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A Masters story

"a night out with friends"
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My sub walks into our hotel room as soon as I open the door for her. She has our toy bag in one hand and her clothes bag in the other. She is a strong woman, that toy bag is getting heavy now it has so much chain in it. She looks gorgeous, I never grow tired of seeing how she dresses for her Master. She is wearing a stylish pair of very high black pumps. She walks in them with ease now, the last 12 months have seen her become accomplished wearing them, she has spent plenty of time practicing in her heels. The customers and staff at the local supermarket have grown used to seeing her dressed to impress. Her legs are strong and tan, she has always had sexy legs, but they have grown more toned and they look strong and carry her with a newfound ease. She seems like she floats into the room on a cloud of confidence. She is wearing her Masters favorite dress, it is black with small pops of colour. Her shoulders are exposed and there is enough cleavage to turn heads. What her Master loves is that the dress shows her off as his beautiful lady, but the lack of underwear and bra underneath keep people unaware of how much of a horny slut she is. What she is wearing is nothing compared to the glow of the smile she has, her eyes are bright and excited, she is scanning the room for a hint of what might be in store for her tonight. Dropping the bags, she reaches to remove the dress. She has leant from previous experience not to take too long to remove her dress and get naked for her master apart from her heels. She loves pain but she is also wary of testing her Masters patience. She knows I will have a freshly picked shoot from a tree, ready to discipline her with should the need arise. I stop her, she looks up with a hint of disappointment. “Not just yet slut, we are going out for a drink” Pinning her to the wall, holding her hands above her head and kissing her hard stops her in her tracks. She returns the kiss aggressively; she may be a sub for her Master but there is nothing submissive about her physical presence. I know she wants my cock in her mouth, but I have bigger plans for our night. As we head to her car, she start to ask questions, she want to know the where, the when, the why and with who? I tell her she needs to learn patience; she is inquisitive but knows her bounds. It is her Masters job to organize her night. We jump into her car and head to town. She hikes up her dress and spreads her legs, she loves that I like her to show off at every opportunity. The sun has gone down and the street lights are taking effect. Just enough for the recent piercings in her pussy to reflect in the light. She has three holes down each side of her pussy. They went in two at a time, I wanted to elongate the experience for her. The last two have just healed enough for her to resume being fucked in her pussy again. Not that it has bothered me too much, both her mouth and arse are willing and able replacements. The bottom and top holes on each side have metal rings in place. She gets a new set in each month to increase the size of the holes. The first piercings, the middle set of holes, have a small padlock. She is in chastity for her Master. Only he holds the key, she is given one if she goes out to fuck. Her hosts can unlock her while she is being used. The middle holes will do for now but it won’t be long before all three holes on each side have expanded enough for her to be padlocked through all three and she will struggle to get a finger in her pussy while locked, certainly no fucking. Should we go on?

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