She laid on the grass in the fields of sunflowers, she had had the most stressful day of her life and wanted an all over suntan,

Her body was white as snow and soft as velvet thinking, she was alone, all bare and looking rather toned.

Her breasts were just natural, glowing in the sunlight and getting a nice brown colour to them.

Her nipples were large and ready for some action.

No one around, just sunflowers, sun, peace and quiet.

What she didn’t know she was being spied on while she is playing with her now enlarged clit and moist pussy.

That very sensitive feeling she had felt, with the constant rubbing and fingering herself with two fingers, now she was dripping wet.

She wished she had company right about now to kiss her body from head to toe and concentrate on her most favourite parts of her body, tongue, lips and hands.

Wow, she wished she had a couple of guys pleasing her, teasing her, tonguing her , caressing her breasts. She wished they would be Sucking her now very large nipples, sucking her very enlarged clit, moaning and groaning out loud with pleasure, pussy getting so wet.

Luckily she had her vibrator which she was using, intently in and out, while the guys were playing with their now big cocks.

With all that was going on they just had to interrupt her and do all to her as they pleased, and they did all that she had dreamed of, never in her wildest dream did she ever think that this would ever had happened to her