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10 Mar 2021

FMF playtime

She brings another lady home to play


4 minute read

You went to Mayer to sort out the shoes. The guy sorted it and you got the correct ones. There was another customer there and she liked your shoes. You got chatting and then decided to up to the Concrete Bar for a drink. Her name is Lisa, she is your height, has long black hair, dressed immaculately, a great figure with huge cleavage. She followed you up the stairs while admiring your great ass which was practically in her face. Up at the bar you got some wine and sat at a table by the window. Lisa was explaining how she was on her own having recently left a relationship. You thought Matt would like Lisa and this might be an opportunity for 3some play. You explained that we are in the lifestyle and she seemed really excited about that. After some more chatting, you asked her if she would be interested in coming to our place to play with Matt. Lisa lives in the city and said that she just needed to stop by her apartment for a minute first. Once the wine was gone you walked over to her apartment. She had a great balcony with a view of the harbor. While she got organized you stood at the balustrade and admired the view. After a few minutes, you felt a nudge against your ass. It was Lisa wearing just a strap-on and bra. She winked and asked if you would like a warm-up before you headed out. You said sure thing. Lisa slid your thong to the side spat on her strap on and slide it inside you while gently pressing on your shoulder as you leaned over the balustrade. You backed up against it for a while as she pushed back. This got you really going. You asked Lisa to lay down on the balcony and you climbed on top of her strap on and roll a ride. You said that you could return the favour later with your strap on if she liked, which she said; you bet. With that, you both tidied up and headed for the car. The idea was to drop her off the next morning. On the way, you told Lisa that you could both put on your strap ons as Matt likes pegging. Lisa thought this was terrific and suggested you could spit roast him. When you arrived home you found Matt catching the last of the sun sitting out in a thong. You introduced Lisa and said that you were here to play. We all decide to get a Margarita and head into the spa pool. Two hot ladies made a great scene and we all enjoyed some banter and flirting. A courier driver tapped on the gate because he needed a signature. Lisa boldly said come in. He got a huge surprise. She said we will sign if you could please take some pictures. He was happy to oblige. We all posed for the camera including both of you sucking Matt's cock together. You thought that the courier might like a quick blow job before he got back to work and he dropped his pants. He was clean shaved with a good looking cock. Matt took the camera while you and Lisa posed giving him a bj. Then you told Matt to get in here and have a go too. Then we sent him on his way and we went inside. Recharged our drinks and put on sexy lingerie. Lisa took your double dildo and got in position so you both had an end and Matt took the pics. Matt licked both your clits while you worked the dildo. Then you said ok I need to fuck now. Matt fucked you while Lisa played with her pussy. Then she put on her strap on. Lisa asked if she could have a turn. While Matt fucked Lisa you licked and sucked his balls. Then you sat on Lisa’s face so she could give your swollen pussy a good licking. Once you had you fill you said Lisa let’s peg Matt. You gently worked your strap-on into Matt while Lisa sucked his cock. Once in you started to thrust it in and out then Lisa put hers in Matt’s mouth for a full spit roast. You stroked Matt’s cock while pounding him. Eventually, it was time for a cum shot and you and Lisa faced each other and pressed your breasts together while Matt stood over you both and you both sucked his cock. Once ready Matt finished jerking off a load across both your breasts. In the morning... oh that’s another story.

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