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Part two

Two plus two equals such incredible fun!

Remember after a dull and sexless marriage to Michael we'd together now found that sex can be incredible and gets better when it's shared with others

We woke after a couple of hours still embracing our new lovers Michael was with Jackie and I was with James Not only was James cock much larger and fatter than Michael's I'd found switching back and forwards between the two of them so incredible hot The temperature at times rose to such high levels that it literally blew my gaskets and when I experienced girl on girl with Jackie and simultaneously got taken from the rear by both my husband and James I was totally consumed with an overload of sexual gratification that I lost consciousness for a while

Now we had rested, we dressed and after arranging to call Jackie and James kissed reluctantly we bade our new friends bye for the night

The short drive home I snuggled up to my dear husband and not a word spoken when we arrived home and hurried inside

We literally threw our clothes on the stairs as we hurried to our bed for Michael to immediately go down on me and virtually vacuum me clean of all remaining juices and manseed I came again as my husband demonstrated what a quick learner he was as we fell asleep totally in love and totally contented

When I woke it was to the drifting aroma of frying bacon I could hear Michael humming away and lay back with that special knowing smile of how wonderful our sex life had become Why oh why had we wasted forty years of such wonderful sexual pleasures Just then Michael entered with a breakfast tray and a lovely red pansy he'd obviously ‘borrowed’ from our table decoration

“Good morning, my sexy and adorable wife” He placed the tray down threw off his robe and sat naked at my side Simultaneously we both began to speak Laughing Michael then resumed

Last night darling was unbelievably wonderful and I don't think I could ever be happier than just seeing you smile, scream through your orgasms and know that my love for you was seemingly and impossibly growing so strongly and that from now on our lives together would involve other lovers in new and in true bacchanalian lifestyle

Any doubts I may have had are now totally swept away and I want you to experience so many new and totally enthralling lovers my love

We ate silently until our final pangs of hunger had been totally exhausted I spoke first and as I began my tears flooded out uncontrollably My tears were tears of unbounded love of my dear Michael Michael my childhood friend and for forty years my husband The man I had given my virginity to and been so faithful to had been totally in love so much so deeply in love with me that he readily saw, understood indeed embraced the joy released in me by this startling turn in me from a prematurely old woman into a sexual vixen who now would only be happy when I was absolutely sexually satiated and satisfied by multiple lovers to the point of exhaustion

Michael understood and was only interested in my being pleasured as he truely gained so much satisfaction from my gratification He had already rung Jackie and she was at that very moment on her way here! At hearing this I rushed to our bedroom so that I could quickly apply my makeup (another new direction for me) and pamper myself to look somewhat presentable A last touch and dabs of perfume just in time to hear the doorbell ring I reached the hall to see Michael and Jackie in a really passionate embrace No I wasn't angry I wasn't even annoyed in fact I was overjoyed Michael and I once more in absolute synchronicity Just then I too joined in the embrace As Jackie kissed me Michael had one hand inside my already soaking panties and other playing with one of Jackie's tits

As we managed to prise ourselves apart we made our way into the lounge where the three of us squeezed onto the couch me in the middle Jackie held my one hand and Michael the other Jackie said that Michael had rung her and asked if she and James could invite the two of us to a party She spoke softly and said how thrilled they both were and Michael was already ringing to get an invite for a party that coming Saturday Including us there would be seven other couples and that she was here to help me in firstly a little shopping trip for a new wardrobe and hopefully a little bit of time in my first threesome right now!

I pulled Jackie to the stairs and as we climbed she was busy massaging my ready rear kneading and melding my two cheeks in anticipation Our clothes just thrown to the floor we fell onto the bed me in the middle Michael on one side and Jackie on the other Oh the joy one tit claimed by Jackie the other by Michael I was in heaven my nipples kissed, sucked, twisted and stretched outrageously Oh the agony and the ecstasy with nipples hard and erect and so sensationally sensitive

My two lovers working in harmony maintaining their pleasuring of my tits and working equal magic on my already roused pussie I soon realised that a tongue was flicking at my clit and a finger or two was thrusting in and out of my vagina Those fingers bent to maximise contact with my ‘g’ spot Together with the continued pleasuring my tits had me quickly begin to orgasm Firstly the tingling deep within my tummy and spreading rapidly throughout my whole body as wave after wave pleasures swept seemingly unendingly and totally consuming me I was floating and soaring I was screaming uncontrollably and swearing profusely My lovers had stopped and now they had begun to fuck wildly As my head cleared I could see my Michael's cock ploughing it's new furrows deeply and steadfastly In Jackie's pussie I saw Jackie's head rolling left and then right in pleasure and it felt so natural that I straddled her face and presented my recently pleasured and soaking pussie for Jackie to pleasure as I leaned forward to kiss my husband and to once more guide his hands to maul and ravish my tits yet again

Once we all calmed down the three of us squeezed into our shower for a most pleasurable time confined together so intimately and enjoyable We dried each other taking extra care with each other's pubic regions before dressing and descending to our kitchen Jackie said “Wow, wasn't that fun, but now Michael I'm taking Gee out for a while so you can rest up and refresh as who knows just what the rest of the day holds in store” Michael told me later that he was still floating and hardly heard a word and it was only once he heard the front door close that it registered what was happening

Jackie drove us to local if time unfamiliar town mall, parked up and led the way inside to tiny shop almost hidden from the main area and with very little tone seen as to what they sold As soon as we stepped inside I thought perhaps that we'd strayed into a Bordello with lighting and subdued colours until a young girl shop assistant welcomed Jackie by name and I was introduced to her amidst much much innuendo and merriment Jackie guided me to follow Janine (that was the assistants name) to some racks carrying what turned out to be very risqué lingerie In the changing room Janine too charge stripping me to just my panties (thank goodness I'd seen to wear some fresh after our recent sexual activities) My nipples once became hard and erect as Janine ‘helped’ me to get into a sensational bustier that pushed my tits high and accentuated my cleavage Janine pulled and tightened the corset and my pussie began to throb and run as I caught a glimpse of how sensational I already looked Without blinking Janine said, my, just look at how your panties are soaking and we've only just started the ‘new look you’

I'd never have guessed in a million years that I would be standing dressed like slut with a flowing pussie in a changing room whilst a girl of my daughters age brushed my tits and fondled my arse at every turn and indeed chance What was even more amazing was my total lack of embarrassment! I was actually enjoying the new me!

We spent almost two hours in that shop and left with anew wardrobe of clothes and headed home to my childhood sweetheart wicked and wildly different from anything either of us could have ever conceived

Jackie kissed me as a lover and and as a friend as soon as I was safely indoors with my shopping

The party day arrived and both Michael went busily about getting read for our first sex party

As the time for our departure arrived we both put on a topcoat over our party dress Michael looked smart and sexy in leather arse hugging pants and a satin open necked shirt I wore makeup and black micro mini leather skirt with a simple white and semi transparent blouse with a stunningly small bra transparent white and showcasing my already erect nipples and dark brown aureoles so brazenly Matching black patent leather open toed stilettos with fuck me 5” heels Toe and finger nails black varnished and anew fragrance given as a gift by Jackie completed the finishing touches

We arrived at Jackie's promptly and met by the door opening as we approached James was standing holding the door and behind it Come in he chirped and as soon as we'd both entered he closed it and stood there wearing a full maids uniform complete with frilly white panties showing under his black micro mini skirt He even had on a black push up bra, curly dark wig and lacy white cap! Wow this was another side of him and he was so full of surprises He took our top coats and hung them in the hall before taking both of by our hand into the lounge

The lounge was very dimly lit but we could just make out that in middle of the floor was a large mattress and everyone else was seated surrounding the mattress James pulled in close to him and told us to relax and to go with the flow

“Friends” James then introduced us to all present From what we could see in the dim light was that not much flesh was covered and I felt that tingling feeling begin in my tummy which was greatly amplified as both James and I received black out eye masks followed by gently lowering us down onto the mattress

Just then I forgot all about my beloved husband as three mouths attached themselves to both of tits and and my already gushing pussie I began to float in an almost ethereal and stupendous manner as I felt a cock presented to my ready mouth and another cock to my wanton pussie Two nipples sucked, pulled and twisted relentlessly as my mouth was stuffed full of hot, hard and throbbing cock and my womb was ready to welcome a gushing stream of hot and heady manseed I lost control as wave after wave of orgasms ripped through my entire being I felt beyond paradise and for just a short moment disappointed to feel the loss and empty feeling in mouth and cunt - a loss quickly forgotten as two fresh cocks replaced them and the whole process continued as I became aware only of the joyous pleasures my body was feeling I lost the ability to think only wanting more, more and yet more of these wonderful cocks manseed and surprisingly lost consciousness awakening a while later to see all the wonderful cocks surrounding me and satisfied that they had played a role in delighting me and truely welcoming me to the realities of what sex is meant to feel like I felt honoured as each of them came forward to suck each and every cock clean and kiss these most wonderful male appendages Finally my wonderful husband Michael was there and as I sucked and cleaned his cock of so many different juices he began to lap at my now gaping cunt and suck and swallow the entire contents of so many cocks deposits

We spent the night there Jackie's and the rest you'll have wait to read later

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