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The Beach

Frankie had spotted him on the 2nd day of their vacation, hanging out around the pool on the loungers. He was younger than her by at least 15 years, very well built and very hot. He was not there all day but just for a few hours each day. This lead her to think he was not staying at the hotel but simply using the pool and beach side loungers. Maybe he was a local or just staying at a different hotel in Waikiki that was not on the beachfront. Which ever it was he had caught her looking at him a few times now and always returned her stare with a cute smile and slight flirt from his steely blue eyes. He was around 6 foot tall, gym toned, very tanned and super hot in an all American way.

Frankie and her hubby were not new to swinging, but they had only ever swung together with couples, the thought of a single guy was starting to drive her a little wild with excitement. Frankie was sure this guy was flirting with her and looking for some fun with a hot MILF. All she had to do was convince her hubby to let her see how genuine this flirting was and to work out a plan to introduce herself to him next time she saw him around the pool or on the beach. At 48 Frankie was in great shape, long tanned legs, tight waist, killer boobs and toned wide shoulders. She rocked the different bikinis she wore around the pool each day and noticed a few long stares from the other guests as she walked around.

At dinner that night she started to mention, to her hubby, that she had had some serious stares and appreciative smiles from the guys lounging by the pool and it was nice that the guys were liking what they saw as she strolled past each day. Hubby was aware of other guys always staring and admiring her and was happy for her to flirt and show off when the occasion was right. He had seen her with other guys and girls in the various three ways and foursomes they had enjoyed, he especially loved watching her suck on new cocks before having them fuck her hard and fast until her hot little pussy exploded with mind blowing orgasms.

Frankie was granted her wish to take it to the next level with this single guy and was given a leave pass to totally pick this guy up. The next day was just like all the other perfect Hawaiian days, warm tropical wind, stunning blue sky and crystal clear water. Dressed to impress in a very hot bikini, Frankie grabbed a lounger out the front of the pool facing Waikiki beach. It was not long before the stranger had also positioned himself a few loungers back from her. She could not fully see him but was aware the he would be getting a very good view of her smoking hot bikini clad body as he gazed at the ocean.

She could not help herself and turned over so her head was directly facing him and smiled. He got off the lounger and casually walked past hers, stopping to introduce himself to her and ask if she felt like joining him for a swim in the ocean. Game on!! As she casually walked down the beach chatting to this very hot American lad. He explained that he was not staying at this hotel, but liked to drop in and bunk a lounger for a few hours each day. His hotel was across the road and a little way from the beachfront.

Playing in the small surf at Waikiki, Frankie took each opportunity to let the waves push her closer to this hunk of a guy. Casually brushing his legs with hers each time the waves rolled into the beach. She was sure that for every time she touched him, he was making sure he felt as much of her as well. The mood was very flirtatious and soon she made sure the next big wave had her right next to his smoking hot body. As she surfaced from the wave her hands reached out to steady herself, grabbing at his chest and casually sliding down his toned abs, all the way round to his butt. In an attempt to make sure she was okay he grabbed her body, also taking the chance to slide his hands over her bikini clad boobs. Feeling no rejection he pulled her closer and started to explore her body. Inches from each other, and hands moving over each others body, Frankie leant in and passionately kissed him. While she was locked in this embrace she reached her hand down to his board shorts and brushed over what felt like a very hard cock trapped inside them. This was getting too much for her to handle and she wanted to take him back to her room and fully discover his body, but Frankies hubby. Jack was working from the room all day.

Still locked in each other’s embrace Frankie thought about how badly she wanted to get with this hunk of a guy. As Dan continued chatting he was fully exploring her body and was currently working his hand over her willing pussy, grabbing her arse and pulling her closer to his straining cock. With two fingers slipped into the bikini bottoms and working their way around before slowly being inserted into her very wet pussy, a wave of pleasure washed over Frankie. Kissing her passionately while he finger fucked her, she freed his rock hard cock from his shorts. All she wanted was for this guy to fuck her, right there in the water at Waikiki beach.

She could not wait any more, so rushed out of the water and grabbed her floating lounger and returned to the water, pushing the lounger a little further away from the swimmers, she told him to straddle the lounger and get his rock hard cock out. With him facing out to sea she straddled the lounger as well and positioned herself on top of his waiting cock. Ripping her bikini to one side she slowly lowered her wet pussy onto his rock hard cock. She could not believe she was about to fuck a complete stranger she had just picked up in the water at Waikiki beach. She worked herself all the way down his stunning cock and felt the first waves of an orgasm wash over her. The feeling was intense, rock hard cock fully buried into a wet pussy being gently moved around by the motion of the ocean. Wanting to look like a couple just having a cuddle on a lounger they were aware that they needed to fuck gently and not arouse too much attention. Sliding and wriggling over this fucking hard cock was perfect. Kissing and hugging while he ground as hard and deep as he could had her in heaven. The thought of being so naughty was sending little orgasm after orgasm through her hot body. Fuck, was she going to get pounded by her hubby when he finished his work and she told him what a naughty little tart she had been today.

Enjoying every push and thrust, Dan told her he was getting close to blowing and where would she like his cum. Between the waves of little orgasms she whispered in his ear to unload deep inside her and push as hard as he could when he came. She knew his climax would tip her into a full blown orgasms as well. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face into his and tongued her mouth. I’m cumming he moaned and thrust his cock as deep as he could into her hot wet pussy. This was all she needed and exploded in the best mind blowing orgasm ever. Luckily they had floated out and away from the crowds as she was sure she had made some serious moaning sounds.

After the mutual waves of pleasure had subsided she looked him in the eye and said “ That was the hottest fuck I have ever had!!! Tomorrow I want you to come to my hotel room and do it all again”

The Shower

Part 2

Frankies pussy was tingling with excitement as she sat at the bar at Roy’s in Lewers Street. With two pineapple martinis under her belt she was about to confess to her hubby what had happened today in the waves of Waikiki beach and what a naughty little tart she had been.

Hun!!! you know you gave me permission to flirt and chat up the guy on the lounger poolside at our hotel, well things got a little more heated than harmless flirting and turned into me and him having a swim and a play in the ocean. This somehow managed to develop into me being fucked by his rock hard cock while we were on a floating lounger off the beach. Frankie described in full the events that had occurred and knew her punishment would be to suck her hubby’s excited cock later that night till be blew in her mouth and then he would fuck her long and hard for being such a naughty MILF.

As they lay in the bed, both totally exhausted from hot and hard sex, Frankie casually mentioned that her man from the pool earlier today was looking for another round of sex with her, this time in the hotel room. What the fuck!! was the response from Frankies husband. You’re a seriously naughty lady he said as she outlined how her plan to spend the afternoon being fucked by this stranger she had just met. With permission granted they fell asleep in each other’s arms, the sound of the waves rolling into the apartment and the warm tropical night breeze gently floating the curtains in and out. Tropical perfection.

Jacks rock hard cock was what woke them both up. He was turned on to fuck knowing his naughty MILF off a wife was going to be fucked long and hard by a stranger later that day in the very bed they were lying in. Frankie dived under the covers and engulfed his rock hard cock with her willing mouth. Head was one of her specialities and this mornings blowjob was a ripper. She sucked deep and long, tickling his balls. Casually moving down to his balls, licking and sucking them while wanking the hard cock in her hand. She was in her element. Knowing that in a few hours she would be doing this to a total stranger, made her even wetter. All she wanted was cock and more cock. Slipping her long tanned leg over his cock, Frankie lowered her dripping wet pussy onto Jacks waiting cock and rode him for all she was worth. Burying her pussy into his groin sent her into a mind blowing orgasm. Grinding and moaning as she came over and over, Jack pushed her off and told her to get on her knees. Thrusting his cock into her pussy from behind, he fucked her hard and fast doggy style until she exploded in another wave of orgasms.

Breakfast was a simple affair of coffee and lemon pound cake from Starbucks. Knowing that she would have the apartment to herself for the day, while Jack was around the North Shore of the island , Frankie planned her rendezvous with her new man. Kissing each other goodbye she set about to find her sexist bikini and heels. Sunscreen applied, hair and make up done, sexy bikini on, she set off to the pool.

It was another beautiful Hawaiian day, lazy waves rolled into Waikiki Beach, reminding her of her afternoon hook up yesterday. She chose a lounger close to the ocean and casually glanced around to see if her new lad had already arrived. Damm it, he was no where to be seen. Lazing in the sun knowing that soon she would be sucking on a stranger cock had Frankie squirming on her lounger. The anticipation was high and her pussy was tingling again. Trying to enjoy her book while waiting to be fucked was not working very well so Frankie wandered down into the water for a swim. The water was stunning and a welcome distraction. Wandering back to her lounger she spotted a Pina Colada sitting on the side table next to her towel, he’s here she thought and ordered me a drink. Frankie scanned the pool loungers but could not see him anywhere. Sipping the cocktail, she scanned the beach for her stranger, damm it he was nowhere to be seen.

When the drinks waitress came past Frankie casually asked her if the gentleman who ordered her the cocktail was still there. The waitress informed her that he ordered the drink and told the waitress to tell Frankie that he would be back soon. Two can play this game she thought, slipping the waitress her spare room key she asked the waitress to give this to him when he returned. Frankies plan was to be in the shower when he arrived at her hotel room. Letting the warm water wash over her the waiting was intense. Knowing she was going to spend the day fucking and sucking a complete stranger again was driving her crazy. Sliding her finger over her swollen clit was sending shockwaves through her body. Then she heard the door lock whine open and the door click shut. Holy shit he was in the room now. Casually washing herself she pretended not to see the bathroom door open, standing there ,completely naked was her stranger. Cock already half hard and heading towards her, she dropped to her knees and guided his now fully hard cock into her waiting mouth. Sliding her lips from the tip to his balls she sucked this perfectly shaped cock, holding her mouth to his well trimmed pubic hair she felt him swell and twitch in her mouth. Delicious, fucking delicious was all she could think. Breaking free Frankie stood back up and planted a long lingering kiss on his lips. Water cascading over both of them she whispered in his ear, I’m yours for the day, do what you want with me.

Reaching down to her pussy he started to play with her swollen clit, flicking and rolling his finger over it, sliding his two longest fingers into her very wet pussy he started to finger fuck her, thrusting hard and fast with his two fingers until the waves of her first orgasm rolled over her, wreaking her lags and dropping her further onto his thrusting finger inside her. Flipping her around and pushing her head down towards the shower rose, he kept his finger inside her, rolling orgasm after orgasm flooded through Frankies body. She was softly moaning now, “JUST FUCK ME , STICK YOUR COCK IN ME AND FUCK ME !!

Happy to satisfy her request he pulled his fingers out and thrust his rock hard cock into her waiting wet pussy. Filling her pussy with cock, till his balls slapped against her long legs. Holding her hips he thrust his rock hard cock long and hard, each thrust from the tip to the base of his shaft, filling her pussy with each thrust. Each thrust of his cock was sending her over the edge. Grabbing his ass and pulling him tight, Frankie held him as he came, wave after wave of cum exploding inside her. What sort of a naughty little slut had she turned into.

The water was washing over them as they hugged and kissed each other. One very wet pussy and one semi hard cock touching each other was a great start to what was going to be a long hard afternoon of tropical sexual delight.

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