Sitting back, I grab my bourbon, this looks like something I could enjoy. The girls are standing naked in front of me, Gayle in front, hands by her side. Christine behind, looking at me, grinning evilly, running her nails everywhere. So slow but so light, down the ribs, under the nipples where the skin is more sensitive, down her abdomen (I can almost see the muscles rippling at her touch)

I know how this works, it’s what I do when I have the time, and oh boy do I love to take my time. Feasting my eyes on this delight in front of me. Christine turns Gayle so that they’re facing each other, but side on to me so that I can see everything, again with the nails. Christine takes a nipple between her fingernails, pulling and pinching at the same time, Gayle hisses, I can see goose flesh forming as her nipples tighten.

Christine pulls harder on Gayles nipples, meanwhile buckling at the knees, Gayle gets the hint and lowers herself to the floor onto the sheepskin rug. Christine reaches under the couch for something, I can’t see what, her hand reappears holding a blindfold. I like this lady! Prepared for anything. Gayle just smiles when Christine slips it over her head, blocking the light out. Reaching under the couch again, out comes a pair of earmuffs (nice touch), placing them over Gayles ears, there goes any noise, into the world of silence she goes.

Lifting one muff, Christine whispers in her ear “Don’t move a fucking muscle until I say you can...understood?” A small whimper, a smile shows acknowledgement from Gayle. Christine crawls over to me, kneeling between my knees, a grin telling me she’s having evil thoughts. Reaching for my belt, undoing the buckle and button, pulling the zip open almost as slowly as she was running her nails over Christine. A glance back to make sure Gayle hasn’t moved, Christine reaches into my pants, pulling my cock out, licking her lips, she leans forward taking me into her mouth.

After a few minutes, Christine moves back over to Gayle and starts running her finger tips over the exposed skin....