continued ..

Sucking her clit and licking in small circles she grinds squashing my nose into her mons.. she enjoys this for a while stands then pushes me down on the couch so my head hangs over the edge of the pillow and straddles my face, rocking and grinding .. my tongue working into her pussy then out to her clit, my face getting covered in her juices.

After a short while she stiffens and the grinding slows, legs clamp around head and slowly comes down.. she tweaks my nipples sending tingles through me again and steps away, slipping dress back down..

I look up and Sarah is watching with a big grin on her face, see youve kept Jen entertained she says.. you might as well stay there..

She drops a small bag beside the couch and hikes up her dress now with no nickers.. without wasting any time she starts mushing her wetness into my face.. but as she does her hands play with me.. quick strokes and a finger tracing down the length of my cock over my balls then back again .. the fingers trace further down and brush my arse but no more.

A warm mouth wraps around my cock and a quick bobbing motion then stopping as quick as it started then a lubed finger presses into me..

I squirm at the pressure but the finger is persistent and soon impaled knuckle deep, and a hand wraps around my balls ..

Sarah increases her pace and is close to cumming, wet noises as I work on her, the scent driving me wild. As she starts to cum Jen increases her fingers action and sucks me again briefly.. then stops completely .. unable to see what is going on I focus back on helping Sarah finish up..

She slips off me and sits down beside me on the couch.. your turn next she says.. and unzips the bag on the floor.. and pulls out a a vibe turns it on and teases the tip of my dick, the vibe is strong and feels good but its her mouth on my nipple that really starts the tingle, I start to girate my hips giving the warning signs but she doesnt relent.. holding me in place until my aching balls empty onto my stomach..

After cleanup from us all I get told to go and come back tomorrow the same time..