Written by gemini72


The beer was cold, the spa was warm, and the champagne bubbles tickled the ladies’ noses. The meet had gone well so far; Miss and I like being naked and relaxed and it was great to meet another couple who felt the same way. Taking turns to get in and out of the spa provided a great chance for the perve… firm nipples and hard cocks… wet bodies to watch and admire and day-dream a little about what was to come next.

We swapped a few stories about adventures we’d had, and fantasies we’d like to fulfill. We talked about the things we liked best about sex, and some of the random events enjoyed in the heat of the moment. A shower with Miss came next, and a chance to talk about how we’re feeling and whether we’re ready to dive into our first couple experience. Despite being curious neither of us had any bi experience and this was going to be one hell of a way to begin.

We sat in a circle on the hotel room floor, the blankets spread out underneath us. We rolled the dice to work out the order - lowest number to be the last to enjoy the pleasure of three mouths and six hands upon them. Miss rolled a six, the lucky bitch, and was to go first, then Mr, then his gal, and I was to be the lucky last. “Shall we play this game in one round or two?” I asked. Looking at each other, they agreed on two.

Miss laid back on the floor and stretched out. I went to kiss her but then remembered our rule - no kissing for tonight. So I laid back and started caressing her - fingertips only - and our new friends did the same. She enjoyed a delicious ‘first round’ of fingers and lips, gentle massage, a little licking here and there. Before long five minutes was up and it was time to change. Nervously I paid attention to another male form for the first time in my life, spending most of the five minutes wondering if I was doing it right, or looking silly!

With the first round complete, four breathless, edgy, naked humans enjoyed a drink and a laugh, reflecting on the new experiences. With the drinks finished and with a little more courage, round two began. Miss took her place for ten minutes as the centre of attention, but this time with more intensity. We covered every inch of her body, inside and out, and this time she enjoyed the freedom of being able to use her hands. With a cock in each hand and a pussy riding her face she came like a train, time and again.

Exhausted but with a smile on her face Miss took her place between Mr’s legs as he laid back. The three of us rubbed him, sucked him, fucked him until his time was up, a fantastic explosion of cum rocketing forth onto his stomach where the girls lapped it up, licking and kissing each other as they did.

It was time for our second round of girl attention. Miss positioned her face between our new friend's legs and started licking and kissing and nibbling. Us fellas were happy with our cocks being stroked, Mr becoming hard again as we watched Miss move into a scissors position to grind against the lucky gal. She breathed hard, panting now, and took turns licking one cock and then the other. Miss now lay on top of her to pinch and bite her nipples until she came, and came… and came.

As the lucky last I wondered if everyone had enough energy to take care of me - we were a pile of sweaty, exhausted bodies. The two girls soon dispelled that notion though - taking turns to swallow my hard cock. I was on the edge - just one lick away and certainly not ready to cum just yet - when Miss said: “you should do something with that!” She nodded at Mr’s hard cock, which I took in my hand and started to suck. Becoming lost in a haze of carnal pleasure, time became a useless notion. Not knowing what was happening, I reveled in every second. The next thing I knew Mr’s gal was beside me, taking over the sucking him whilst my Miss rode my cock fast and hard. Cumming now, I thought to myself “thank f#$% for Kiwiswingers and making new friends!"