Written by Anonymous


I had to come clean females being females, always have to look there best in all situation. So I told her we may have a visitor at our hotel room after our Christmas function.

After a very enjoyable afternoon of drinks, nibbles and lots of laughs we left out staff to carry on there night and headed back to the hotel. On the way back I asked if my gorgeous blond wife was excited, the reply was ( very Fucken excited!) So I proceeded to tell what was in store. You will be restrained and blind folded. I got that little smile when shes horny and it gave me a boner straight away!

Back at the hotel, she disappeared to the bathroom then comes out in her sexy lingerie so restrain her to the bed I then insert a small vibrator into her all ready wet vagina. Just as I’m fitting the blindfold my phone buzzes and our male friend has just arrived down stairs.

I leave her on the bed with a big smile on her face and take my time to go and let our friend up to the room.

I have a short chat with our friend letting him know what’s going on. I tell him there will be no talking while we play with my smoking hot wife. Friend loves this and tells me that won’t be a problem.

So we enter the room and strip down while my Em is now squirming on the bed. Obviously the vibrator has had the desired effect! So we we both watch her for a few minutes, by this stage I think I’m hornier than my sexy wife. Fuck I was wrong about that!

To be continued....