Mrs FB part 2

Both FB and I slowly stand up and slide out of each of our partners. You both sit up and hug us. Slowly I kiss Ruth her lips so soft and our tongues dance together. I wrap her in my arms relishing the smooth softness of her skin as my hands move up and down her back. The warmth of her breasts against my chest forces a moan and soon she wraps her legs around me not allowing me to escape.

You stand and guide FB into the lounge and together you sit on the couch and also start to kiss FB. He lovingly lifts your breast massaging it only as a married man can knowing every little thing to do to make you moan.

“Oh yes oh please please” said so passionately that Ruth and I stop to stare.

The cause of your desire is FB’s hand is now massaging your pussy and he is slowly pushing four fingers into you slowly moving them in and out causing your juices to start. His fingers slowly sink deeper and deeper as you push your hips against his hand. Soon his whole hand is now rapidly moving in and out of your stretched sex. The sound of squelching juices and your moans is such a turn on. I break away from Ruth’s bondage and taking her hand we walk over and kneel behind you. Leaning over we each grab squeeze massage and tweak a breast each. Your nipples almost hurt they are so hard but the pleasure that FB is generating overrides everything. You look so sexy your legs spread wide FB’s fist deep inside you Ruth sucking on your breast your nipple growing between my fingers your head titled back making your beautiful neck even longer begging to be kissed and licked. Ruth takes a breath lifting her head and sees your sexy desire filled face and just has to kiss your beautiful smile. She starts to kiss you just as Fb starts to make you squirt the sound and sight is amazing. Juices are squirting every where there is a wonderful red glow all over your breasts and Ruth still kissing you and your moans echoing in her mouth.

I just have to help clean up the mess and move round to start licking your thighs and stomach. I rub my hands all over your lower body as I lick closer and closer to your sex. FB moves up beside Ruth and soon replaces her lips his. Ruth slides down in reverse to FB and soon is next to me licking your clit. I move lower to lick the entrance to your sex and down to your bum. Your body is twitching from all of the post orgasm stimulation slowly turning into pre orgasm stimulation as you feel your body build towards ecstasy again. The more we all lick, kiss and suck your body the stronger your orgasm grows this time though it is a long slow deep orgasm. The kind that takes forever to arrive but when it does it growls throughout your whole body and then lingers like ripples on the water slowly moving away from the centre of your sex in waves of pleasure.

Exhausted we all collapse in a pile of flesh our bodies entwined sweat and sex drying on our bodies just as the clock chimes twelve.

“Well I guess you are staying here for the month” you comment

“How sad hope my cock can take it”

“Now what?” Asked FB as he stands moves to close the curtains “wow a full moon doesn’t it look amazing”

I had been so engrossed in the wonder of the last couple of hours to notice the silver light flooding into the room.

“Let’s go out to the reserve”

“I don’t know if I can I’m exhausted”

“It is not always about you and your beautiful body. Some of us are a couple of orgasms behind.”

“What’s in the reserve that we need to see”asks Ruth as she starts to get dressed.

“Nothing but soft grass a cool breeze and moonlight”

“Ok” replies Ruth looking a bit puzzled not exactly a big attraction

“But you must stop that in fact get undressed”

“I’m not going out there naked it was bad enough having to walk to your front door naked”

“You will do as I say or I will spank you and if you take much longer to get your clothes off I will spank you again”

“No! You don’t tell me what to do”

“Yes I do your my sex slave remember and now get undressed and then bring the crop and the bag over here and bend over my knee.”


I move towards her kiss her

“Please Ruth just do it or it will only get worse.”

And I kiss her again her again this time giving her a playful slap on the bum.

“Alright then”and slowly undresses finds the riding crop and the bag of goodies and walks over and lies across FB’s lap. You can clearly see the red handprint on her bum and her pussy framed by her thighs. It is obvious her objections were all a ruse as her big full lips are pouting open covered in the frothing juice of her pussy.

“Well lookie lookie not interested huh. Chuie come and lick this up.”

Obediently I lean over and lick Ruth’s pussy it is so sweet and I just make big long licks savouring every moment.

“That will do stand back” and with that the riding crop sudden swung through the air and cracked onto the bottom of her bum across her full wet lips leaving a long red welt. A second time it falls harder than the last and right on top of the last strip. Tears cum to Ruth’s eyes but somehow she senses not to make a sound further to the Yelp she made when the crop hit her arse. It had been so long since her arse had been tanned by leather she had almost forgotten the pain and pleasure aspect. The two strikes had nearly brought her to orgasm every nerve in her body was now singing and she was not sure if there was going to be another blow. Then Ruth flinched for she felt coldness on her bum then relief as it flowed over the welts on her arse.

It was you rubbing ice over her arse to sooth the pain then even more to Ruth’s surprise you then push the cubes into her pussy.

“Don’t let them fall out” you command.

“Stand up and face me” FB also commands

Ruth stands facing FB trying to hold back the tears but also shaking in anticipation of what was possibly about to happen.

Taking Ruth’s wrists FB quickly starts to wrap rope around her wrists binding them tight. You appear with a dog collar and quickly place it around Ruth’s neck. FB then feeds the rope from Ruth’s wrist through a d ring on the front of the collar so that every time he pulled on it Ruth would almost give herself an uppercut. Next he took an egg out of the bag and commanded Ruth to open her legs, melted water now ran down her thighs. He then pushes the egg into her and switches it on. Ruth let’s out a squeal in response to the egg. FB then hands me two eggs and points to you. I smile and beckon you to wards me. You obey and I quickly insert one into your pussy and then pull it out covered in your sex juice and then insert it into your arse. The second goes into your pussy, I turn them on to test and your squeal also confirms they are working.

“Let’s go” and with that he makes for the door pulling Ruth behind him, you and I arm in arm following. I have left the eggs on hence why you need to lean on me. We walk out the back through the gate and into the reserve. In the middle of the field stands a tall pine tree casting a black shadow on the ground. FB walks right up to the tree and stops. He pulls the rope from the collar and pushes Ruth back against the tree. The bark pushing into her naked back and stinging the welts on her bum. He then pushes her hands above her head and walks the rope around the trunk of the tree then down to her ankle around the tree again and over to other ankle leaving her spread eagle against the tree. Naked her pussy full exposed her full large lips so clearly visible throbbing from the egg inside her. Next he tells you to get on your hands and knees facing back towards the house.

Now I realise that we have in fact climbed a small rolling hill and even from behind you on our knees you can see over all the neighbours fences straight into their private secluded back yards. Better still several bedrooms which FB was quick to point out the ones where people are having sex. The silver light of the moon flood their rooms making it absolutely clear what they are doing just like us FB and I taking turns fucking you from behind your beautiful breasts swing with our rhythm. The eggs inside you add to the sensation but due to the amount of cum you have already drained from me and FB we both are lasting well. When it is my turn I push my thumb into your bum for fun then when my or your orgasm nears I stop and swap with FB. Ruth is begging for attention so I turn her egg to full volume and then pick up two handfuls of pine needles and start to rub them all over her magnificent body as we have done before. The little pricks from the pine needles adding to Ruth’s pleasure.

Eventually your orgasm approaches and as Fb is still pounding into you I offer you my cock to suck just like one of the couples next door. You moan and collapse face first on the grass Fb still pounding into you. I start to wank myself to orgasm and soon am squirting cum over your back and FB joins me his big squirts of hot cum land on your back. While Ruth is moaning through her own orgasm.

“Let’s go home and clean up” you suggest

I move to untie you and Fb intervenes

“No leave her there.”

And with that we pick you up off the ground and walk back to the house Ruth still tied to the tree quietly begging us to not leave her her fear almost masking the pleasure from the egg still buzzing inside her. The trouble is if she yells to loud the neighbours will hear. Or stay quiet and hope we comeback before the sunrises.........