The first day was warm and sunny so they all headed out in the boat for the day. They had other friends on board as well so the plan was to take what ever opportunity arose to play without being caught by the other guests. As soon had Rachael’s hubby anchored the boat she suggested they jump on the paddle boards and go ashore, with only two boards she suggested her and Steve go first. The other guests were oblivious to her naughty little plan but she wanted to maximize her naughty pass and get totally well fucked as many times as possible. Rachael knew the island would be fairly deserted of people and started to wander along the pure white sand beach toward the rocky headland far away from where the boat was anchored. Walking next to Steve she surprised him by announcing that at the rocks she was going to drop to her knees and suck his cock dry. Dressed only in a sexy black bikini, Steve was starting to get hard just walking next to her. Finding a nice large rock to lean against Steve could not contain himself and dropped his boardshorts exposing his semi rigid cock. “Look what you have done to me with that blowjob comment” he said. Rachael moved closer to his now fully hard cock and started gently wanking him, looking to ensure no one from the boat could see what she was doing. Pushing Steve against the rock she dropped to her knees and engulfed his cock into her willing and very warm mouth. She loved sucking his fat hard cock and was often complimented on her skills. Fully engulfing the shaft she cupped his balls and went to town on this delicious cock. Knowing how naughty she was being was an equal turn on to the act of giving a stranger a blowjob in public. This was hot and her pussy was really getting moist and needed to be fucked. Asking Steve to stand up, she lent over and braced herself on the rock offering her bikini clad arse to him.

Stepping forward and slipping his fingers inside her skimpy bikini bottoms sent her through the roof. “Pull my bottoms down and fuck me doggy” she whispered as he continued to finger fuck her to a knee shaking orgasm. Never needing to be told twice Steve rammed his cock all the way into this fucking wet hole. Wave after wave of orgasm rocked Rachael’s body. She loved being fucked and loved being a naughty little tart. All she wanted was for him to fill her willing pussy with cum, and then start heading back to the boat, where she would delight in telling her hubby what had just happened.

Slipping her bikini back on and knowing she was full of fresh cum they headed back to the boat to see how long it,would be before she told her hubby how naughty she had just been. Hoping the other guests would grab the paddle boards and head off for an explore would give her a opportunity to confess her naughtyness and hopefully be punished with hubbys hard cock fucking her very wet pussy before the others returned to the boat.

“What have you to been doing ?” the others asked. “Oh we found an amazing little bay right at the end of the main beach” Rachael said to them as they put the life jackets on and jumped on the boards. “Go and check it out, it’s really very beautiful” Steve added.

The others had not even made it ashore before Rachael grabbed her hubby hand and slipped it down the front of her bikini. “I have been a little bit naughty”she purred as hubby flicked his fingers over her slightly swollen pussy, working his fingers into her dripping hole. “You have been naughty judging by how wet this pussy is”he said. Rachael striped her bikini off and lay back on the couch. Unzipping her hubbys shorts she freed his rock hard cock and pulled it to her hole. One gentle push was all it took to burry her hubbys cock and start her next orgasm off. She was in heaven, just been well fucked by Steve and now being fucked hard and fast by her husband. Rachael was calling to Steve to come and join them but he decided to keep watch Incase the others returned al little sooner and walked in on the three way.

Knowing this was only he beginning of some extra naughty sex over the next few days, Rachael lay back allowing her turned on hubby to fuck her as hard as possible until he exploded inside her adding more hot cum to her earlier deposit