Since my last story, we were invited again by the lovely couple over to their house and they have invited a male friend over that they said is very very well gifted below.

We came by their place last night Tuesday. They introduced us to their cute friend, who I find really attractive. After the introductions and few drinks. The wife started on their friend where she kissed him and slowly undressing each other while we sat on the couch and I touch me hubby's and her husbands bulges.

When she was slowly undressing the guys boxer I can see his huge member protruding through the boxer shorts, and my mouth was watering. She took it out and it was quite impressive. She sucked his dick making it angrier. By then it was as the same length as my forearm. She looked at her husband and said "Do you want this in me babe?" and her husband replied "Hell yes babe!" then she laid on her back on the floor and he mounted her slowly penetrating her. She was moaning like crazy and I can hear her say put it in slowly. Even she was struggling even if he pushes it as deep as he could there was still about an inch or two of the shaft. but it was so hot watching them. Then few moments later they invited me over where I had no hesitations : )

My hubby and I had one rule when doing this things. It is not to kiss someone passionately. I broke that rule, I could not resist how good looking he was and very well fit. I was literally sucking on his tongue but hubby seems not to worried. Then he laid me on the floor and went down on me. I was in heaven, then not long I orgasmed while he was licking me.

He opened up my legs and looked at my well prepared Brazilian waxed vag and he said God your tight when opened up my pussy lips. Then he slowly penetrated me, I never felt so full in my life. I could not get him all in. He was at the limit of how far he could put it in. The wife took out the tape measure and measured. He could only put 5 inches of his member in me. I could feel him pushing up my uterus every time he pushed it further.

Then the wife decided to join us and while I am on my back on the floor the wife came on top of me and we kissed. The friend then alternately fucked our pussy. Then she said put it in my ass!! then he poked it in and she bit my tongue a bit while moaning and arching while he penetrated her ass. She was going crazy while he was humping her ass. Then, he took it out her ass and put it straight in my pussy, I thought that was strait from her ass to my vag. I could not be bothered though it was just too hot.

Then he said he was about to cum and asked who wants my babies!!. The wife asked me are you on birth control pills? I said "no" and she said "neither am I" then we laughed a bit. Then the wife said "do what you want 'name of the friend' " Then he asked our hubbies "Are you okay if I cum inside your wives?" Then they her husband replied "Do what you want"

Then he said "I'll cum first in the Asian pussy" I glanced at my hubby and he was just jerking off so I thought he doesn't seem to mind. Then he moaned and I can feel it warm up inside me while hearing that wet slapping sound then he took it out and put it in the wife. We looked at each other horny with our mouth open, horny but concerned at the same time.

He then stood up and sat back on the couch and the wife asked me. Do you want to finish up and you eat me I eat you? I happily agreed and we 69'ed while eating out the guys cum off each others pussy.

While we were doing that the boys already schemed something. The doorbell rang and the boys asked up to answer the door while we were still naked on the floor. We said initially no but the boys insisted.

So we went to the door together naked, literally tits and pussy out. It was a Domino's pizza delivery guy, it was a young Indian boy. He was shocked, his eyes was opened wide and did not know what to say. The wife then invited him in so he came in, took the boxes of pizza off him and the wife told him "Would you like to fuck us"?

Gosh! I was not prepared for that to be honest. "Then the boys said Hesitantly, yes" Then the wife told him to take his pants down. Our hubbies and the friend were peeking behind the kitchen door at this time. She then knelt down and gave him head, then I knelt down and went down on him as well.

Then the wife told me to bend over on the floor which I do know why I obeyed. She then said to the delivery guy "Do you want to fuck her?" then he replied "can I?" Then the wife said "well, go ahead". He then penetrated me, held my bum pushing it deeper, then he moaned and I felt him pulsating rhythm in me while he came. He then quickly got up pulled his trousers up, I stood up and his cum just gushed out, it was like he was saving up for months. He then left.

Then we closed the door. The wife then told me "I did not know you would do it, I just thought I teased him a bit". I told her "I thought you were serious and fuck him as well" We all then laughed like I was punked. The friend then said, very interesting babies you'll have.

The we went back to the lounge and I blowjobed her husband while she sucked my hubby while the other guy alternately went back and forth fucking us doggy style while we sucked each other's hubby. Then when her husband was about to cum he stood up and the friend as well stood up while I was kneeling in front of them. The husband then pulled my head back by pulling me hair back while telling me to open my mouth while he wanks himself till he came in my mouth, some sprayed on my face and dripped down my neck boobs and stomach, the friend did the same and I had cum all over that time. The wife then came over and kissed me while swapping the cum.

As a revenge I took some of the cum off my chest with my fingers and finger fucked her with it. I thought If I'm having babies, you have them as well : )

My hubby then pushed her down on top of me while we were kissing swapping cum. my hubby penetrated her with my fingers is still inside her. After a few minutes my hubby came inside her and I felt his cum ooze out her with my fingers.

That night was definitely a huge step up on our sex life. I had to go to the GP for a morning after pills : )