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A Masters story Pt2

"The meeting"
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She is excited as and arrive in the center of bars and restaurants in town. She has been quizzing me on what we are doing but I know she will love the surprise. We park up and she pulls her dress down as we get out of the car. I take her hand as we walk to pay for parking and head to the bar. I am proud of this beautiful woman beside me. She has people turning their heads with her smile and confidence. They no idea. We head to the bar and order drinks, I know what she wants, I get her a stiff gin to calm her nerves a little, not that you would know to look at her. I can tell she is looking at everyone in the bar, checking them out “Are they the ones Master” she is thinking it but does not dare ask. I take her hand again and lead her upstairs. It is quiet tonight and still early, there is only one other couple upstairs. They are already sitting at the table, drinks in hand. They look nervous but they relax and smile when the see my sub. She has that effect on people, her smile is genuine, and they are instantly attracted to her. The conversation is slow to start but as they relax more it begins to flow. They are a slim couple, similar in age to us, medium in height, he is maybe 5’10 as he stands to shake our hands, clean cut and a manager in a corporate. She is a teacher, she tends to dominate the conversation, she is blond, slim and attractive with a firm body, about 5’6”, similar height to my sub. There is a spark between my sub and the blond. The manager and I are happy to sit back and let the conversation flow between the ladies. My sub has edged her chair closer to me and spread her legs so I can play with her clit. The manger can tell, he just smiles at me as the chat continues. We have been chatting effortlessly for the last hour, it is clear we are all getting along well, the women are fully engaging, and it looks like the night may progress. I lean into my sub and instruct her to head to the bathroom. I would like to talk to our new friends alone for a minute. When she returns, I ask everyone if they would like to head back to our hotel. The blond’s immediate response is in the affirmative the manager is a little reluctant, but he goes with his wife’s response. My sub shoots me a questioning glance, but I know she has no intention of using her safe word get out of this. She is excited on the drive back to the hotel She wants to know what happened while she was in the toilet, I just smile and tell her she will find out soon enough. We get back to the hotel, she is a good girl and gets to her knees in the elevator ride to the room, no time to indulge her desire to suck my cock on this ride. We enter the room she lifts up her dress expectantly, waiting for me to release her chastity, with a foursome on offer she is expecting the luxury of two cocks at some point during the night. “Not tonight slut” I tell her. “Position 2 my sub whore” She removes her dress and drops to her knees, heels still on, kneeling tall, hands behind her back tits proudly displayed. Her pussy is still locked, and she is a little bemused, especially when the blindfold and noise cancelling speakers come out. Her sex collar goes on before company arrives. She now must wait and find out what her fate is. This is not what she was expecting. She can hear a noise, hard to make out but here is the door opening, the movement of people around her “What the hell is going on she is thinking. Someone plays with her nipple, rings and the padlock are lifted and dropped she thinks she feels a woman’s long nails on her skin, but maybe not?

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