Everyone knows what it’s like, especially these days, you meet online and you get along great, awesomely even but you’re still just words on a screen. Either in the chat room or in text, it’s hard to put yourself out there, even harder to put the real you out there. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, this is it...that first meeting, just don’

I turn off the key, it’s not easy finding a park for the camper, lucky it fits into standard parks. Sit there, get my shit together, have a few more puffs on the vape, holy shit my hands are shaking. Let’s get this over with, you’re not meeting the queen, you’re having a coffee with a friend that’s all. Nothing ever happens at the first meet, it’s just a chance to see if you’re going to get along in person as well as you’ve got along online. It’s lunchtime, lots of people around, good, safety in numbers.

There she is, sitting, smiling, wringing her hands, surely she’s not nervous but she is, looking around all the time, looking, searching for a friendly face. So let’s give her a friendly face, I walk up to the table. “Hey there pretty lady, got room for a small one?” Mile wide, holy shit she’s pleased to see me! Relief, relax, talk, hug. Oh yeah, great hug of course, those boobs of hers squashed against my chest mmmmmmm boobs, oh yeah focus...on her, not the boobs idiot.

Small talk sucks, yeah the drive up was great, weather was perfect, oh yeah I found the place no problem thank you gps, coffee? Got anything stronger? Laughter when we both realise we were nervous as fuck but we’re both just like online but now we’re here, in the flesh....mmmmm flesh. Mind above the waistline, first meet remember? Horny little shit. Can’t be helped, she’s stunning, curves in all the right places, nice smile, nice lips....wrapped around my...waistline, oh yeah. Cleeeeeeeeavage, it just goes on, and on and on and on get the picture. That ass, seen it in her pics, looks even better in person. “Hungry? You’re drooling you egg” Oh she’s hassling me, good, feeling relaxed around me, that’s awesome. Hungry? Yes. For food?