As soon as we got back to the house I was straight down on my knees sucking 2 hard cocks and stroking them both at the same time. I was so turned on as I got to taste 2 different pre cum. The guys were loving me sucking them one at a time putting their cocks in and pulling it out of my mouth and hearing me suck them so hard hungrily. It was a game to them but I was hungry to play.

Sam and hubby each squeezed a nipple each making me moan into their cocks. I tried to fit Sams balls in my mouth but they were so big I could only lick them n gently massage them.

Hubby was first to reach down n see how wet i was from sucking them both. He couldnt resist going down and burying his face into my pussy for a quick taste while i tried to get more of Sams cock into my throat. My tits always get a lot of attention and I love to get them out any time anywhere which is why i was not surprised they each were squeezing a nipple and playing with my full but smooth soft breast. I got so wet from the stimulation of my nipples and could not control my moans and forgot to take care of the cocks for a minute as I enjoyed the nipple tease and squeeze. Bad slut.

But they could see my pleasure so got me up and sat me on the couch and treated me to them both taking a tit each into their mouths while both their hands were rubbing my wet pussy and clit.

Hubby then got me to bend over n suck Sam while he sat there like a guest in our home while i went to work on his cock. Next thing I know hubby is holding my hips and his cock is in me as he began doggying me which made me take Sams cock deeper n deeper into my throat. Yess i was gagging on this monster cock!! My big tits swaying under neath me and of course 1 or both of them still squeezing my nipples giving me wild pleasure as I pushed back with each of hubbys thrusts. He must have been about to cum but we had just started so he pulled out leaving me to rub my pussy where his cock had just been and wondering whats next ..

"Want a turn bro?" The look in Sams eye said it all as he jumped up to position himself behind me at my wet pussy while hubby switched to sitting like a king having his cock wanked and enjoying the view of Sam lining up to fuck me. Sam put his cock in me in 1 hard thrust. I screamed in pleasure already knowing my pussy was being stretched by a cock bigger than hubbys. I enjoyed being fucked for a few thrusts when I remembered i needed to take care of hubbys cock too. Bad slut. So I grabbed it and began sucking him when I then felt Sam slap my ass cheeks a few times then the realisation he was gently rubbing my ass hole. I couldnt tell if it was a tongue or finger but it felt amazing. The feeling changed as he began stretching and opening my asshole with his fingers. Omg I was being finger fucked in the ass while he is fucking my pussy.

Ive never been fucked by a big cock and had a finger in my ass. How exciting to have this stranger fuck me the way he wants and I was helpless only to enjoy and feel the waves of ecstacy as my pussy full being pounded and also the tightness of his fingers fucking my ass! I could feel myself cuming and began to scream and shake bucking my hips and back in pleasure. Hubby new the signs of my loud and wild orgasm so got on the floor to lick my juices.

I fell to my knees exhausted as hubby and Sam gave me their cocks to suck. I begged them both to cum for me on my titts. Hubby came first shooting his warm load of lots of slippery cum on my face and running down my neck and tits.

I was still stroking Sam then I saw his thick white sticky cum shoot out on my big titts. It was thicker and stickyer then what i was used to.

I massaged both together running my hands over my slippery nipples.

"What did you think of her?" Hubby asked Sam.

"Mate you've got an awesome wife" was his reply.

Awesome wife? No big deal I just fucked a random guy cos Hubby wanted me to. I guess that is awesome but what's even more awesome is that this is were my awesome anal adventures began ...

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