Written by Anonymous


My place is very private, so at this time of year I always sleep with the curtains open. And I’m built into the side of a hill – waking up as it’s getting light, through the ranch sliders I can see past the deck to the sun just beginning to wash across the tops of the trees. These are the mornings I wish I wasn’t waking up alone ... I’d so much rather be just slowly reaching out to cup my hand over a lover’s cock while he’s still sleeping, feeling it warm, shift a little under the light weight of my hand, stirring in response to my touch, slowly filling out with wanting me. I slide down the bed, gently so as not to wake him, feeling his cock twitching a little as I apply just the tiniest bit of pressure, smiling. We’re talked about this already, so I know he’s OK with being woken up like this. His body responds to what he can feel ... still asleep, he moves a little bit towards me, looking for more. I take advantage of the movement to carefully slide in between his legs, so I can bring my face level with his cock.

You smell of us, of sex, of fucking from last night. Your cock can feel the warmth of my breath, and flexes slightly, rising up, hungry. I reach out with my tongue, lightly sliding up the length of your cock, now full, ready, waiting. I can taste left over cum ... my cum, your cum. Slowly running my tongue the length of your cock, and again, and again. Maybe the tenth time I do then, I circle around your head, holding it at the base so I can reach right around. I hear a slight intake of breath and look up to see you watching me as I lift my mouth off your cock, smiling. With that slightly cracked ‘first thing in the morning’ voice, you speak, just quietly. ‘Don’t stop’. Moving my mouth back down, pulling in just the head of your cock so it’s just inside my lips, running my tongue around it inisde my mouth, hearing your breathing just a little faster, and then a slight moan as I slide my mouth right down, taking all of you inside it. You can feel me all around you, hot, wet, as I suck in just slightly, tightening a tiny bit around your hard cock. Shifting a little, I push the head of your cock into my cheek, so it pushes against the flesh – now I know you’re watching, I want to make sure there’s something to see. You reach down, running your fingers over my cheek, feeling the head of your cock pushing against it.

Shifting again so you’re fulling engulfed by my mouth again. You slide your hand into my hair, gently encouraging me ... I love that, and in response move down a little bit further, taking in as much of you as I can, feel you in the back of my throat. I pull up a little to get a breath, and then push back down again, trying to find that last few millimeters, trying to get all of you inside my mouth. Your breath quickens, and your fingers move, wrapping my hair around them, tightening, pulling at the roots of my hair, slightly at first and then a little more. I groan in response to the sensation – you can feel that around your cock as much as you can hear it, and that makes you want more. Your other hand in my hair too now, pushing my head down, your hips pushing up into me. All I can feel is your cock in my mouth and your hands in my hair, all I can hear is your voice telling me how good it feels, not to stop, how much you want to cum ... how you’re going to cum ... NOW.

That’s what I’m waiting for. Even though you’re holding my head and have your cock pushed into the back of my throat, it’s that little moment of surrender as everything in your body focuses in on you cumming.

I can feel it before I taste it, in the back of my throat, a sudden burst of warm and liquid that runs down my throat and fills my mouth. And then your hands slide out of my hair, and your body collapses back onto the bed, and the hardness in my mouth slips back into softness. All I can taste is you, as I slide back up into your waiting arm, my head on your shoulder and we drift back into sleep for a little while.

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