So far in the previous story ,Rachael had been well fucked a couple of times on the afternoon boat trip and was feeling very naughty and sexy. She knew they would all end up in bed later that evening for a seriously good threesome which would last a few hours and leave them all exhausted. A nice summers day floating around the Harbour, swimming, drinking and being naughty was close to perfect.

Rachael had earlier discussed her desires and fantasies with her hubby relating to Steve’s extended stay and was wanting the stay to be as hot as possible. These had included being taken for a motorcycle ride around the ranges and stopping at some secluded spot to be fucked on the back of his bike, sneaking out during the night to his room and riding his nice big fat cock, finding an opportunity to slip into his bed in the morning for a quick morning shag or slipping off with Steve to the boat and letting him take her while it’s still tied up on the dock. All of these fantasies had both Rachael and her hubby very hot and horny and she had been given permission to act out one fantasy per day.

The first night had ended up in Rachael’s bed with her two guys being treated to seriously good oral from her in exchange to them taking turns fucking her very wet but very hot stunning little pussy till just past midnight. This had them all exhausted but totally satisfied. Steve was sleeping downstairs and said his good nights and slipped off to his room.

“What a naughty little tart I was today” Rachael purred, lying in hubbys arms, glowing from head to toe. She had loved the thril of being fucked alone by her other guy while no one else was aware of what had just happened. Hubby loved seeing her dressed to thril in whichever sexy bikini she chose to rock each day. Her body was in top shape for her age and she loved showing it off. Presenting her body in stunning and very sexy bikinis or throwing on a short,sexy mesh dress to really impress. Everyone took notice of this stunning and sexy MILF’s body.

Sensing tonight was not the night for a sneak out, hubby kissed his totally satisfied wife good night and slipped off to a well deserved sleep. The morning was another ripper summers day in paradise and hubby took the opportunity to head off for his regular run before everyone woke up and the days fun began. His usual run was around an hour and knew that if Rachael was wanting to slip herself into Steve’s bed for a morning shag she would have plenty of time. The rules were very simple, if she had been naughty, she would have to tell him all about it ,while sucking him off. Hubby had returned home to everyone up and having breakfast, Rachael was in her bikini and short summers dress, looking very sexy and slightly red in the face.

‘I’m off to do a coffee run “Steve said and wandered off to the cafe, Rachael turned around and just smiled. “You better take me back upstairs” she purred. “You might want to ask me a few questions”.

Slipping off her dress but keeping her very sexy leopard print bikini on, Rachael went straight down on hubbys already hard cock. He knew she would have been a very naughty wife and offered her self up to Steve. He started the questions while she was engulfing his rock hard cock.

She had heard him leave and guessed, he was going for a run, so she slipped on a short black ruffle dress over her totally naked body, wandered on downstairs and waited to make sure hubby was not just doing a coffee run. The sexual nerves had her on edge as she contemplated slipping into Steve’s bedroom and offering herself up to him. 10 min went past and Rachael though this is it, I’m walking into his room, slipping off my dress and sliding into his bed. As she slid the door open Steve rolled over and said “good morning beautiful.’ She was so nervous all she could say was “HI” as the sexy little dress hit the floor and she slipped between the sheets, Steve grabbed her naked body and slid his hand down her legs, gently pushing them apart then sliding his hand all the way up the inside thigh till he hit her very excited pussy. She was wanting to slip down the bed and engulf his cock into her mouth but he had other plans. Two fingers easily slipped into her wet little hole and worked there way in and out. This was a very hot start to Rachael’s morning quickie. Steve was very horny and was not waiting to mucking around. He moved his head down between her spread legs and started licking her willing pussy. Rachael was always very turned on by being tounged and soon the first waves of orgasm rocked her body. She was so wet and was ramming her pussy into Steve’s willing tounge. Pushing his head away when it was too intense and pulling him back in to lick her to another wave of orgasm s, she was loving this and was soon begging for him to stick his cock into her drenched pussy and fuck her hard and fast. She loved being banged Hard and fast and Steve was thrusting his big fat cock all the way to her cervix. Wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body. She knew Steve was super horny as well and was not going to be able to last fro much long.

“Fuck me from behind” she said as she rolled on her side and offered her very fucking hot arse towards him. This was a favorite position for her, when she was having three ways as it allowed her full access to a second cock to suck while having her exposed pussy pounded hard, deep and fast.

Steve was not going to last much longer and drove his cock all the way in after a few hard and fast strokes he exploded inside her and pumped his morning cum into her willing pussy. She loved it when a guy filled her with cum. Slipping on his back, Steve grabbed her head and pushed her down the bed. ‘“There is still a little more cum to come out of my cock” he said. Rachael slipped his still hard cock into her mouth and sucked what little cum there was from him. She loved the taste of cum in her mouth as much as having her pussy filled with it.

Rachael had said she slipped the ruffle dress back on and wandered back upstairs after this morning quickie. She slipped off the dress and put on her leopard bikini she was still wearing now ,while blowing her hubby. Reaching down to her swollen little bikini clad pussy lips hubby slipped his fingers inside her wet bikini to find a very sticky cum filled little hole. This was too much for him and he flipped Rachael on her back, pulled the bikini aside and plunged his cock into this very naughty little pussy. “I’m so sorry I was so naughty” was all he heard as he exploded into his wife’s well fucked pussy.

“Coffees up guys” Steve yelled out as he popped the drinks on the bed side table. They had not heard him rerun and walk up the stairs to the bedroom.”Looks like we are one each so far this morning” he said as he slipped off his shorts and jumped back into their bed. TBC