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When a sexy Bi Lady hit on me at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby

"She was in for a treat and I warned her for a suprise."
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It was a lovely Sunday avo at Chapel Bar in Ponsonby and I was with a group of friends chilling on the back deck listening to some House music. She walked in and we smiled at each other across the bar I knew she was a Bi women from her interesting style . She pointed at me and I could read her lips she said "I like you". She approached me and we stood by each other the energy was overwhelming so we found a corner table with a seat we could sit and let our bodies touch side to side. Her breast was hard up against me and yes I was erect. She knew I was and touched me under the table. We chatted about be swingers and our honesty was so refreshing we had so much fun. She said she wanted a special experience with me and we exchanged numbers. She said do not message me daily as I will run. Then she left. I gave it a week and just as I was about to message her she beat me to it. We chatted and agreed to meet in a few weeks but did chat in between. I collected her on a Friday afternoon and we immediately knew we were both excited. She was looking hot and gorgeous with a smile that I knew was trouble. I said "I am happy to do what you want, should we go for a drink?" she said "no lets get some wine and go to your place". Off we went with built up energy like teenagers but in control. I had a surprise for her and one of my swinging Bi girl friends was in the waiting just a text message away. As we walked in to my place I sent the text message home now come over in 30 minutes get naked and join in. I had prepared myself for this evening and did not want to disappoint so had taken an erection tab early in the day and was rock hard with excitement. We pour a drink and we start kissing and off came our clothes and she could see I was throbbing but I knew I was here for a long night and just had a great feeling inside. I could feel the blood rushing through my cock and it was a shiner. I licked her breasts and kissed her body she had a cheeky grin on her face. I I licked her pussy and she was loving it so put on a condom and entered the tip of my knob she was so tight. She looked me in the eye and said I haven't been with a man in seven (7) years as her last partner was a woman. I said your going to love tonight then. We started fucking on the couch me on my knees on the floor and her with her legs spread. I am deep inside her then suddenly the door opens and my sexy female friend walks in says hi guys and strips off naked. I could see my dates eyes light up and I knew this was going to be fun. My friend joined in and we had so much sex that night and chatted laughed did some recreational which I knew may affect my erection but had prepared myself. We took turns and swapped positions and like the good man I was I swapped condoms as we went. I was rock hard all night and knew it is all about them and not to blow my load until they were satisfied as that was my thrill in pleasing them. They made me dance at various times and I felt so liberated with these two woman watching me, Yes I am proud of my body at 51 years old and loved the attention. I sat back as I am a voyeur and watched as these 2 sexy woman took turns pleasing each other. We finished around 4am and no I had not blown my load but it was not about me as I can blow another time. It was a night to remember and another night in the life of my swinger lifestyle. I walked my date to her Uber and my friend was still inside she had to be somewhere at 6.30am so I told her to go to sleep and we set the alarm as I wasn't going to let her drive. We tried sleeping but she knew my cock was hard and slipped on another condom and she backed into me as we lay on our sides and I feel asleep with my hard cock inside her. She left at 6.00am it was a great night. I went on a blind date the following evening and I talked to my date about the night before and that I was a swinger. We meet on the 29 February 2020 and are still together today and have had only 1 night apart. We have had sex everyday except 1 day as we are horny 51 and 53 years old's She has the hottest body I have every seen on a woman, in my eyes. We are a swinging couple but we gave it 3 months before we met out first encounter. WATCH THIS SPACE

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