Mrs fb

Covid 19 update as of midnight tonight all New Zealanders are to go into lock down for the next 14 days. People are to remain on their property until further notice. Time outside is to be limited. Please do not panic access will be allowed to the supermarket and other stores.

“Well that certainly is going to be boring. What are we going to do?” Mr fb asked

“We could ask chuie and Ruth to come round. If they get here before midnight they will have to stay and be allowed to stay.” You replied.

“What a great idea but what if they don’t want to?”

“You know chuie will do anything to have sex with me”

“True and I have always found Ruth quite attractive. Let’s give them a call.”

“We’re we going this isn’t the way to the shops? In fact if I didn’t know better you are heading to the bunny’s place.”

“Well it is nearly Easter and they invited us round for an Easter egg hunt”

“We haven’t got time for that I haven’t shopped this week and we need to get supplies.”

“Don’t worry I have been to the shops earlier and bought our supplies. They are in that bag in the back.”

Looking in the back Ruth could only see one bag and it said Peaches and Cream. Leaning back she reach over to the bag and picked it up. Looking into she found rope ,lube, batteries, a double dildo, a rabbit vibrator, four vibrating eggs, a riding crop, a massage tool, chocolate paint, raspberries and cans of chocolate and plain whipped cream.

“We haven’t got time for this you idiot we have to be home by midnight. I have not got anything ready. the kids don’t know what is happening and all you can think about is your dick and putting it inside mrs fb.”

“It’s all under control just relax and have fun”

“Relax! Relax! the country is going into lock down and all you can say is keep calm and have sex how is that going to help. What are you going to tell the kids sorry we just got arrested because we were trying to sneak home after midnight because dad wanted to fuck the Easter bunnies wife.”

This was not quite the way I thought it was go so I thought I might try the best way to calm her down and started rubbing her thigh and making my way to her panties.

“Don’t think you can get round me that way”

But as I got near her sex I knew that she was secretly excited for the heat coming from her was, as always, amazing and when my finger rubbed the front of her panties they we were meet by a big wet patch.

“That’s not what she is telling me “ as I pushed a finger into pussy hoping the light would stay red for a few more seconds.

Groaning under her breathe Ruth slapped my arm “ you bastard”

I just laugh and she tries hard not to smile.

We pull into your drive way and I tell Ruth the rules for the evening.

“Right here we are so you are to behave and not argue if you do you will be spanked with the riding crop. Mrs FB has done a lot to organise dinner and this evening and you are to do whatever she tells you. Mr FB is allowed to do anything he wants to you and you must obey. Do you understand?”

“Yes is that all?”


“Oh what else?”

“Take off all your clothes and put them on the back seat.”



“But we are parked on the street how am I meant to get inside naked?”

“By walking. You will carry the bag in as well and then when you are inside you are to tell the funnybunnies that you are to be their sex slave and you need to be spanked for arguing with me in the car.”

“No I won’t walk up to their front door naked everyone can see me.”

“That is another hit with the crop and every time you refuse it will be another.”

So reluctantly Ruth got out of her clothes but the amount of juice dribbling out of her pussy and down her thighs told a different story. Now sitting naked in the front seat I couldn’t help myself and lent over and sucked her wonderful nipples and marvelled how similar they are to yours. Yet Ruth has only lovely c cup breasts with incredible hard long nipples making a wonderful perky pair of boobs. Moaning she lent her head back as I sucked harder on her nipples flicking them and nibbling. My fingers now exploring her clit and rubbing them flat over the top of it as the other pulled the skin up tight forcing her clit to be more exposed. Eventually thrusting her hips towards me and pulling my head harder to her breasts she groaned to an orgasm. The seat of the car covered in pussy juice and the the smell of sex everywhere.

Our little distraction has been to her advantage for dusk has set giving Ruth some cover to get to the front door. Quickly she climbed out of the car.

“And don’t you run or that will be five smacks from me”

Quickly Ruth walked up to your front door and rang the door bell. mr FB opened the door and at first was shocked but very quickly regained his composure and welcomed us in kisses for Ruth and handshakes for me. You quickly entered the room and just smiled for you and I had planned this from the start.

“That’s not how we kiss our sexslave unless she has been licking my pussy so you must lick her pussy.”

Quickly FB is on his knees and smiles when he sees all the juice on her thighs and soon had just as much over his face and Ruth’s knees are buckling. I couldn’t help my self and also had one big lick of Ruth’s sex and then stood and kissed you. Your tongue wonderfully licking my face clean. You then kiss Ruth letting her taste her self on your lips and your hand squeezing her breasts.

“Welcome you two I see you have been naughty and already started to play with out us so that is a spank for Ruth and a forbidden to cum until permission is given for you.” As you slide your hand into my pants and squeeze my cock playing with the precum oozing out of it. “Was she compliant or did she complain like you said she would?”

“You were right she refused so its one more spank.”

“Right FB you will find a crop in the bag and you are to give Ruth two good spanks”

FB happily retrieved the crop sat in his chair and patted his lap Ruth walked over and lent over his thighs and soon the air was filled with the crisp sound of leather smacking skin. Two long red strips crisscrossed Ruth’s cheeks. It looks so sexy with her wet pussy pouting between her thighs. FB quickly slipped a couple of fingers into her pushing in and out and then pulled them out and using the juice as a balm rub smooth her bum.

Now you boys need to join us girls and get undressed. I now notice that you have nothing on under your apron. Your magnificent breasts not only filling out the front of the apron but deliciously trying to escape out the side as well. You turn around to go back to the kitchen your naked bum wiggles seductively inspiring my cock to stiffen. Looking back Fb is smiling to himself not because I have been panting over his incredibly sexy naked wife but with the fact that Ruth now had his cock in her mouth as she was helping to undress him. I walk over taking my clothes off and then standing behind Ruth. I grab her hips and pull her to her feet making sure her mouth does not leave FB’s cock. I move further behind Ruth and push my cock into her hot wet pussy. Meeting the rhythm of her bobbing I fuck her pussy. You walk back into the room and sit opposite FB watching Ruth devour your husbands cock while being pounded by her partner. Quietly you pull the apron aside and start to play with your self your eyes not leaving FB’s cock as Ruth’s head bobs up and down. She stops and licks the length of his cock tracing up the underside of his cock eventually reaching the tip. Holding onto the shaft she then tries to push her tongue into the eye of his cock and then around the head. She traces veins and then swallows it whole again. Its all to much for me plus I really want to lick your pussy so I pick up the pace pounding harder into her.

As if you can read my mind you say ”don’t you dare cum inside her in fact a rule for the night you are never to cum in her pussy but only in my mouth or Ruth’s.”

So I pull out of Ruth and move over to you and you seductively swallow my cock. You cup and squeeze my balls while you suck lick and devour my cock. Remembering my punishment I beg to be allowed to cum and the answer is given by how much harder you attacked my cock. Very quickly I groan and cum deep in your mouth. You lick me clean and then point to your sex. Obediently I drop to my knees and just stare at the beauty of your womanhood. Your lips full and red with desire a beautiful flower opening its petals to let the bee be seduce by your nectar.

Slowly I slide my hands up your thighs followed by my tongue. My fingers caress each side of your sex and marvel at how your flower opens even more. Slowly I kiss your upper thighs and then move closer to your pussy. Beads of love juice appear on your lips and I lick then off as gently as I can with the tip of my tongue. This causes my nose to gently nuzzle your clit making your shiver. This in turn causes more fluid to be pushed out so now I lap at your sex. Long slow licks from your bum all the way to your clit and then again. Each time your moans are louder as I dwell a little longer on your clit and push a bit deeper into you. But this is to much for me and i have to engulf your whole pussy with my mouth then up on to your clit. I suck it deeper into my mouth and flick it firmly with my tongue. I let my finger drift down to your bum and circle and play with it. My other hand is pulling back from your pussy making your clit stand up I bite, flick and suck it harder.

You look over and watch Ruth continue to give him a blowjob. You lock eyes and smile at each other until you gasp and look down at me as I push my finger into your bum. I suck harder on your clit and involuntary your hips thrust at me and you start to beg me not to stop that I am finding just the right spots. Suddenly your legs snap closer on my head you push my head harder onto your clit and I push another finger into your bum and a massive orgasm wracks your body.

This is all to much for FB and he pulls Ruth off his cock and quickly starts to masturbate and very quickly is cumming all over her pert firm breasts like lemon icing on a Chelsea bun. Ruth starts to rub Fb’s cum into her breasts

“No” you command “come over here so I can lick your breasts clean.” Ruth obeys and I can tell you are enjoying her nipples and breasts as much as I do causing more precum to dribble out of my cock. After you have licked all the cum of her breasts you tell Ruth she can suck clean my cock but not to make me cum.

The evening continued as though nothing had happened at all dinner was great the conversation witty and fun the only difference was that we were all still naked. You had removed your apron and now almost rudely I find it hard to take my eyes off them. But I do eventually remember where your eyes are and the night goes on.

After dinner you clear the table and then spread a plastic sheet on the table then you tell Ruth to climb up onto table and lie on her back. You go to the kitchen and return with the raspberries, chocolate paint,and whip creams.

“Dessert is served” and picking up the cream you spray a trail of cream.”knock yourselves out boys it’s make your own tonight.”

“Do you have any carrots in the fridge” I ask


“Yes do you have any carrots in your fridge?”


I quickly return with a big long straight carrot about the size of a good vibrator. I move up to Ruth and slowly push the carrot as far as she will let me and then leave it there and go back to making my dessert.

The three of us are all enjoying licking raspberries and cream of Ruth’s body and occasionally I push and turn the carrot inside her. She shivers and twitches each time. Once we have all licked and cleaned Ruth’s body I get the massage tool and and push it up to her clit and she squeals. Each time the vibrator touches her clit her pussy nearly pushes the carrot out of her so i now start to push it in and out of her while continuing to stimulate her clit.

I notice that you are watching me while slowly playing with Fbs cock which is now hard and ready, just what I am wanting.

“Come over here FB”

He does

“Now take out the carrot and replace it with your cock.”

He does so and the look on his face is of complete surprise and I know the sensation he is experiencing. Instead of the hot wet pussy he was expect it is instead stone cold. It feels amazing right now he can actually feel way more than before. How much Ruth’s pussy is pulsating around his cock and how it is slowly warming up. Ruth also is groan as she now feels the heat of Fbs cock in her pussy.

I move away and stand behind you as you sit in chair watching your leg over the arm and you hand casually play with yourself. I stand behind the chair and play with your boobs as you watch FB fuck Ruth. I lean forward push your hands away and push an egg inside you and turn it on. You give a little shiver and then go back to playing with your clit and me with your boobs.

The faster Fb moves the stronger I turn up the egg and faster to rub your clit. With your other hand you start to rub my cock no very hard and enjoying your attention.

You look up at me “I need your cock”

I sit down on the chair and you stand in front of me then squatting back you reverse cowboy my cock. Oh god you are so hot and wet you just slide down on me and then wait. I feel you squeezing my cock and you play with my balls just waiting for everything to get use to each other again. Slowly you start to rise up and down on my cock and then sit back down. You and FB match each other’s pace as you fuck us both. I reach round and continue to play with your breasts.

You start to encourage Fb to fuck Ruth harder and now I have one hand on your clit and the other still with your wonderful breast. Fb is now pounding faster his orgasm close and Ruth is claiming hers is close as well. You then stand up and walk over to the table and bend over and lie on the table next to Ruth

“Please” is all you say and Fb smiles pulls out of Ruth ignoring her protests to not leave her hanging on the edge and quickly enters you from behind ramming hard into you and soon grunts the arrival of his orgasm and you reach yours as you feel his hot cum fill you up and you rejoice at the familiar feel of his cock on your pussy. Your orgasm is long slow and deep. Slowly it floods your whole body and you nearly pass out with pleasure

I quickly move in to replace Fb in Ruth’s pussy and we too orgasm together forgetting that I was not meant to cum in her pussy but we will have to deal with that later.