We chat, we discuss, we question and then we press go.

The whole time that we have known each other has only been online, we have swapped pics, we have messaged and we start to realise that we turn each other on. We like adventure, surprise, intrigue, naughtiness and more importantly, sex!

It is decided, the first time we will meet will be at midnight and on the beach on a warm summer's night.

During our discussions, the rules were set and the location agreed upon, no deviations.

The time has come and all the anticipation has built up inside us both, we are close to exploding but we need to wait a little longer before we reach the crescendo.

I arrive at the beach and she is there at the top of the stairs, wearing the agreed outfit. I step out of my car and move towards her, no words are exchanged because that is what was agreed, we walk down together in silence at the bottom we search out for a slightly secluded but still public location.

Now, those messages sent back and forth come into play, those hours of deciding what we each wanted from the experience, those moments that send us both crazy, the thoughts that make my cock rock hard and throb, those touches that make her so wet that her thighs become slippery.

The rule was that we wear 4 items of clothing and that we get to strip each other.

She takes off my t shirt exposing my firm, muscular chest, I take off her top exposing her heaving chest and a beautiful lace bra (with a sheer element so that I can see her hardening nipples through it).

She then takes off my socks, because I wanted to throw a curveball in

I take off her loose tracksuit bottoms, exposing her cute panties and firm legs.

She is standing at midnight on a public beach in her underwear and I am there in a pair of loose trackie bottoms

I unclasp her bra and expose her gorgeous breasts and hardening nipples

She pulls down my trackies and there I am standing with no underwear and my hard cock with a bow around it.

Then I quickly pull down her panties revealing her smooth and moist pussy.

Finally she undoes the bow and we are standing there naked and staring at each other.

We grab hands and run into the sea...........

When in the water our hands begin to explore each other's body, probing, stroking and kissing.

My fingers exploring her turn her on more and more that she wraps her arms around my neck and jumps up to straddle my hips, slowly lowering her moist pussy onto my rock hard cock and we fuck right there in the sea at midnight.

We fuck harder and harder, change positions and locations, in the water and out of the water, from behind, on op of her with her on top of me. It is endless and erotic, after nearly an hour of play she has had a number of amazing orgasms and finally it is my turn, she is bent over looking over her shoulder and begging me to cum. My cock is pounding hard into her, so deep and so hard, I grab her tits and squeeze them whilst playing with her hard nipples. I grab her hair and with one massive push I cum deep inside her, in such an explosive way that I become light headed and stagger.

We hug, kiss and begin to get dressed, we walk up the stairs in silence and hand in hand. At the top we kiss and go our separate ways with one amazing night of memories

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