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Frankies birthday surprise

Who was it that just fucked me?


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Frankies Birthday Bash Birthdays were not just a day long event in Frankie and Jacks household. They usually lasted for at least a week of fun filled activities. Today’s birthday bash was kicking off at the local swingers club. Saturday nights were always packed at CCK. Hot couples were on the menu. Arriving in a stunning lingerie number, with a shimmery mesh mini dress over the set, Frankie was looking smoking hot. She was like a magnet to both girls and guys. The night was fun and filled with outrageous flirting and cage dancing. One couple had caught both Frankie and Jacks attention and they were currently all lying on the beds up by the grope tent. The girls started the party with a little light kissing and touching. Both girls were only in lingerie so the boys thought it fair to strip to their Calvin’s. Meeting new sexy swingers is always a hot experience, filled with the anticipation of experiencing new pleasures and sexual excitement. The girls were exploring each other’s bodies and reaching out for the guys cocks to come and start playing. Getting naked as a foursome was natural and their bodies merged and shaped into a spectacular visual for the various clubbers that had wandered into the top room. Lips, mouths breasts, pussys and cocks all enjoying this good old fashioned little orgy. As the energy on the bed increased two more couples softly joined the play. This was epic, eight naked bodies spread over the huge beds enjoying erotic new sensations. The girls were very adventurous and devoured each other’s pussys with their mouths while the boys took turns slipping their cocks into their offered holes. By the end of the orgy each girl had been seriously well fucked by the lads and brought to mind blowing orgasm by each girl. What a cracking start to the birthday celebrations. Back in the Sofitel suite Frankie woke Jack up with her mouth sliding up and down his hard cock. She had not told Jack that she had invited a friend to come and join them for breakfast. Her plan was to get Jack on a well timed coffee run right around when Steve was due to arrive. Her blowjob skills were legendary as she took all of his first load of cum, for the day, into her willing mouth. “Honey, do you fell like doing a coffee run for me as I’m craving a good flat white” Jack was more than happy to oblige and asked her if it was two coffees or three she wanted him to grab. “ Lets go half’s on a third one today” Frankie purred as she slipped into the bathroom to freshen up. The viaduct was alive with people enjoying the early start to summer. Jacks favorite coffee shop was about a ten minute walk from their hotel and he was none the wiser of Frankies little plan as he took his time getting the coffees. He found a little patisserie with some pastry’s to go with the coffee and wandered back along the waterfront enjoying looking at all the boats sitting in the marinas. He was in no real hurry to get back to Frankie until he rounded the corner of the hotel and saw a similar bike to Steve’s parked outside the entrance. No fucking way her thought as he headed for their room. Could she be up in the room getting it on with Steve ? His cock was starting to expand inside his jeans at the thought of catching her in a compromised position once again. She was a mink’s and had no doubt packed extra sexy lingerie or a smoking hot bikini for this mornings play date. Slipping the room key from his pocket, Jack looked at the three coffees Frankie had requested. It was all clicking into place now. Early morning blowjob, sending him on a three coffee run, skipping to the bathroom as he left the room. Excellent work from her side, Jack thought. The real prize was how long had Steve been there and how advanced would they be when Jack opened the door. He thought about giving her a few more minutes in case Steve had only just arrived, but Jack calculated he had been gone about 30 minutes and that should mean Steve had been there for at least 15 minutes if not a little longer. Knowing Frankie she would have started the meeting on her knees blowing Steve’s fat cock and by now probably being fucked hard and fast. Slipping the room key into the lock, Jack heard the moans of his hot wife and knew she was now being fucked. He placed the coffee on the kitchen bench and watch the action on the bed. Frankie was on her back with her bum positioned at the edge of the bed. Steve was holding her long sexy legs by the ankles slightly apart and thrusting himself inside her delicious little pussy. “I had to call for room service as you were gone for so long” Frankie burst out when she saw Jack watching the action from the end of the bed. Jacks cock had sprung to attention and busting to be freed from the confines of his jeans. Watching Steve fucking his wife was always a hot visual but knowing Frankie had arranged this and expected to be caught in the act was even hotter. Jack stood next to Steve , his cloths now on the floor on top of Steve’s leathers. “My turn “ was all Jack said as he slipped his rock hard member inside Frankies well fucked pussy. Frankie spent the rest of the morning either on her knees, on her back or straddled on a cock. As the day turned into the afternoon Steve suggested he take Frankie for a ride on his Harley. Maybe Frankie had mentioned her bike fantasy previously or maybe Steve was just offering a ride, but whatever way Frankie was really looking forward to the excursion. Calling Jack into the bathroom Frankie revealed a sexy little camouflage print lingerie set they had purchased on their last trip to Hawaii. Jeans and a leather jacket were the only items of clothing Frankie had on over this camo set of sexy lingerie. Her fantasy was to be taken for a bike ride to a secluded spot and be as naughty as possible before being returned home with a well fucked pussy or at least a mouth full of cum. The Harley roared out of the viaduct with Frankie on the back. Jack was going to chill in the room fantasying about his wife hopefully finding somewhere secluded on the ride. He knew she would be gone for a while so headed into the shower to freshen up. As the water cascaded over Jacks shaven head he spotted a bikini pushed into the corner of the shower floor. The little slut!!! Frankie had started her surprise breakfast meeting in the shower. This evening’s debrief was going to be very horny for both of them, as now it would be including what she got up to in the shower as well as what happened on the ride. Jacks cock was getting hard just thinking about it. Soaping this cock up and letting the warm water spray over his balls. He had to unload otherwise he might explode. It was nearly two hours before Frankie returned, alone to the hotel room. She was glowing all over. Her leather jacket was unbuttoned revealing the camo bra underneath and her top button of her jeans undone. “Well you better start by telling me about your shower escapade this morning before filling me in on the bike ride” Jack demanded as he stripped Frankies leather jacket and jeans revealing the lingerie in full. Her camo g string had a small dark patch on the front fabric, a sure tell tail that something wet and sticky had escaped out of her pussy. Frankies admission was red hot, she had slipped into the bikini when Jack went for coffee. She had turned the shower on when she heard Steve knocking on the hotel door. Greeting him in her sexy bikini had the desired affect and by the time Steve was out of his leather she was in the shower in her bikini. Frankie explained she had dropped to her knees and blown Steve while wearing the bikini then been stripped of it and fingered to a couple of hot little orgasms in the shower before being taken on the edge of the bed and fucked. The bike ride was another story, they had cleared the city and hit the motorway heading west. The chance of finding a secluded car park or bush area was better out west than south. The Waitakere rangers would be Frankies best place to be naughty and she knew a walking track that might be perfect. They had headed to her tracks car park and were excited when they found the carpark empty. The track was secluded when they started their bush walk. There was a memorial gravesite just off the track that was going to be their best area to be naughty in. Frankie detailed how she took Steve to the memorial and proceeded to strip to her lingerie. Revealing the camouflage print and hoping she was blending on to the environment. She loved to dress for the occasion and had thought this set out well I’m advance. Steve was fully turned on by her visual and simply took her from behind practically rapping her. Frankie explained Steve had pulled her g string aside and forced his cock inside her, fucking her hard and fast for around 5 minutes before exploding inside her. She had slipped her jeans back on knowing his cum was going to drip out on the way back to the viaduct. Grabbing Jacks hand, Frankie placed it on her pussy mound. The fabric of her g string was soaked. Jack started to feel around the fabric and slowly worked his fingers inside this dripping wet little hole. Unleashing his now permanently hard cock, it was Jacks turn to rip the fabric to one side and plunging his cock into Frankies pussy. Knowing that another guys had taken his wife and fucked her full of his cum was a turn on for both of them. They loved living out fantasies and this weekend they had ticked off a couple of outstanding fantasies . Time flys when your having and both Frankie and Jack were starving . They were dining at Soul Bar tonight which was one of there favorite restaurants. The scampi cocktail was Frankies number one dish. They were booked at the Sofitel till Tuesday. Jack had one more event planned for the birthday celebrations. This was to talk place on Monday evening and was a total surprise for Frankie. They had spent Sunday evening and Monday morning reliving the events of the last 24 hours in the luxury of this stunning hotel room. Both of them were extremely turned on by the plays and the naughty-ness of Frankie. Tonight’s event would be a new dimension to their lifestyle and hopefully very erotic. If you want a seriously good steak in Auckland there is only one restaurant that consistently delivery the best steaks around and that’s Swashbucklers down at Westhaven marina. Sensing that Jack was up to mischief but unsure exactly what it was left Frankie tingling with anticipation. He had instructed her to wear her black strapped lingerie and studded Lauren shoes. Dinner was excellent as always and the leisurely walk back to the hotel was filled with nervous chatter about what was possibly happening later. Jack stopped at reception and chatted to the staff, little did Frankie know he had left a room key and instruction with reception for some arriving guests. On the bed was a present all wrapped in a black silk bow. Frankie was intrigued as she opened the box to reveal three black silk fabrics. Jacks further instructions were simple. Remove your dress, keep your lingerie and heels on, take one silk and blindfold your eyes and lye on the bed. Simple but exciting, even more exciting was when Jack used the other two silks to tie Frankies hands to each side of the bed head. Her anticipation had just skyrocketed wondering exactly what Jack had planned next. Jack disappeared for a moment, returning with a vibrator which he started to use between Frankies spread legs. Frankies senses were elevated and with no vision her sense of touch and hearing were massively increased. Jack surprised Frankie by placing his balls into her bound left hand. “Fuck off, he’s naked” she thought as she fondled his balls. The vibrator was starting to send pleasure waves through Frankies bound body. Her elevated hearing alerted her to the door lock whining. Jack just kept his balls in her left hand. This was weird, Frankie would have sworn she herd the door unlocking. Maybe it was just the sound of the vibrator between her legs. Frankies right hand was tickled by what felt like another set of balls. What the fuck was happening ? Frankie felt Jack straddle the bed and slowly lower his cock into her open mouth. Knowing Frankies movement was limited for good cock sucking action Jack started fucking Frankies mouth the best he could. Frankie was intrigued as to who’s nuts she had in her right hand. Being bound was torture but very exciting. Holy fuck !!! There was now another set of balls now in Frankies left hand. This made three sets of balls around Frankie. Who did these balls belong to ? With as limited movement as the silks allowed Frankie grabbed each of the cocks attached to the balls to see if one of them was Steve’s. He had a very fat cock and would be easy to identify. Neither of these cocks were Steve’s. These two strangers took turns feeding their cocks into Frankies willing mouth. The silks prevented Frankie from feeling their bodies, helping her try to identify who the fuck they were. Jack was between Frankies legs now, licking her pussy till it started to exploded. Frankie loved good oral but Jack knew she would soon be demanding to be fucked, only thing was she would not know who was fucking her. Eight minutes of being tongued and sucking both strangers cocks was all she could take before demanding the someone just fuck me now please. Her wish was granted when the first cock entered her soaked pussy. Sending her back over the top in a body trembling orgasm. Cock number one was good, she knew she had fucked this guy before but could not work out who it was. Cock number two entered her next. He was a little bigger than number one. She had no idea who these guys were that were fucking her. This sensation was unbelievable. The third cock was defiantly Jacks. Each cock fucked her twice before slipping back out of the room just leaving Jack to finish off inside Frankie. She had been fucked by two complete strangers and had no real idea who they were. Undoing the hand silks, Jack sat on the bed smiling at his hot wife. “Do you want to know who has just fucked you ? or should we keep this a secret for you to work out another day ??

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